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A review on operating parameters for optimum liquid oil yield in biomass pyrolysisAKHTAR, Javaid; NORAISHAH SAIDINA AMIN.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2012, Vol 16, Num 7, pp 5101-5109, issn 1364-0321, 9 p.Article

Comparison for the compositions of fast and slow pyrolysis oils by NMR characterizationHAOXI BEN; RAGAUSKAS, Arthur J.Bioresource technology. 2013, Vol 147, pp 577-584, issn 0960-8524, 8 p.Article

Medium-temperature conversion of biomass and wastes into liquid products, a reviewSANNITA, Eugenia; ALIAKBARIAN, Bahar; CASAZZA, Alessandro A et al.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2012, Vol 16, Num 8, pp 6455-6475, issn 1364-0321, 21 p.Article

Distinguishing primary and secondary reactions of cellulose pyrolysisPATWARDHAN, Pushkaraj R; DALLUGE, Dustin L; SHANKS, Brent H et al.Bioresource technology. 2011, Vol 102, Num 8, pp 5265-5269, issn 0960-8524, 5 p.Article

Kinetic scheme of biomass pyrolysis considering secondary charring reactionsANCA-COUCE, Andrés; MEHRABIAN, Ramin; SCHARLER, Robert et al.Energy conversion and management. 2014, Vol 87, pp 687-696, issn 0196-8904, 10 p.Article

Empiric model for the prediction of packaging waste pyrolysis yieldsLOPEZ-URIONABARRENECHEA, A; DE MARCO, I; CABALLERO, B. M et al.Applied energy. 2012, Vol 98, pp 524-532, issn 0306-2619, 9 p.Article

Main routes for the thermo-conversion of biomass into fuels and chemicals. Part 1: Pyrolysis systemsBALAT, Mustafa; BALAT, Mehmet; KIRTAY, Elif et al.Energy conversion and management. 2009, Vol 50, Num 12, pp 3147-3157, issn 0196-8904, 11 p.Article

Optimization of multi-stage pyrolysisADETOYESE OLAJIRE OYEDUN; KA LEUNG LAM; GEBREEGZIABHER, Tesfaldet et al.Applied thermal engineering. 2013, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 123-127, issn 1359-4311, 5 p.Conference Paper

The IPRP (Integrated Pyrolysis Regenerated Plant) technology: From concept to demonstrationD'ALESSANDRO, Bruno; D'AMICO, Michele; DESIDERI, Umberto et al.Applied energy. 2013, Vol 101, pp 423-431, issn 0306-2619, 9 p.Article

Investigating the potential for a self-sustaining slow pyrolysis system under varying operating conditionsCROMBIE, Kyle; MASEK, Ondřej.Bioresource technology. 2014, Vol 162, pp 148-156, issn 0960-8524, 9 p.Article

The effect of the nanocarbon structures from laser pyrolysis on microorganisms evolutionGAVRILA FLORESCU, L; FLEACA, C; VOICU, I et al.Applied surface science. 2007, Vol 253, Num 19, pp 7729-7732, issn 0169-4332, 4 p.Conference Paper

A review on pyrolysis of biomass constituents: Mechanisms and composition of the products obtained from the conversion of cellulose, hemicelluloses and ligninCOLLARD, François-Xavier; BLIN, Joël.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2014, Vol 38, pp 594-608, issn 1364-0321, 15 p.Article

Pyrolysis liquids and gases as alternative fuels in internal combustion engines ― A reviewHOSSAIN, A. K; DAVIES, P. A.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2013, Vol 21, pp 165-189, issn 1364-0321, 25 p.Article

Treatment of Chromite Ore Processing Residue by pyrolysis with rice strawDALEI ZHANG; SHENGBING HE; LUWEI DAI et al.Chemosphere (Oxford). 2009, Vol 77, Num 8, pp 1143-1145, issn 0045-6535, 3 p.Article

Behaviors of radical fragments in tar generated from pyrolysis of 4 coalsWENJING HE; ZHENYU LIU; QINGYA LIU et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 134, pp 375-380, issn 0016-2361, 6 p.Article

Extraction and hydrolysis of levoglucosan from pyrolysis oilBENNETT, Nicole M; HELLE, Steve S; DUFF, Sheldon J. B et al.Bioresource technology. 2009, Vol 100, Num 23, pp 6059-6063, issn 0960-8524, 5 p.Article

Characterization of microalga Chlorella as a fuel and its thermogravimetric behavior : Advances in sustainable biofuel production and useRIZZO, Andrea Maria; PRUSSI, Matteo; BETTUCCI, Lorenzo et al.Applied energy. 2013, Vol 102, pp 24-31, issn 0306-2619, 8 p.Conference Paper

How to determine consistent biomass pyrolysis kinetics in a parallel reaction schemeANCA-COUCE, Andrés; BERGER, Anka; ZOBEL, Nico et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 123, pp 230-240, issn 0016-2361, 11 p.Article

Evaluating the effects of temperature on pressurized pyrolysis of Nannochloropsis oculata based on products yields and characteristicsMAGUYON, Monet Concepcion C; CAPAREDA, Sergio C.Energy conversion and management. 2013, Vol 76, pp 764-773, issn 0196-8904, 10 p.Article

Utilization of oil palm tree residues to produce bio-oil and bio-char via pyrolysisABNISA, Faisal; ARAMI-NIYA, Arash; WAN DAUD, W. M. A et al.Energy conversion and management. 2013, Vol 76, pp 1073-1082, issn 0196-8904, 10 p.Article

Production and characterization of pyrolytic oil by catalytic pyrolysis of Niger seedKRUSHNA PRASAD SHADANGI; MOHANTY, Kaustubha.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 126, pp 109-115, issn 0016-2361, 7 p.Article

Co-pyrolysis of pine nut shells with scrap tiresUCAR, Suat; KARAGÖZ, Selhan.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 137, pp 85-93, issn 0016-2361, 9 p.Article

Influence of catalysts on the pyrolysis of lignitesSEITZ, M; HESCHEL, W; NÄGLER, T et al.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 134, pp 669-676, issn 0016-2361, 8 p.Article

The influence of dilution gases on multilayer graphene formation in laser pyrolysisGAVRILA-FLORESCU, Lavinia; SANDU, Ion; DUTU, Elena et al.Applied surface science. 2013, Vol 278, pp 313-316, issn 0169-4332, 4 p.Conference Paper

About graphene ribbons development in laser synthesized nanocarbonGAVRILA FLORESCU, L; VASILE, E; VOICU, I et al.Applied surface science. 2011, Vol 257, Num 12, pp 5270-5273, issn 0169-4332, 4 p.Conference Paper

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