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On an estimate of Cranston and McConnell for elliptic diffusions in uniform domainsBANUELOS, R.Probability theory and related fields. 1987, Vol 76, Num 3, pp 311-323, issn 0178-8051Article

Recurrence, transience and bounded harmonic functions for diffusions in the planePINSKY, R. G.Annals of probability. 1987, Vol 15, Num 3, pp 954-984, issn 0091-1798Article

Diffusion for global optimization in RnTZUU-SHUH CHIANG; CHII-RUEY HWANG; SHUENN-JYI SHEU et al.SIAM journal on control and optimization. 1987, Vol 25, Num 3, pp 737-753, issn 0363-0129Article

Percolation with diffusion of particles with attractive interactionsMARTIN, H. O; ALBANO, E. V; MALTZ, A. L et al.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 1987, Vol 20, Num 6, pp 1531-1542, issn 0305-4470Article

Infinite-dimensional diffusion processes as Gibbs measures on C [0,1]ZdDEUSCHEL, J. D.Probability theory and related fields. 1987, Vol 76, Num 3, pp 325-340, issn 0178-8051Article

First hitting time for Bessel processesTAKEUCHI, J; YOSIDA, K.Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Series A Mathematical sciences. 1985, Vol 61, Num 8, pp 246-248, issn 0386-2194Article

Time reversal of diffusion processes with a boundary conditionCATTIAUX, P.Stochastic processes and their applications. 1988, Vol 28, Num 2, pp 275-292, issn 0304-4149Article

Uniqueness for diffusions with piecewise constant coefficientsBASS, R. F; PARDOUX, E.Probability theory and related fields. 1987, Vol 76, Num 4, pp 557-572, issn 0178-8051Article

Population splitting, trapping, and non-ergodicity in heterogeneous diffusion processesCHERSTVY, Andrey G; METZLER, Ralf.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 46, pp 20220-20235, issn 1463-9076, 16 p.Article

Extension of the Itô calculus via the Malliavin calculusUSTUNEL, A. S.Stochastics. 1988, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 353-375, issn 0090-9491Article

Hitting of submanifolds by diffusionsRAMASUBRAMANIAN, S.Probability theory and related fields. 1988, Vol 78, Num 1, pp 149-163, issn 0178-8051Article

Perturbations complexes de diffusions = Complex diffusion perturbationsFEYEL, D; DE LA PRADELLE, A.Stochastics. 1987, Vol 22, Num 3-4, pp 325-335, issn 0090-9491Article

Biased diffusion in percolation systems: indication of multifractal behaviourBUNDE, A; HARDER, H; HAVLIN, S et al.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 1987, Vol 20, Num 13, pp L865-L871, issn 0305-4470Article

Diffusions for global optimizationGEMAN, S; CHII-RUEY HWANG.SIAM journal on control and optimization. 1986, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 1031-1043, issn 0363-0129Article

Construction of the innovation process in a filtering problem of partially observable diffusion typeTORONJADZE, T. A.Stochastics. 1986, Vol 16, Num 3-4, pp 197-216, issn 0090-9491Article

Lp estimates on a time-inhomogeneous diffusion processLITAN YAN; LIGANG LU; ZHIQIANG XU et al.Journal of mathematical physics. 2005, Vol 46, Num 8, pp 083513.1-083513.8, issn 0022-2488Article

Untersuchung des Wanderungsmechanismus und Ermittlung der Kenngrössen von Streusalz-Chlorid in BetonenFREY, R.TIZ. 1991, Vol 115, Num 10, pp 405-414, issn 0722-9488Article

Testing hypothesis for the shift parameter in diffusion processesDOHNAL, G.Kybernetika. 1988, Vol 24, Num 1, pp 28-35, issn 0023-5954Article

Diffusion percolation. I: Infinite time limit and bootstrap percolationADLER, J; AHARONY, A.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 1988, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 1387-1404, issn 0305-4470Article

Covariance and stochastic mechanicsJAEKEL, M. T.Journal de physique (Paris). 1988, Vol 49, Num 6, pp 927-937, issn 0302-0738Article

Diffusion in the presence of random fields in d≥2 dimensionsSCHWARTZ, M; HAVLIN, S.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 1988, Vol 21, Num 8, pp L483-L486, issn 0305-4470Article

Quantum chaos and peculiarities of diffusion in Wigner representationBERMAN, G. P; KOLOVSKY, A. R; IZRAILEV, F. M et al.Physica. A. 1988, Vol 152, Num 1-2, pp 273-286, issn 0378-4371Article

Characterising one-dimensional diffusions using stochasticROGERS, L. C. G.Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society. 1987, Vol 19, Num 77, pp 183-185, issn 0024-6093Article

Large deviations from the McKean-Vlasov limit for weakly interacting diffusionsDAWSON, D. A; GARTNER, J.Stochastics. 1987, Vol 20, Num 4, pp 247-308, issn 0090-9491Article

Statistiques des diffusions : observations discrétisées, passages à niveau donné, lissage des trajectoiresFlorens-Zmirou, Danielle; Dacunha Castelle, Didier.1987, 169 p.Thesis

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