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13th French-Polish Seminar on Reactivity of Solids, September 3-5, 2002, Cluny, FranceBERTRAND, Gilles; LAMBERTIN, Michel; PRZYBYLSKI, Kazimierz et al.Annales de chimie (Paris. 1914). 2003, Vol 28, issn 0151-9107, 255 p., SUP1Conference Proceedings

A Solid-State Reaction Route to Anchoring Ni(OH)2 Nanoparticles on Reduced Graphene Oxide Sheets for SupercapacitorsZHIPENG SUN; XIANMAO LU.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2012, Vol 51, Num 30, pp 9973-9979, issn 0888-5885, 7 p.Article

Highly permeable La0.2Ba0.8Co0.8Fe0.2-xZrxO3-δ membranes for oxygen separationFAN, Chuan-Gang; ZUO, Yan-Bo; LI, Jian-Tong et al.Separation and purification technology. 2007, Vol 55, Num 1, pp 35-39, issn 1383-5866, 5 p.Article

Note on the use of the term crystolysisTANG, Tong B; MACIEJEWSKI, Marek.Thermochimica acta. 2003, Vol 404, Num 1-2, pp 289-290, issn 0040-6031, 2 p.Article

Reaction Mechanism and Kinetic Analysis of the Decomposition of Phosphogypsum via a Solid-State ReactionLIPING MA; PING NING; SHAOCONG ZHENG et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2010, Vol 49, Num 8, pp 3597-3602, issn 0888-5885, 6 p.Article

Physico-geometric kinetics of solid-state reactions by thermal analysesKOGA, N.Journal of thermal analysis. 1997, Vol 49, Num 1, pp 45-56, issn 0368-4466Conference Paper

Structure, Magnetism and Magnetoresistance Effect of Cd1―xCuxCr2S4 (x = 0.01, 0.04, 0.1, 0.2)YAN, Li-Qin; FANGWEI WANG; YOUNG SUN et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2012, Vol 48, Num 11, pp 3634-3637, issn 0018-9464, 4 p.Conference Paper

Photo- and electroactive amorphous molecular materials-molecular design, syntheses, reactions, properties, and applicationsSHIROTA, Yasuhiko.Journal of material chemistry. 2005, Vol 15, Num 1, pp 75-93, issn 0959-9428, 19 p.Article

A study of the cation-zeolitic surface interaction by ESR spectroscopyIACOMI, F; TRIF, E; POPOVICI, E et al.Applied surface science. 1993, Vol 65-66, pp 298-301, issn 0169-4332Conference Paper

Effect of the aluminum source on the formation of yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) powder via solid state reactionTSAI, Ming-Shyong; FU, Wen-Chuan; WU, Wen-Chang et al.Journal of alloys and compounds. 2008, Vol 455, Num 1-2, pp 461-464, issn 0925-8388, 4 p.Article

Uptake properties of Ni2+ by nCaO.Al2O3.2SiO2 (n = 1-4) prepared from solid-state reaction of kaolinite and calciteVINAY KUMAR JHA; KAMESHIMA, Yoshikazu; NAKAJIMA, Akira et al.Journal of hazardous materials. 2005, Vol 123, Num 1-3, pp 281-287, issn 0304-3894, 7 p.Article

On the Li and Tang's isoconversional method for kinetic analysis of solid-state reactions from thermoanalytical dataBUDRUGEAC, P; SEGAL, E.Journal of materials science. 2001, Vol 36, Num 11, pp 2707-2710, issn 0022-2461Article

Nonlinear waves and elementary acts in solid-state chemical reactionsMANEVICH, L. I; SMIRNOV, V. V.Polymer science. 1994, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 453-458, issn 0965-545XArticle

Frontiers in Solid State ChemistryMAIGNAN, Antoine.Solid state sciences. 2008, Vol 10, Num 4, issn 1293-2558, 156 p.Serial Issue

Solid state-reaction between Ir and Al2O3HUA, Y. F; CHEN, Z. F; ZHANG, L. T et al.Journal of materials science. 2006, Vol 41, Num 7, pp 2155-2156, issn 0022-2461, 2 p.Article

Irreversible thermodynamics and true thermal state dynamics in view of generalised solid-state reaction kineticsSESTAK, Jaroslav; CHVOJ, Zdenek.Thermochimica acta. 2002, Vol 388, Num 1-2, pp 427-439, issn 0040-6031Article

A new route for the synthesis of submicron-sized LaB6BAO LIHONG; WURENTUYA; WEI WEI et al.Materials characterization. 2014, Vol 97, pp 69-73, issn 1044-5803, 5 p.Article

Photocatalytic activity of NaTaO3:La prepared under different atmospheresZHOU WU; GUOQIANG LI; FENG ZHANG et al.Applied surface science. 2014, Vol 319, pp 372-375, issn 0169-4332, 4 p.Conference Paper

Cooling Curve Analysis to Determine Phase Fractions in Solid-State Precipitation ReactionsGIBBS, John W; KAUFMAN, Michael J; HACKENBERG, Robert E et al.Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science. 2010, Vol 41, Num 9, pp 2216-2223, issn 1073-5623, 8 p.Article

Kinetic Analysis of Solid-State Reactions : A General Empirical Kinetic ModelJUNMENG CAI; RONGHOU LIU.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2009, Vol 48, Num 6, pp 3249-3253, issn 0888-5885, 5 p.Article

Fabrication of textured thermoelectric layered cobaltites with various rock salt-type layers by using β-Co(OH)2 platelets as reactive templatesITAHARA, Hiroshi; CHANGTAI XIA; SUGIYAMA, Jun et al.Journal of material chemistry. 2004, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 61-66, issn 0959-9428, 6 p.Article

Growth of substituted langasite-type Ca3NbGa3Si2O14 single crystals, and their dielectric, elastic and piezoelectric propertiesADACHI, Masatoshi; FUNAKAWA, Takeo; KARAKI, Tomoaki et al.Proceedings - IEEE International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics. 2002, pp 411-414, issn 1099-4734, isbn 0-7803-7414-2, 4 p.Conference Paper

Chemical reactivity in the solid state - A collection of invited papers in honor of professor David Dollimore on the occasion of his 70th birthdaySHARP, John H; FLYNN, Joseph H.Thermochimica acta. 1999, Vol 340-41, issn 0040-6031, 451 p.Serial Issue

Kinetic analyses of solid-state reactions with a particle-size distributionKOGA, N; CRIADO, J. M.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1998, Vol 81, Num 11, pp 2901-2909, issn 0002-7820Article

Theoretical solutions for solid state reactions with variable temperatureRIBEIRO FRADE, J.Solid state ionics. 1997, Vol 101-03, pp 373-379, issn 0167-2738, 1Conference Paper

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