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Use of ultrasonography as a rescue technique for failed radial artery cannulationSANDHU, Navparkash S; PATEL, Biraj.Journal of clinical anesthesia. 2006, Vol 18, Num 2, pp 138-141, issn 0952-8180, 4 p.Article

No change of palmar microcirculation at rest 2 years after radial artery harvestingKNOBLOCH, Karsten; TOMASZEK, Sandra; SPIES, Marcus et al.Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery. 2009, Vol 62, Num 7, pp 920-926, issn 1748-6815, 7 p.Article

The case for a complete Alleńs testMEYER, R. M; KATELE, G. V.Anesthesia and analgesia. 1983, Vol 62, Num 10, pp 947-948, issn 0003-2999Article

Recurrent cystic adventitial disease of the radial arteryABSOUD, E. M.Angiology. 1984, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 257-260, issn 0003-3197Article

Spontaneous retrocarpal radial artery thrombosis: a report of two casesRICHARDS, R. R; URBANIAK, J. R.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 1984, Vol 9, Num 6, pp 823-827, issn 0363-5023Article

A variant course of the superficial palmar branch of the radial arterySULEYMAN MURAT TAGIL; MEHMET CEM BOZKURT; SAMET VASFI KUVAT et al.Surgical and radiologic anatomy (Print). 2012, Vol 34, Num 9, pp 871-873, issn 0930-1038, 3 p.Article

Surgical Technique of Harvesting Vascularized Superficial Radial Nerve GraftSHAFI, Mohamed; HATTORI, Yasunori; DOI, Kazuteru et al.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 2010, Vol 35A, Num 2, pp 312-315, issn 0363-5023, 4 p.Article

Transradial access for carotid artery stenting: a single-center experienceBAKOYIANNIS, C; ECONOMOPOULOS, K. P; GEORGOPOULOS, S et al.International angiology. 2010, Vol 29, Num 1, pp 41-46, issn 0392-9590, 6 p.Article

Digital embolus arising from a pseudoaneurysm after radial artery catheterization : a case reportLEMAITRE, J; COFFIN, C; BELLENS, B et al.Acta chirurgica Belgica. 2006, Num 2, pp 246-248, issn 0001-5458, 3 p.Article

Ultrasound evidence of the optimal wrist position for radial artery cannulationMIZUKOSHI, Keiko; SHIBASAKI, Masayuki; AMAYA, Fumimasa et al.Canadian journal of anaesthesia. 2009, Vol 56, Num 6, pp 427-431, issn 0832-610X, 5 p.Article

False aneurysm of the radial arteryDUCHATEAU, J; MOERMANS, J.-P.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 1985, Vol 10, Num 1, pp 140-141, issn 0363-5023Article

Differential pharmacologic sensitivities of phosphodiesterase-3 inhibitors among human isolated gastroepiploic, internal mammary, and radial arteriesONOMOTO, Masanori; TSUNEYOSHI, Isao; YONETANI, Arata et al.Anesthesia and analgesia. 2005, Vol 101, Num 4, pp 950-956, issn 0003-2999, 7 p.Article

Effects of hydrostatic distention on in vitro vasoreactivity of radial artery conduitsCHEE FUI CHONG; ONG, Paul J. L; MOAT, Neil et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 2004, Vol 128, Num 4, pp 609-614, issn 0022-5223, 6 p.Article

A compound radial artery forearm flap in hand surgery: an original modification of the Chinese forearm flapFOUCHER, G; VAN GENECHTEN, F; MERLE, N et al.British journal of plastic surgery. 1984, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 139-148, issn 0007-1226Article

Radial Artery Cannulation: A Comprehensive Review of Recent Anatomic and Physiologic InvestigationsBRZEZINSKI, Marek; LUISETTI, Thomas; LONDON, Martin J et al.Anesthesia and analgesia. 2009, Vol 109, Num 6, pp 1763-1781, issn 0003-2999, 19 p.Article

Initial experience with an endoscopic radial artery harvesting techniqueCASSELMAN, F. P; LA MEIR, M; CAMMU, G et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 2004, Vol 128, Num 3, pp 463-466, issn 0022-5223, 4 p.Article

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Using the Radial Artery Clinical Outcomes, Patency, and Need for ReinterventionTRANBAUGH, Robert F; DIMITROVA, Kamellia R; HOFFMAN, Darryl M et al.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 2012, Vol 126, Num 11, issn 0009-7322, S170-S175, SUP1Conference Paper

Prediction of aortic augmentation index using radial pulse transmission-wave analysisLAU, Elizabeth O. Y; TSE, Hung-Fat; CHAN, Raymond H. W et al.Journal of hypertension. 2006, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 723-730, issn 0263-6352, 8 p.Article

Implantation in coronary circulation induces morphofunctional transformation of radial grafts from muscular to elastomuscularGAUDINO, Mario; PRATI, Francesco; CARADONNA, Eugenio et al.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 2005, Vol 112, Num 9, issn 0009-7322, I. 208-I. 211, SUPArticle

The accuracy of central SBP determined from the second systolic peak of the peripheral pressure waveformHICKSON, Stacey S; BUTLIN, Mark; MCENIERY, Carmel M et al.Journal of hypertension. 2009, Vol 27, Num 9, pp 1784-1788, issn 0263-6352, 5 p.Article

Difficult arterial cannulation in children: is a near-infrared vascular imaging system the answer?CUPER, N. J; DE GRAAFF, J. C; HARTMAN, B. J et al.British journal of anaesthesia. 2012, Vol 109, Num 3, pp 420-426, issn 0007-0912, 7 p.Article

Radial Artery Perforator FlapHO, Andrew M; CHANG, James.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 2010, Vol 35A, Num 2, pp 308-311, issn 0363-5023, 4 p.Article

Indices of cardiovascular function derived from peripheral pulse wave analysis using radial applanation tonometry : a measurement repeatability studyCRILLY, Mike; COCH, Christoph; BRUCE, Margaret et al.Vascular medicine (London). 2007, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 189-197, issn 1358-863X, 9 p.Article

Complications during and following radial artery cannulation: a prospective studyWEISS, B. M; GATTIKER, R. I.Intensive care medicine (Print). 1986, Vol 12, Num 6, pp 424-428, issn 0342-4642Article

The radial artery access site for interventional neuroradiology proceduresLAYTON, K. F; KALLMES, D. F; CLOFT, H. J et al.American journal of neuroradiology. 2006, Vol 27, Num 5, pp 1151-1154, issn 0195-6108, 4 p.Article

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