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Mikro- und Nanotribologie, eine neue Sicht der Tribologie = Micro and nanotribology, a new view of the tribologyGERVE, A.Tribologie und Schmierungstechnik. 2000, Vol 47, Num 2, pp 4-6, issn 0724-3472Conference Paper

Étude de la transition vers le glissement d'une pointe AFM à la surface de polymèresBASIRE, C; FRETIGNY, C.Journées internationales francophones de tribologie. 2002, pp 3-9, isbn 2-906643-254, 1Vol, 7 p.Conference Paper

Apex exponents for polymer-probe interactionsSLUTSKY, Michael; ZANDI, Roya; KANTOR, Yacov et al.Physical review letters. 2005, Vol 94, Num 19, pp 198303.1-198303.4, issn 0031-9007Article

A metrological SPM for dimensional surface measurementsPICOTTO, G. B; PISANI, M.euspen : european society for precision engineering and nanotechnology. International conference. 2001, pp 402-405, 2VolConference Paper

Scanning electrochemical microscopy : a new way of making electrochemical experimentsNAGY, G; NAGY, L.Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry. 2000, Vol 366, Num 6-7, pp 735-744, issn 0937-0633Article

A nanoplotter with both parallel and serial writing capabilitiesSEUNGHUN HONG; MIRKIN, C. A.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2000, Vol 288, Num 5472, pp 1808-1811, issn 0036-8075Article

Nanolithography with an atomic force microscopeWENDEL, M; IRMER, B; CORTES, J et al.Superlattices and microstructures. 1996, Vol 20, Num 3, pp 349-356, issn 0749-6036Article

Getting the Message About Noise Across, Loud and ClearFLEMING, Andrew J.IEEE control systems. 2012, Vol 32, Num 5, issn 1066-033X, 110-112, 124 [4 p.]Article

Single-Molecule Cut-and-Paste Surface AssemblyKUFER, S. K; PUCHNER, E. M; GUMPP, H et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2008, Vol 319, Num 5863, pp 594-596, issn 0036-8075, 3 p.Article

Meniscus forces and profiles : Theory and its applications to liquid-mediated interfacesCHAO GAO; PEIHUA DAI; HOMOLA, A et al.Journal of tribology. 1998, Vol 120, Num 2, pp 358-368, issn 0742-4787Conference Paper

Indirect tip fabrication for scanning probe microscopyBOISEN, A; RASMUSSEN, J. P; HANSEN, O et al.Microelectronic engineering. 1996, Vol 30, Num 1-4, pp 579-582, issn 0167-9317Conference Paper

Localization of Na+―K+ ATPases in Quasi-Native Cell MembranesJUNGUANG JIANG; XIAN HAO; MINGJUN CAI et al.Nano letters (Print). 2009, Vol 9, Num 12, pp 4489-4493, issn 1530-6984, 5 p.Article

High-speed micro electrode tool fabrication by a twin-wire EDM systemSHEU, Dong-Yea.Journal of micromechanics and microengineering (Print). 2008, Vol 18, Num 10, issn 0960-1317, 105014.1-105014.5Article

Microprobe array with electrical interconnection for thermal imaging and data storageLEE, Dong-Weon; ONO, Takahito; ABE, Takashi et al.Journal of microelectromechanical systems. 2002, Vol 11, Num 3, pp 215-221, issn 1057-7157Article

Multiple ink nanolithography : Toward a multiple-pen nano-plotterSEUNGHUN HONG; JIN ZHU; MIRKIN, C. A et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 1999, Vol 286, Num 5439, pp 523-525, issn 0036-8075Article

Analysis of pattern collapse of ArF excimer laser resist by direct peeling method with atomic force microscope tipKAWAI, Akira; MORIIKE, Norio.Microelectronic engineering. 2001, Vol 57-58, pp 683-692, issn 0167-9317Conference Paper

Nanoscale phosphorus atom arrays created using STM for the fabrication of a silicon based quantum computerO'BRIEN, J. L; SCHOFIELD, S. R; SIMMONS, M. Y et al.SPIE proceedings series. 2001, pp 299-309, isbn 0-8194-4320-4Conference Paper

Investigation of single asperity microcutting using an Atomic Force MicroscopeZHAO, Qing-Liang; SHEN DONG.euspen : european society for precision engineering and nanotechnology. International conference. 2001, pp 632-635, 2VolConference Paper

A simple method for high yield fabrication of sharp silicon tipsBURT, D. P; DOBSON, P. S; DONALDSON, L et al.Microelectronic engineering. 2008, Vol 85, Num 3, pp 625-630, issn 0167-9317, 6 p.Article

Resistive switching in Rose Bengal and other Xanthene molecules is a molecular phenomenonRATH, Arup K; PAL, Amlan J.Organic electronics. 2008, Vol 9, Num 4, pp 495-500, issn 1566-1199, 6 p.Article

Soldering of nanotubes onto microelectrodesMADSEN, Dorte Nørgaard; MØLHAVE, Kristian; MATEIU, Ramona et al.Nano letters (Print). 2003, Vol 3, Num 1, pp 47-49, issn 1530-6984, 3 p.Article

Accurate analytical measurements in the atomic force microscope: a microfabricated spring constant standard potentially traceable to the SICUMPSON, Peter J; HEDLEY, John.Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print). 2003, Vol 14, Num 12, pp 1279-1288, issn 0957-4484, 10 p.Article

The origin of ultrasound-induced friction reduction in microscopic mechanical contactsHESJEDAL, Thorsten; BEHME, Gerd.IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control. 2002, Vol 49, Num 3, pp 356-364, issn 0885-3010Article

Atomic scale memory at a silicon surfaceBENNEWITZ, R; CRAIN, J. N; KIRAKOSIAN, A et al.Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print). 2002, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 499-502, issn 0957-4484, 4 p.Article

Determination of viscoelastic moduli at a submicrometric scaleBASIRE, C; FRETIGNY, C.EPJ. Applied physics (Print). 1999, Vol 6, Num 3, pp 323-329, issn 1286-0042Article

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