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Effects of shape and size on red blood cell deformability: a static bending analysisENGSTROM, G; TALJEDAL, I.-B.Acta physiologica scandinavica. 1985, Vol 125, Num 4, pp 669-679, issn 0001-6772Article

Membranotropic photobiomodulation on red blood cell deformabilityLUO, Gang-Yue; ZHAO, Yan-Ping; LIU, Timon Cheng-Yi et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2007, pp 653424.1-653424.11, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-6656-3, 2VolConference Paper

A red cell deformation model for hemolysis in cross flow membrane plasmapheresisZYDNEY, A. L; COLTON, C. K.Chemical engineering communications (Print). 1984, Vol 30, Num 3-5, pp 191-207, issn 0098-6445Article

Red Blood Cell (RBC) membrane proteomics — Part II: Comparative proteomics and RBC patho-physiologyPASINI, Erica M; LUTZ, Hans U; MANN, Matthias et al.Journal of proteomics (Print). 2010, Vol 73, Num 3, pp 421-435, issn 1874-3919, 15 p.Article

Three-dimensional focusing of red blood cells in microchannel flows for bio-sensing applicationsYOUNG WON KIM; JUNG YUL YOO.Biosensors & bioelectronics. 2009, Vol 24, Num 12, pp 3677-3682, issn 0956-5663, 6 p.Article

Erythrocyte autoantibodies, autoimmune haemolysis, and myelodysplastic syndromesSOKOL, R. J; HEWITT, S; BOOKER, D. J et al.Journal of clinical pathology. 1989, Vol 42, Num 10, pp 1088-1091, issn 0021-9746, 4 p.Article

Use of Adsol® preservation solution for prolonged storage of low viscosity AS-1 red blood cellsHEATON, A; MIRIPOL, J; ASTER, R et al.British journal of haematology. 1984, Vol 57, Num 3, pp 467-478, issn 0007-1048Article

Kinetics of rouleau formation. II: Reversible reactionsSAMSEL, R. W; PERELSON, A. S.Biophysical journal. 1984, Vol 45, Num 4, pp 805-824, issn 0006-3495Article

Pathways of adenine nucleotide catabolism in erythrocytesBONTEMPS, F; VAN DEN BERGHE, G; HERS, H. G et al.The Journal of clinical investigation. 1986, Vol 77, Num 3, pp 824-830, issn 0021-9738Article

Effect of pore diameter and cell volume on erythrocyte filterabilitySTUART, J; STONE, P. C. W; BAREFORD, D et al.Clinical hemorheology. 1985, Vol 5, Num 5, pp 449-461, issn 0271-5198Article

Kinetics of O2 uptake and release by human erythrocytes studied by a stopped-flow techniqueYAMAGUCHI, K; NGUYEN-PHU, D; SCHEID, P et al.Journal of applied physiology (1985). 1985, Vol 58, Num 4, pp 1215-1224, issn 8750-7587Article

A transient sodium-hydrogen exchange system induced by catecholamines in erythrocytes of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneriBAROIN, A; GARCIA-ROMEU, F; LAMARRE, T et al.Journal of physiology. 1984, Vol 356, pp 21-31, issn 0022-3751Article

Abrogation of calcium exclusion by erythrocytes under hypotonic stressBOWDLER, A. J; WILLIAMS, R. H; DOUGHERTY, R. M et al.Scandinavian journal of haematology. 1984, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 283-296, issn 0036-553XArticle

Reaction of phenylhydrazine with erythrocytes: cross-linking of spectrin by disulfide exchange with oxidized hemoglobinVILSEN, B; NIELSEN, H.Biochemical pharmacology. 1984, Vol 33, Num 17, pp 2739-2748, issn 0006-2952Article

The kinetics of O2 release by human red blood cells in the presence of external sodium dithioniteVANDEGRIFF, K. D; OLSON, J. S.The Journal of biological chemistry (Print). 1984, Vol 259, Num 20, pp 12609-12618, issn 0021-9258Article

Analysis of histone H5 and globin mRNAs in chick-embryo developmentCOLMAN, A; KRIEG, P; WELLS, J. R. E et al.European journal of biochemistry (Print). 1983, Vol 131, Num 3, pp 551-554, issn 0014-2956Article

Biologic and clinical significance of red cell ferritinCAZZOLA, M; DEZZA, L; BERGAMASCHI, G et al.Blood. 1983, Vol 62, Num 5, pp 1078-1087, issn 0006-4971Article

Préparation de concentrés érythrocytaires appauvris en leucocytes par technique simple d'aspiration = Preparation of leukocyte poor red cell concentrate by the aspiration methodWALLER, C; TONGIO, M. M; NOSS, P et al.Revue française de transfusion et immuno-hématologie. 1983, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 313-323, issn 0338-4535Article

Cryopreserved Red Blood Cells: SummaryRENTAS, Francisco J.The Journal of trauma, injury, infection, and critical care. 2011, Vol 70, Num 5, issn 1079-6061, S45-S46, SUPConference Paper

Thiolation mediated pegylation platform to generate functional universal red blood cellsNACHARAJU, Parimala; MANJULA, Belur N; ACHARYA, Seetharama A et al.Artificial cells, blood substitutes, and biotechnology. 2007, Vol 35, Num 1, pp 107-118, 12 p.Conference Paper

Human erythrocyte electrofusion kinetics monitored by aqueous contents mixingSTENGER, D. A; HUI, S. W.Biophysical journal. 1988, Vol 53, Num 5, pp 833-838, issn 0006-3495Article

Régulation volumique des érythrocytes humains contre le stress hypotonique et les effets de la lidocaïneOKAZAKI, N; UEHIRA, A; NAKAYAMA, M et al.Masui. 1986, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 623-630, issn 0021-4892Article

Glucocorticoid receptor in chick erythrocytesMURAKAMI, T; OHSAWA, N; TAKAKU, F et al.Life sciences (1973). 1983, Vol 33, Num 15, pp 1485-1489, issn 0024-3205Article

Intracellular polymerization of sickle hemoglobinNOGUCHI, C. T; TORCHIA, D. A; SCHECHTER, A. N et al.The Journal of clinical investigation. 1983, Vol 72, Num 3, pp 846-852, issn 0021-9738Article

Red blood cells that do and red blood cells that don't : how to resist a persistent parasiteDUFFY, Patrick E; FRIED, Michal.Trends in parasitology. 2006, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 99-101, issn 1471-4922, 3 p.Article

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