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An unusual rotational distortion in an [(η-indenyl)RhL2] complex: molecular structures of [(η-1,2,3-Me3C9H4)Rh(η-C2H4)2] and [(η-C9H7)Rh(CO)2]KAKKAR, A. K; TAYLOR, N. J; CALABRESE, J. C et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1989, Num 15, pp 990-992, issn 0022-4936, 3 p.Article

1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of a diazoalkane to the C=O bond of a bridging-carbonyl dirhodium complexDICKSON, R. S; FALLON, G. D; GREAVES, B. C et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1989, Num 8, pp 446-447, issn 0022-4936, 2 p.Article

Evidence for reversible formation of rhodium tricarbonyl species in surface supported rhodium catalystsKEYES, M. P; WATTERS, K. L.Journal of catalysis (Print). 1986, Vol 100, Num 2, pp 477-481, issn 0021-9517, supplArticle

Studies of adsorption and thermal desorption of ethene and propyne over rhodium catalystsBRANDRETH, B. J; JACKSON, S. D; WINSTANLEY, D et al.Journal of catalysis (Print). 1986, Vol 102, Num 2, pp 433-442, issn 0021-9517Article

Rhodium catalysed synthesis of illudalanesNEESON, S. J; STEVENSON, P. J.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 1989, Vol 45, Num 19, pp 6239-6248, issn 0040-4020, 10 p.Article

Investigation of the conditions for the photometric determination of iridium and rhodiumGOROSHKO, R.G; DEDKOV, Yu.M; ERMAKOV, A.N et al.Zavodskaâ laboratoriâ. 1984, Vol 50, Num 1, pp 11-13, issn 0321-4265Article

Deuterium plasma exposure on rhodium: Reflectivity monitoring and evidence of subsurface deuteride formationEREN, Baran; WISSE, Marco; MAROT, Laurent et al.Applied surface science. 2013, Vol 273, pp 94-100, issn 0169-4332, 7 p.Article

Chlorine and hydrogen transfer in a reversible metathesis of organorhodium(III) and organic compoundsDEEM, M. L; IOBST, E. J; ZINK, M. D et al.Inorganica chimica acta. 1989, Vol 157, Num 2, pp 153-155, issn 0020-1693, 3 p.Article

Aspects of anionic rhodium complexes. Ligand effectsCHAN, A. S. C; HUEY-SHENG SHIEH; HILL, J. R et al.Journal of organometallic chemistry. 1985, Vol 279, Num 1-2, pp 171-179, issn 0022-328XArticle

Self-powered detector response to thermal and epithermal neutron fluxAGU, M. N; PETITCOLAS, H.Nuclear science and engineering. 1991, Vol 107, Num 4, pp 374-384, issn 0029-5639, 11 p.Article

The rhodium-catalyzed methanol carbonylation to acetic acid at low water concentrations: the effect of iodide and acetate on catalyst activity and stabilitySMITH, B. L; TORRENCE, G. P; MURPHY, M. A et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. 1987, Vol 39, Num 1, pp 115-136, issn 0304-5102Article

Investigation of a model catalytic system in ultrahigh vacuum: the adsorption of triallylrhodium on the TiO2 (001) surfaceSMITH, P. B; BERNASEK, S. L; SCHWARTZ, J et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1986, Vol 108, Num 18, pp 5654-5655, issn 0002-7863Article

Reversible carbon-carbon bond cleavage of a 3-vinyl-1-cyclopropene by Rh(I). Molecular structures of two sterically crowded 1,2,3,5-η-pentadienediyl complexes of Rh(III)DONOVAN, B. T; EGAN, J. W; HUGHES, R. P et al.Israel journal of chemistry. 1990, Vol 30, Num 4, pp 351-360, issn 0021-2148Article

Oxidative carbonylation of toluene to p-toluic acid catalyzed by rhodium in the presence of vanadium and oxygenZAKZESKI, Joseph J; BELL, Alexis T.Journal of molecular catalysis. A, Chemical. 2007, Vol 276, Num 1-2, pp 8-16, issn 1381-1169, 9 p.Article

Activité catalytique des composés du rhodium au cours de la vulcanisation des polyvinylsiloxanes par les organohydrure-siloxanesGORSHKOV, A. V; KHAZEN, L. Z; KOPYLOV, V. M et al.Kaučuk i rezina. 1987, Num 6, pp 42-43, issn 0022-9466Article

Metal oxide bound rhodium dioxygen and ozone complexesFISCHER, H. E; SCHWARTZ, J.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1989, Vol 111, Num 19, pp 7644-7645, issn 0002-7863Article

Measurement of 103mRh produced by the 103Rh/γ, γ'/103mRh reaction with liquid scintillation countingSEKINE, T; YOSHIHARA, K; PAVLICSEK, I et al.Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry. 1989, Vol 137, Num 1, pp 57-65, issn 0236-5731Article

Novel metallacycle formation in the reaction of carbon dioxide with the rhodium complex mer-[HRh(CH2COMe)(PMe3)3Cl]FARMER, M; KHAN, M. A; NICHOLAS, K. M et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1988, Num 20, pp 1384-1385, issn 0022-4936Article

Synthesis of RhI-σ-acetylide complexes in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions: molecular structures of [(PMe3)4Rh(C≡CPh)] and [(PMe3)3Rh(C≡CSiMe3)]ZARGARIAN, D; CHOW, P; TAYLOR, N. J et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1989, Num 9, pp 540-544, issn 0022-4936, 5 p.Article


A valence band photoemission study of Pb adsorption on Rh(100) and Rh(110)SVEC, M; DUDR, V; SUTARA, F et al.Surface science. 2007, Vol 601, Num 24, pp 5673-5677, issn 0039-6028, 5 p.Conference Paper

Rôle des additifs dans le dépôt électrolytique de rhodium à partir de solutions de sulfate de rhodium(III)KUBOTA, N; CHIDA, S; SATO, E et al.Kinzoku Hyomen Gijutsu. 1986, Vol 37, Num 7, pp 351-355, issn 0026-0614Article

Diffusion of rhodium layers on the stepped surface of a tungsten micro-crystalANTCZAK, Grazyna; BLASZCZYSZYN, Ryszard.Surface science. 2006, Vol 600, Num 2, pp 325-334, issn 0039-6028, 10 p.Article

Knudsen effusion cell mass spectrometric measurements on the vaporisation of Rh(s) in the temperature range 1655 to 2217 KSUBBANNA, C. S; KULKARNI, S. G; VENUGOPAL, V et al.Journal of the less-common metals. 1991, Vol 170, Num 2, pp 301-308, issn 0022-5088Article

η3-MeC(CH2PPh2)3/rhodium complexes utilize phosphine arm dissociation mechanisms at 25°CTHALER, E. G; FOLTING, K; CAULTON, K. G et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1990, Vol 112, Num 7, pp 2664-2672, issn 0002-7863Article

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