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γ-aminobutyric acid A or C receptor ? γ-aminobutyric acid p1 receptor RNA induces bicuculline-, barbiturate-, and Benzodiazepine-insensitive γ-aminobutyric acid responses in Xenopus oocytesSHIMADA, S; CUTTING, G; UHL, G. R et al.Molecular pharmacology. 1992, Vol 41, Num 4, pp 683-687, issn 0026-895XArticle

The influence of bicarbonate ions on the GABA-mimetic activity of ethylenediamineHILL, D. R.Neuropharmacology. 1985, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 147-153, issn 0028-3908Article

Inhibition of GABAB receptor binding by guanyl nucleotidesHILL, D. R; BOWERY, N. G; HUDSON, A. L et al.Journal of neurochemistry. 1984, Vol 42, Num 3, pp 652-657, issn 0022-3042Article

Coexistence of GABAA and GABAB receptors on Aδ and C primary afferentsDESARMENIEN, M; FELTZ, P; OCCHIPINTI, G et al.British journal of pharmacology. 1984, Vol 81, Num 2, pp 327-333, issn 0007-1188Article

Co-localized adenosine A1 and γ-aminobutyric acid B (GABAB) receptors of cerebellum may share a common adenylate cyclase catalytic unitWOJCIK, W. J; CAVALLA, D; NEFF, N. H et al.The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. 1985, Vol 232, Num 1, pp 62-66, issn 0022-3565Article

Separate site(s) of action of optical isomers of 1-methyl-5-phenyl-5-propylbarbituric acid with opposite pharmacological activities at the gaba receptor complexTICKU, M. K; RASTOGI, S. K; RAJEE THYAGARAJAN et al.European journal of pharmacology. 1985, Vol 112, Num 1, pp 1-9, issn 0014-2999Article

Pharmacology of GABA ρl and GABA α/β receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes and COS cellsKUSAMA, T; SPIVAK, C. E; WHITING, P et al.British journal of pharmacology. 1993, Vol 109, Num 1, pp 200-206, issn 0007-1188Article

Modulation of the GABA receptor complex by a steroid anaestheticHARRISON, N. L; SIMMONDS, M. A.Brain research. 1984, Vol 323, Num 2, pp 287-292, issn 0006-8993Article

GABAB receptor-mediated stimulation of the contractibility of isolated rabbit oviductERDO, S. L; RIESZ, M; KARPATI, E et al.European journal of pharmacology. 1984, Vol 99, Num 4, pp 333-336, issn 0014-2999Article

The effect of diazepam and of agents which change gabaergic functions in immobility in miceNAGATANI, T; SUGIHARA, T; KODAIRA, R et al.European journal of pharmacology. 1984, Vol 97, Num 3-4, pp 271-275, issn 0014-2999Article

Regional γ-aminobutyric acid sensitivity of t-butylbicyclophosphoro[35S]thionate binding depends on γ-aminobutyric acidA receptor α subunitKORPI, E. R; LÜDDENS, H.Molecular pharmacology. 1993, Vol 44, Num 1, pp 87-92, issn 0026-895XArticle

Towards a more physiological approach in GABA bindingKARDOS, J; MADERSPACH, K; SIMONY, M et al.Neurochemistry international. 1985, Vol 7, Num 5, pp 737-743, issn 0197-0186Article

The effect of bicuculline and baclofen on the dorsal root-ventral root reflex in the isolated spinal cordAL-ZAMIL, Z; BAGUST, J; KERKUT, G. A et al.General pharmacology. 1991, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 559-565, issn 0306-3623, 7 p.Article

Modulation and polytypic signaling in GABAergic transmissionSCHLICHTING, J. L.Neurochemical research. 1990, Vol 15, Num 2, pp 131-143, issn 0364-3190, 13 p.Article

Biphasic effects of baclofen on phrenic motoneurons: possible involvement of two types of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptorsLALLEY, P. M.The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. 1983, Vol 226, Num 2, pp 616-624, issn 0022-3565Article

An endogenous inhibitor of GABA receptor bindingKURODA, H; OGAWA, N; NUKINA, I et al.Neurochemical research. 1984, Vol 9, Num 1, pp 21-27, issn 0364-3190Article

Diazepam binding inhibitor (DBI) processing : immunohistochemical studies in the rat brainALHO, H; BOVOLIN, P; SLOBODYANSKY, E et al.Neurochemical research. 1990, Vol 15, Num 2, pp 209-216, issn 0364-3190, 8 p.Article

Functional coupling of cerebral γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)B receptor with adenylate cyclase system: effect of phaclofenNISHIKAWA, M; KURIYAMA, K.Neurochemistry international. 1989, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 85-90, issn 0197-0186Article

GABA receptors: are cellular differences reflected in function?MATSUMOTO, R. R.Brain research. 1989, Vol 14, Num 3, pp 203-225, issn 0006-8993Article

Gabaergic modulation of acetylcholine release in cholinergic synaptosomes from Torpedo marmorata electric organRAMIREZ, G; MARSAL, J; BARAT, A et al.Neuroscience. 1989, Vol 30, Num 1, pp 251-255, issn 0306-4522, 5 p.Article

Low concentations of GABA reduce accomodation in primary afferent neurons by an action at GABAB receptorsSCHLICHTER, R; DESARMENIEN, M; LI VOLSI, G et al.Neuroscience. 1987, Vol 20, Num 2, pp 385-393, issn 0306-4522Article

Comparative stereostructure-activity studies on GABAA and GABAB receptor sites and GABA uptake using rat brain membrane preparationsFALCH, E; HEDEGAARD, A; NIELSEN, L et al.Journal of neurochemistry. 1986, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 898-903, issn 0022-3042Article

Differential coupling of GABA-A and GABA-B receptors to the noradrenergic systemSUZDAK, P. D; GIANUTSOS, G.Journal of neural transmission. 1985, Vol 62, Num 1-2, pp 77-89, issn 0300-9564Article

The picrotoxinin binding site and its relationship to the GABA receptor complexWHITE, W. F; SNODGRASS, S. R; DICHTER, M. A et al.Journal of neurochemistry. 1985, Vol 44, Num 3, pp 812-817, issn 0022-3042Article

Purification of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor from rat brain by affinity column chromatography using a new benzodiazepine, 1012-S, as an immobilized ligandTAGUCHI, J.-I; KURIYAMA, K.Brain research. 1984, Vol 323, Num 2, pp 219-226, issn 0006-8993Article

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