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A unique four-stranded model of a homologous recombination intermediateHOPKINS, R. C.Journal of theoretical biology. 1986, Vol 120, Num 2, pp 215-222, issn 0022-5193Article

Fonction du crossing overSUKHODOLETS, V. V.Genetika. 1986, Vol 12, Num 11, pp 2551-2559, issn 0016-6758Article

Biased conversion as the primary function of recombinationBENGTSSON, B. O.Genetical research. 1986, Vol 47, Num 1, pp 77-80, issn 0016-6723Article

Isolation and partial characterization of mutants of the trypanosomatid Crithidia fasciculata and their use in detecting genetic recombinationGLASSBERG, J; MIYAZAKI, L; RIFKIN, M. R et al.The Journal of protozoology. 1985, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 118-125, issn 0022-3921Article

Intramolecular recombination between transfected repeated sequences in mammalian cells is nonconservativeCHAKRABARTI, S; SEIDMAN, M. M.Molecular and cellular biology (Print). 1986, Vol 6, Num 7, pp 2520-2526, issn 0270-7306Article

Hydrodynamic fluctuations in the matter dominated era before hydrogen recombinationZIMDAHL, W; JANSEN, F.Experimentelle Technik der Physik. 1985, Vol 33, Num 5, pp 397-402, issn 0014-4924Article

Zygotic algebra for two linked loci with sexually different recombination ratesLOPEZ-SANCHEZ, J; PEREZ DE VARGAS, A.Bulletin of mathematical biology. 1985, Vol 47, Num 6, pp 771-782, issn 0092-8240Article

The dynamics of atomic hydrogen and deuterium recombination on the stepped Pt(557) crystal surfaceLIN, T. H; SOMORJAI, G. A.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1985, Vol 89, Num 1, pp 135-139, issn 0022-3654Article

General recombination mechanisms in extracts of meiotic cellsHOTTA, Y; TABATA, S; BOUCHARD, R. A et al.Chromosoma (Berlin. Print). 1985, Vol 93, Num 2, pp 140-151, issn 0009-5915Article

Some problems of recombination kinetics. IIIKUZOVKOV, V. N; KOTOMIN, E. A.Chemical physics. 1985, Vol 98, Num 3, pp 351-360, issn 0301-0104Article

Composition de charge d'un plasmoïde qui se recombineBELOUSOV, V. I; KORNEJCHUK, V. I.Inženerno-fizičeskij žurnal. 1985, Vol 49, Num 1, pp 145-146, issn 0021-0285Article

A measurement of the hydrogen recombination rate in the diffuse interstellar mediumREYNOLDS, R. J.The Astrophysical journal. 1984, Vol 282, Num 1, pp 191-196, issn 0004-637X, 1Article

Pairing of unwound DNA duplexes as hypothetical intermediates in genetic recombinationSTOCKERT, J. C.Naturwissenschaften. 1986, Vol 73, Num 2, pp 100-101, issn 0028-1042Article

Somatic cell fusion of Trichoderma reesei resulting in new genetic combinationsMANCZINGER, L; FERENCZY, L.Applied microbiology and biotechnology. 1985, Vol 22, Num 1, pp 72-76, issn 0175-7598Article

Recombination in other chromosomal regions than the interval subjected to selection, in lines of Neurospora crassa selected for high and for low recombination frequencyCEDERBERG, H.Hereditas (Landskrona). 1985, Vol 103, Num 1, pp 89-97, issn 0018-0661Article

Transpositional recombination in prokaryotesGRINDLEY, N. D. F; REED, R. R.Annual review of biochemistry. 1985, Vol 54, pp 863-896, issn 0066-4154Article

Protéine rec A bactérienne: analyse biochimique, génétique et physicochimiqueLANTSOV, V. A.Genetika. 1985, Vol 21, Num 9, pp 1413-1427, issn 0016-6758Article

Statistical analysis of multilocus recombinationRISCH, N; LANGE, K.Biometrics. 1983, Vol 39, Num 4, pp 949-963, issn 0006-341XArticle

On the frequency of undetectable recombination eventsCLAIRBORNE STEPHENS, J.Genetics. 1986, Vol 112, Num 4, pp 923-926, issn 0016-6731Article

An in vivo cointegrate of two plasmids from incompatibility group XNESVERA, J; HOCHMANNOVA, J; STOKROVA, J et al.Folia microbiologica. 1986, Vol 31, Num 4, pp 257-266, issn 0015-5632Article

Meiotic recombination and sporulation in repair-deficient strains of yeastDOWLING, E. L; MALONEY, D. H; FOGEL, S et al.Genetics. 1985, Vol 109, Num 2, pp 283-302, issn 0016-6731Article

The role of the spo11 gene in meiotic recombination in yeastKLAPHOLZ, S; WADDELL, C. S; ESPOSITO, R. E et al.Genetics. 1985, Vol 110, Num 2, pp 187-216, issn 0016-6731Article

Different effects of temperature on recombination in lines of Neurospora crass selected for high and for low recombination frequencyCEDERBERG, H.Hereditas (Landskrona). 1985, Vol 103, Num 1, pp 99-105, issn 0018-0661Article

cw recombination laser in a flowing negative glow plasmaROCCA, J. J.Applied physics letters. 1985, Vol 47, Num 11, pp 1145-1147, issn 0003-6951Article

Nature de la recombinaison génétiqueSUKHODOLETS, V. V.Genetika. 1985, Vol 21, Num 11, pp 1765-1775, issn 0016-6758Article

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