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Structure-Function Relationships in Hydrophobins: Probing the Role of Charged Side ChainsLIENEMANN, Michael; GANDIER, Julie-Anne; JOENSUU, Jussi J et al.Applied and environmental microbiology (Print). 2013, Vol 79, Num 18, pp 5533-5538, issn 0099-2240, 6 p.Article

Régulation de l'absorption racinaire de NO3- par les parties aériennes = Regulation of NO3- uptake by the shootsTouraine, Bruno; Grignon, Claude.1992, 189 p.Thesis

On the mechanism of energy transduction in myosin subfragment 1BOTTS, J; TAKASHI, R; TORGERSON, P et al.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Biological sciences. 1984, Vol 81, Num 7, pp 2060-2064, issn 0273-1134Article

Hemoglobine Andrew-Minneapolis: étude de sa structure et de sa fonctionZENG YITAO; HUANG SHUZHEN; CHENG GUANCHI et al.Yíchuán xuébào. 1984, Vol 11, Num 5, pp 400-405, issn 0379-4172Article

Advances in RNA Structure Prediction from Sequence: New Tools for Generating Hypotheses about Viral RNA Structure-Function RelationshipsSCHROEDER, Susan J.Journal of virology. 2009, Vol 83, Num 13, pp 6326-6334, issn 0022-538X, 9 p.Article

Structure/function relationship of homopolysaccharide producing glycansucrases and therapeutic potential of their synthesised glycansKORAKLI, Maher; VOGEL, Rudi F.Applied microbiology and biotechnology. 2006, Vol 71, Num 6, pp 790-803, issn 0175-7598, 14 p.Article

Struktur- und Funktionsanalyse von Proteinen = Analysis of structure and function of proteinsBiological chemistry Hoppe-Seyler. 1992, Vol 373, Num 9, pp 885-890, issn 0177-3593Article

Structure et fonctionnement des membranes gastriques sécrétant HC1 = Structure and functioning of gastric membranes secreting HC1Bayle, Denis; Soumarmon, Annick.1992, 114 p.Thesis

The acetylcholine receptor-ion chamel complex: linkage between binding and responseMAELICKE, A; PRINZ, H.Modern cell biology. 1983, Vol 1, pp 171-197, issn 0745-3000Article

Structure-Function Relationships in the HAMP and Proximal Signaling Domains of the Aerotaxis Receptor AerWATTS, Kylie J; JOHNSON, Mark S; TAYLOR, Barry L et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2008, Vol 190, Num 6, pp 2118-2127, issn 0021-9193, 10 p.Article

Prediction of protein function in the absence of significant sequence similarity : Biomedical scienceDOBSON, Paul D; CAI, Yu-Dong; STAPLEY, Benjamin J et al.Current medicinal chemistry. 2004, Vol 11, Num 16, pp 2135-2142, issn 0929-8673, 8 p.Article

Metallothionein-likë metal complexes in angiosperms; their structure and functionROBINSON, N. J; JACKSON, P. J.Physiologia Plantarum (København. 1948). 1986, Vol 67, Num 3, pp 499-506, issn 0031-9317Article

Insulin receptors: binding kinetics and structure-function relationship of insulinGAMMELTOFT, S.Physiological reviews. 1984, Vol 64, Num 4, pp 1321-1378, issn 0031-9333Article

The plant N-end rule pathway: structure and functionsGRACIET, Emmanuelle; WELLMER, Frank.Trends in plant science. 2010, Vol 15, Num 8, pp 447-453, issn 1360-1385, 7 p.Article

Viroids: petite RNA pathogens with distinguished talentsTABLER, Martin; TSAGRIS, Mina.Trends in plant science. 2004, Vol 9, Num 7, pp 339-348, issn 1360-1385, 10 p.Article

A three-dimensional muscle model: a quantified relation between form and function of skeletal musclesWOITTIEZ, R. D; HUIJING, P. A; BOOM, H. B. K et al.Journal of morphology (1931). 1984, Vol 182, Num 1, pp 95-113, issn 0362-2525Article

Fossil epithelial cell imprints as indicators of conodont biology = Des empreintes de cellules épithéliales fossiles comme indicateurs de la biologie des conodontesVON BITTER, P. H; NORBY, R. D.Lethaia (Oslo. Trykt utg.). 1994, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 193-198, issn 0024-1164Article

On the functional role of phenolic compounds in plantsZAPROMETOV, M. N.Fiziologiâ rastenij. 1992, Vol 39, Num 6, pp 1197-1207, issn 0015-3303Article

The role of N-linked oligosaccharides in glycoprotein functionELBEIN, A. D.Trends in biotechnology (Regular ed.). 1991, Vol 9, Num 10, pp 346-352, issn 0167-7799Article

A single amino acid change in CUP2 alters its mode of DNA bindingBUCHMAN, C; SKROCH, P; DIXON, W et al.Molecular and cellular biology (Print). 1990, Vol 10, Num 9, pp 4778-4787, issn 0270-7306, 10 p.Article

The ribosome returnsMOORE, P. B.Nature (London). 1988, Vol 331, Num 6153, pp 223-227, issn 0028-0836Article

Asymmetries in body part size, mobility, and usage. Relationship between structure and functionKOFF, E; BOROD, J. C; WHITE, B et al.Acta anatomica. 1983, Vol 117, Num 4, pp 382-388, issn 0001-5180Article

Clostridial neurotoxins : from toxins to therapeutic tools ?NIEMANN, H; BINZ, T; GREBENSTEIN, O et al.Behring-Institute-Mitteilungen. 1991, Num 89, pp 153-162, issn 0301-0457Article

The physiology and biochemistry of piliPARANCHYCH, W; FROST, L. S.Advances in Microbial Physiology. 1988, Vol 29, pp 53-114, issn 0065-2911Article

Distinct form I, II, III, and IV Rubisco proteins from the three kingdoms of life provide clues about Rubisco evolution and structure/function relationshipsTABITA, F. Robert; SATAGOPAN, Sriram; HANSON, Thomas E et al.Journal of experimental botany. 2008, Vol 59, Num 7, pp 1515-1524, issn 0022-0957, 10 p.Article

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