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Contribution of endopeptidases to the formation of nonprotein nitrogen during ensiling of alfalfaGUO, X. S; CHENG, W; ZHANG, Y et al.Animal feed science and technology. 2011, Vol 168, Num 1-2, pp 42-50, issn 0377-8401, 9 p.Article

Enhancement of proteolysis through the silica-gel-derived microfluidic reactorYUN LIU; HAIYUN QU; YAN XUE et al.Proteomics (Weinheim. Print). 2007, Vol 7, Num 9, pp 1373-1378, issn 1615-9853, 6 p.Article

Inhibitory effects of 16-hydroxy-9-oxo-10E,12E,14E-octadecatrienoic acid (Corchorifatty acid B) isolated from Melissa officinalis Linné on melanogenesisFUJITA, Hideaki; HONGO, Maya; MOCHIZUKI, Mayu et al.Experimental dermatology. 2011, Vol 20, Num 5, pp 420-424, issn 0906-6705, 5 p.Article

P19ARF inhibits the functions of the HPV16 E7 oncoproteinWEI PAN; DATTA, Abhishek; ADAMI, Guy R et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2003, Vol 22, Num 35, pp 5496-5503, issn 0950-9232, 8 p.Article

The effect of limited proteolysis on canola protein gelationPINTERITS, Alexandra; ARNTFIELD, Susan D.Food chemistry. 2007, Vol 102, Num 4, pp 1337-1343, issn 0308-8146, 7 p.Article

Effects of manipulation of the caspase system on myofibrillar protein degradation in vitroKEMP, C. M; WHEELER, T. L.Journal of animal science. 2011, Vol 89, Num 10, pp 3262-3271, issn 0021-8812, 10 p.Article

The impact of homogenizer type and speed on the determination of myofibrillar fragmentationHOPKINS, D. L; MARTIN, L; GILMOUR, A. R et al.Meat science. 2004, Vol 67, Num 4, pp 705-710, issn 0309-1740, 6 p.Article

Postmortem role of calpains in Pekin duck skeletal musclesCHANG, Ya-Shiou; CHOU, Rong-Ghi R.Journal of the science of food and agriculture. 2012, Vol 92, Num 8, pp 1620-1626, issn 0022-5142, 7 p.Article

Advances in apoptotic mediated proteolysis in meat tenderisationKEMP, Caroline M; PARR, Tim.Meat science. 2012, Vol 92, Num 3, pp 252-259, issn 0309-1740, 8 p.Conference Paper

Membrane-type-1 matrix metalloproteinase confers tumorigenicity on nonmalignant epithelial cellsSOULIE, Priscilla; CARROZZINO, Fabio; PEPPER, Michael S et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2005, Vol 24, Num 10, pp 1689-1697, issn 0950-9232, 9 p.Article

Molecular regulation of the VEGF family: inducers of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesisMCCOLL, Bradley K; STACKER, Steven A; ACHEN, Marc G et al.APMIS. Acta pathologica, microbiologica et immunologica Scandinavica. 2004, Vol 112, Num 7-8, pp 463-480, issn 0903-4641, 18 p.Article

Sequential exoproteolysis as a structural probe: a cautionary noteBEYNON, Robert J.Journal of mass spectrometry. 2004, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 188-192, issn 1076-5174, 5 p.Article

Effects of some chemical and physical treatments on proteolysis in milk = Influence de certains traitements physiques et chimiques sur la protéolyse du laitHSIEN-YEH-HSU; SHIPE, W. F.Journal of dairy science. 1986, Vol 69, Num 6, pp 1491-1497, issn 0022-0302Article

Processing variables affecting proteolysis in yogurt during incubation = Paramètres technologiques affectant la protéolyse du yaourt lors de l'incubationSLOCUM, S. A; JASINSKI, E. M; KILARA, A et al.Journal of dairy science. 1988, Vol 71, Num 3, pp 596-603, issn 0022-0302Article

Proteolytic activities and safety of use of Enterococci strains isolated from traditional Azerbaijani dairy productsAHMADOVA, Aynur; DIMOV, Svetoslav; IVANOVA, Iskra et al.European food research & technology (Print). 2011, Vol 233, Num 1, pp 131-140, issn 1438-2377, 10 p.Article

The effects of tumbling and sodium tripolyphosphate on the proteins of donerDEMIROK, Eda; KOLSANCI, Nuray; AKOGLU, Ilker Turan et al.Meat science. 2011, Vol 89, Num 2, pp 154-159, issn 0309-1740, 6 p.Article

Enzymatic activities of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Cometto di Matera sourdoughsZOTTA, Teresa; RICCIARDI, Annamaria; PARENTE, Eugenio et al.International journal of food microbiology. 2007, Vol 115, Num 2, pp 165-172, issn 0168-1605, 8 p.Article

The influence of elevated initial ripening temperature on the proteolysis in Reggianito cheeseCERUTI, Roberto J; ZORRILLA, Susana E; SIHUFE, Guillermo A et al.Food research international. 2012, Vol 48, Num 1, pp 34-40, issn 0963-9969, 7 p.Article

Regulated intramembrane proteolysis in the control of extracytoplasmic function sigma factorsHEINRICH, Janine; WIEGERT, Thomas.Research in microbiology (Paris). 2009, Vol 160, Num 9, pp 696-703, issn 0923-2508, 8 p.Article

Positive and negative modulation of peptidases by pro-inflammatory cytokinesCAUAZZA, Antonella; MARINI, Mario; SPAGNOLI, Giulio C et al.Peptides (New York, NY. 1980). 2008, Vol 29, Num 11, pp 1974-1981, issn 0196-9781, 8 p.Article

Application of SAFES methodology in Manchego-type cheese manufactureARGÜELLES, A; CASTELLO, M; SANZ, J et al.Journal of food engineering. 2007, Vol 83, Num 2, pp 229-237, issn 0260-8774, 9 p.Conference Paper

Proteolysis in miniature cheddar-type cheeses manufactured using extracts from the crustacean Munida as coagulantROSSANO, R; PIRAINO, P; D'AMBROSIO, A et al.Journal of biotechnology. 2005, Vol 120, Num 2, pp 220-227, issn 0168-1656, 8 p.Article

Postmortem proteolysis is reduced in transgenic mice overexpressing calpastatinKENT, M. P; SPENCER, M. J; KOOHMARAIE, M et al.Journal of animal science. 2004, Vol 82, Num 3, pp 794-801, issn 0021-8812, 8 p.Article

μ-Calpain is involved in the postmortem proteolysis of gizzard smooth muscleCHANG, Ya-Shiou; STROMER, Marvin H; CHOU, Rong-Ghi R et al.Food chemistry. 2013, Vol 139, Num 1-4, pp 384-388, issn 0308-8146, 5 p.Article

STUDY OF PROTEOLYSIS IN MINIATURE TOMA PIEMONTESE CHEESE MADE USING WILD BACTERIABERTOLINO, M; ZEPPA, G; GERBI, V et al.Italian journal of food science. 2008, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 57-73, issn 1120-1770, 17 p.Article

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