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Metabolomics of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) transformation: ratio of LinA to LinB determines metabolic fate of HCH isomersGEUEKE, Birgit; GARG, Nidhi; GHOSH, Sneha et al.Environmental microbiology (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 4, pp 1040-1049, issn 1462-2912, 10 p.Article

'Cyanidin volumetric index' and 'chromaticity coordinates ratio' to characterize red raspberry (Rubus idaeus)BONONI, Monica; ANDREOLI, Giulio; GRANELLI, Giuseppe et al.International journal of food sciences and nutrition. 2006, Vol 57, Num 5-6, pp 369-375, issn 0963-7486, 7 p.Article

Can the Emergy Sustainability Index be improved?HARIZAJ, Pëllumb.Ecological modelling. 2011, Vol 222, Num 12, pp 2031-2033, issn 0304-3800, 3 p.Article

Understanding the odds ratio and the relative riskSIMON, Stephen D.Journal of andrology. 2001, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 533-536, issn 0196-3635Article

Competition ratios for different specialties and the effect of gender and immigration statusMCNALLY, Scarlett A.Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2008, Vol 101, Num 10, pp 489-492, issn 0141-0768, 4 p.Article

Simulation investigations of the effects of whirlpool dimensional ratios on the state of secondary whirlsJAKUBOWSKI, Marek; DIAKUN, Jaroslaw.Journal of food engineering. 2007, Vol 83, Num 1, pp 106-110, issn 0260-8774, 5 p.Conference Paper

Théorème de Bayes et rapports de vraisemblance = Bayes theorem and likelihood ratiosNENDAZ, M. R; PERRIER, A.Revue des maladies respiratoires. 2004, Vol 21, Num 2, pp 394-397, issn 0761-8425, 4 p., CAH1Article

Considerations on endopolygalacturonase activity and determination of comparison ratios with emphasis on the influence of the degree of substrate esterificationSERRAT, Manuel; BERMUDEZ, Rosa C; VILLA, Tomas G et al.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (Print). 2004, Vol 52, Num 6, pp 1534-1538, issn 0021-8561, 5 p.Article

Binding of adiponectin and Clq in human serum, and clinical significance of the measurement of C1q―adiponectin / total adiponectin ratioNAKATSUJI, Hideaki; KOBAYASHI, Hironori; KISHIDA, Ken et al.Metabolism, clinical and experimental. 2013, Vol 62, Num 1, pp 109-120, issn 0026-0495, 12 p.Article

Effects of KOH/BaTi and Ba/Ti ratios on synthesis of BaTiO3 powder by coprecipitation/hydrothermal reactionLEE, S. K; PARK, T. J; CHOI, G. J et al.Materials chemistry and physics. 2003, Vol 82, Num 3, pp 742-749, issn 0254-0584, 8 p.Article

Correlations between digit ratio and infertility in Chinese menLU HONG; ZHENG-HAO, Huo; YONG-JIE, Liu et al.Early human development. 2012, Vol 88, Num 11, pp 865-869, issn 0378-3782, 5 p.Article

A robust and accurate binning algorithm for metagenomic sequences with arbitrary species abundance ratioLEUNG, Henry C. M; YIU, S. M; BIN YANG et al.Bioinformatics (Oxford. Print). 2011, Vol 27, Num 11, pp 1489-1495, issn 1367-4803, 7 p.Article

A Population's Mean Healthy Eating Index-2005 Scores Are Best Estimated by the Score of the Population Ratio when One 24-Hour Recall Is AvailableFREEDMAN, Laurence S; GUENTHER, Patricia M; KREBS-SMITH, Susan M et al.The Journal of nutrition. 2008, Vol 138, Num 9, pp 1725-1729, issn 0022-3166, 5 p.Article

°BRIX/ACID RATIO AS A PREDICTOR OF CONSUMER ACCEPTABILITY OF CRIMSON SEEDLESS TABLE GRAPESJAYASENA, V; CAMERON, I.Journal of food quality. 2008, Vol 31, Num 6, pp 736-750, issn 0146-9428, 15 p.Article

Copper : caeruloplasmin ratioTWOMEY, Patrick J; VILJOEN, Adie; HOUSE, Ivan M et al.Journal of clinical pathology. 2007, Vol 60, Num 4, pp 441-442, issn 0021-9746, 2 p.Article

Comment comprendre les prévalences liées au genre dans le cas de l'anorexie mentale et de l'autisme infantileTORDJMAN, Sylvie.RHIZOME. 2003, Num 11, pp 6-7, issn 1622-2032, 2 p.Article

The horwitz ratio (HorRat) : A useful index of method performance with respect to precisionHORWITZ, William; ALBERT, Richard.Journal of AOAC International. 2006, Vol 89, Num 4, pp 1095-1109, issn 1060-3271, 15 p.Article

Discrimination ratio analysis of inflammatory markers: Implications for the study of inflammation in chronic diseaseBROWNING, L. M; KREBS, J. D; JEBB, S. A et al.Metabolism, clinical and experimental. 2004, Vol 53, Num 7, pp 899-903, issn 0026-0495, 5 p.Article

On the Use of the Horwitz Ratio (HorRat) as an Acceptance Criterion for Dietary Fiber Collaborative StudiesWEHLING, Paul; DEVRIES, Jonathan W.Journal of AOAC International. 2012, Vol 95, Num 5, pp 1541-1546, issn 1060-3271, 6 p.Article

An evaluation of automated broncho-arterial ratios for reliable assessment of bronchiectasisODRY, Benjamin L; KIRALY, Atilla P; NOVAK, Carol L et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2008, pp 69152M.1-69152M.9, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-7099-7Conference Paper

Solutions for functional response experimentsOKUYAMA, Toshinori; RUYLE, Robert L.Acta oecologica (Montrouge). 2011, Vol 37, Num 5, pp 512-516, issn 1146-609X, 5 p.Article

Speed can go up as well as down at low contrast : Implications for models of motion perceptionTHOMPSON, Peter; BROOKS, Kevin; HAMMETT, Stephen T et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2006, Vol 46, Num 6-7, pp 782-786, issn 0042-6989, 5 p.Article

Estimating the Proportions of Closely Related Species : Performance of the Two-Phase Ratio EstimatorHANKIN, David G; MOHR, Michael S; VOIGHT, Hans et al.Journal of agricultural, biological, and environmental statistics. 2009, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 15-32, issn 1085-7117, 18 p.Article

Does the Instantaneous Wave-Free Ratio Approximate the Fractional Flow Reserve?JOHNSON, Nils P; KIRKEEIDE, Richard L; PIEK, Jan J et al.Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2013, Vol 61, Num 13, pp 1428-1435, issn 0735-1097, 8 p.Article

The isokinetic strength profile of quadriceps and hamstrings in elite volleyball playersHADZIC, Vedran; SATTLER, Tine; MARKOVIC, Goran et al.Isokinetics and exercise science (Print). 2010, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 31-37, issn 0959-3020, 7 p.Article

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