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A novel, specific binding protein assay for quantitation of intracellular inositol 1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate (InsP4) using a high-affinity InsP4 receptor from cerebellumDONIE, F; REISER, G.FEBS letters. 1989, Vol 254, Num 1-2, pp 155-158, issn 0014-5793, 4 p.Article

An analysis of the periodicity of conserved residues in sequence alignments of G-protein coupled receptors: implications for the three-dimensional structureDONNELLY, D; JOHNSON, M. S; BLUNDELL, T. L et al.FEBS letters. 1989, Vol 251, Num 1-2, pp 109-116, issn 0014-5793, 8 p.Article

The effect of heparin on the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor in rat liver microsomes: dependence on sulphate content and chain lengthTONES, M. A; BOOTMAN, M. D; HIGGINS, B. F et al.FEBS letters. 1989, Vol 252, Num 1-2, pp 105-108, issn 0014-5793, 4 p.Article

Variation at position 162 of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α does not influence the effect of fibrates on cholesterol or triacylglycerol concentrations in hyperlipidaemic subjectsPUCKEY, Loretto H; KNIGHT, Brian L.Pharmacogenetics (London). 2001, Vol 11, Num 7, pp 619-624, issn 0960-314XArticle

The hinge region: an important receptor component for GPHR functionMUELLER, Sandra; JAESCHKE, Holger; GÜNTHER, Robert et al.Trends in endocrinology and metabolism. 2010, Vol 21, Num 2, pp 111-122, issn 1043-2760, 12 p.Article

Chemotactic peptide-receptor-cytoskeletal interactions and functional correlations in differentiated HL-60 cells and human polymorphonuclear leukocytesMURALI KRISHNA RAO, K; CURRIE, M. S; COHEN, H. J et al.Journal of cellular physiology. 1989, Vol 141, Num 1, pp 119-125, issn 0021-9541, 7 p.Article

Conserved MIP receptor―ligand pair regulates Platynereis larval settlementCONZELMANN, Markus; WILLIAMS, Elizabeth A; TUNARU, Sorin et al.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2013, Vol 110, Num 20, pp 8224-8229, issn 0027-8424, 6 p.Article

The hepatic asialoglycoprotein receptor selectively binds to some endogenous tissuesTREICHEL, U; ROOS, P. H; KOLB, H et al.European journal of cell biology. 1989, Vol 48, Num 1, pp 116-120, issn 0171-9335, 5 p.Article

Biosynthesis of N- and O-linked oligosaccharides of the low density lipoprotein receptorCUMMINGS, R. D; KORNFELD, S; SCHNEIDER, W. J et al.The Journal of biological chemistry (Print). 1983, Vol 258, Num 24, pp 15261-15273, issn 0021-9258Article

Structure of the δ-opioid receptor bound to naltrindoleGRANIER, Sébastien; MANGLIK, Aashish; KRUSE, Andrew C et al.Nature (London). 2012, Vol 485, Num 7398, pp 400-404, issn 0028-0836, 5 p.Article

The receptor-binding domain of human apolipoprotein E: binding of apolipoprotein E fragmentsINNERARITY, T. L; FRIEDLANDER, E. J; RALL, S. C. JR et al.The Journal of biological chemistry (Print). 1983, Vol 258, Num 20, pp 12341-12347, issn 0021-9258Article

The receptor-binding domain of human apolipoprotein E: monoclonal antibody inhibition of bindingWEISGRABER, K. H; INNERARITY, T. L; HARDER, K. J et al.The Journal of biological chemistry (Print). 1983, Vol 258, Num 20, pp 12348-12354, issn 0021-9258Article


Jiraiya Attenuates BMP Signaling by Interfering with Type II BMP Receptors in Neuroectodermal PatterningARAMAKI, Toshihiro; SASAI, Noriaki; YAKURA, Rieko et al.Developmental cell. 2010, Vol 19, Num 4, pp 547-561, issn 1534-5807, 15 p.Article

Does lucocorticoid receptor bockade exacerbate tissue damage after mineralocorticoid/salt administration?RICKARD, Amanda J; FUNDER, John W; MORGAN, James et al.Endocrinology (Philadelphia). 2007, Vol 148, Num 10, pp 4829-4835, issn 0013-7227, 7 p.Article

A novel PGD2 receptor expressed in eosinophilsPOWELL, William S.Prostaglandins, leukotrienes and essential fatty acids. 2003, Vol 69, Num 2-3, pp 179-185, issn 0952-3278, 7 p.Article

A new cytokine receptor superfamilyCOSMAN, D; LYMAN, S. D; IDZERDA, R et al.Trends in biochemical sciences (Amsterdam. Reference ed.). 1990, Vol 15, Num 7, pp 265-270, issn 0376-5067, 6 p.Article

Characterization of neurotransmitter receptor-mediated phosphatidylinositol hydrolysis in the rat hippocampusJANOWSKY, A; LABARCA, R; PAUL, S. M et al.Life sciences (1973). 1984, Vol 35, Num 19, pp 1953-1961, issn 0024-3205Article

Affinity-purified antigen-specific products produced by T cells share epitopes recognized by heterologous antisera raised against several different antigen-specific products from T cellsCONE, R. E; ROSENSTEIN, R. W; WIGZELL, H et al.Cellular immunology (Print). 1983, Vol 82, Num 2, pp 232-245, issn 0008-8749Article

Structure of the agonist-bound neurotensin receptorWHITE, Jim F; NOINAJ, Nicholas; GRISSHAMMER, Reinhard et al.Nature (London). 2012, Vol 490, Num 7421, pp 508-513, issn 0028-0836, 6 p.Article

A twist in anti-inflammation : Annexin 1 acts via the lipoxin A4 receptorGAVINS, F. N. E; SAWMYNADEN, P; CHATTERJEE, B. E et al.Prostaglandins, leukotrienes and essential fatty acids. 2005, Vol 73, Num 3-4, pp 211-219, issn 0952-3278, 9 p.Article

The vanilloid receptors : Research of new agonistsBLANCHI; TOGNETTO, M; SALOMONE, S et al.Recent research developments in life science (Vol. 2 (2004)). Recent research developments in life science. 2004, pp 99-109, isbn 81-7736-216-X, 11 p.Book Chapter

Association between the 5' UTR variant C178T of the serotonin receptor gene HTR3A and bipolar affective disorderNIESLER, Beate; FLOHR, Thomas; NÖTHEN, Markus M et al.Pharmacogenetics (London). 2001, Vol 11, Num 6, pp 471-475, issn 0960-314XArticle

The transmembrane adapter LAT plays a central role in immune receptor signallingWONEROW, Peter; WATSON, Steve P.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2001, Vol 20, Num 44, pp 6273-6283, issn 0950-9232Article

1993 receptor nomenclature supplementTrends in pharmacological sciences (Regular ed.). 1993, pp 1-43, issn 0165-6147, SUPSerial Issue

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