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Internal Rotation Deficits Affect Scapular Positioning in Baseball PlayersTHOMAS, Stephen J; SWANIK, Kathleen A; SWANIK, Charles B et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 2010, Vol 468, Num 6, pp 1551-1557, issn 0009-921X, 7 p.Article

Analysis of the rotational motions of the guanidino group in arginineSMITH, R. J; WILLIAMS, D. H; JAMES, K et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1989, Num 11, pp 682-683, issn 0022-4936, 2 p.Article


Changes in passive range of motion and development of glenohumeral internal rotation deficit (GIRD) in the professional pitching shoulder between spring training in two consecutive yearsSHANLEY, Ellen; THIGPEN, Charles A; CLARK, J. C et al.Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery. 2012, Vol 21, Num 11, pp 1605-1612, issn 1058-2746, 8 p.Article

Accuracy of Measuring Tape and Vertebral-level Methods to Determine Shoulder Internal RotationHAN, Seung-Hwan; OH, Kyung-Soo; HAN, Kyeong-Jin et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 2012, Vol 470, Num 2, pp 562-566, issn 0009-921X, 5 p.Article

An Acute Throwing Episode Decreases Shoulder Internal Rotation : Injuries in Overhead AthletesKIBLER, W. Ben; SCIASCIA, Aaron; MOORE, Stephanie et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 2012, Vol 470, Num 6, pp 1545-1551, issn 0009-921X, 7 p.Article

Faxen's theorem for nonsteady motion of a sphere through a fluid with internal rotationDEBENDRANATH SAHOO; VALSAKUMAR, M. C.Physica. A. 1993, Vol 196, Num 3, pp 349-362, issn 0378-4371Article

Internal Rotation of the Tibial Component is Frequent in Stiff Total Knee ArthroplastyBEDARD, Martin; VINCE, Kelly G; REDFERN, John et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 2011, Vol 469, Num 8, pp 2346-2355, issn 0009-921X, 10 p.Article

L'héliosismologie = HelioseismologyFOSSAT, Eric.Images de la physique. 2005, pp 226-232, issn 0290-0041, 7 p.Article

Unidirectional rotary motion in a molecular systemKELLY, T. R; SILVA, H. D; SILVA, R. A et al.Nature (London). 1999, Vol 401, Num 6749, pp 150-152, issn 0028-0836Article

Locally constrained tyrosine analogues with restricted side chain dynamicsDING JIAO; RUSSELL, K. C; HRUBY, V. J et al.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 1993, Vol 49, Num 17, pp 3511-3520, issn 0040-4020Article

13C NMR relaxation and molecular dynamics. Overall movement and internal rotation of methyl groups in N,N-dimethylformamideKONRAT, R; STERK, H.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1990, Vol 94, Num 4, pp 1291-1293, issn 0022-3654Article

A new spin on saturn's rotationBAGENAL, Fran.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2007, Vol 316, Num 5823, pp 380-381, issn 0036-8075, 2 p.Article

Electrical or photocontrol of the rotary motion of a metallacarboraneHAWTHORNE, M. Frederick; ZINK, Jeffrey I; SKELTON, Johnny M et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2004, Vol 303, Num 5665, pp 1849-1851, issn 0036-8075, 3 p.Article

Étude par RMN de la localisation du proton dans H0,5Cu10,5Zr2(PO4)3 (SH)SENEGAS, J; LE POLLES, G; BUSSEREAU, I et al.Journal of solid state chemistry (Print). 1990, Vol 87, Num 2, pp 257-263, issn 0022-4596Article

The rotational spectrum of the water-hydroperoxy radical (H2O-HO2) complexSUMA, Kohsuke; SUMIYOSHI, Yoshihiro; ENDO, Yasuki et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2006, Vol 311, Num 5765, pp 1278-1281, issn 0036-8075, 4 p.Article

On the nomenclature of oligoflavanoids with an A-type unitKOLODZIEJ, H; FERREIRA, D; LEMIERE, G et al.Journal of natural products (Print). 1993, Vol 56, Num 7, pp 1199-1200, issn 0163-3864Article

Conformation analysis of vitamin D3 derivatives by molecular mechanics. II: 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and analoguesMOSQUERA, R. A; RIOS, M. A; TOVAR, C. A et al.Journal of molecular structure. 1989, Vol 213, pp 297-307, issn 0022-2860, 11 p.Article

Inferring the Sun's internal angular velocity from observed p-mode frequency splittingsBROWN, T. M; CHRISTENSEN-DALSGAARD, J; DZIEMBOWSKI, W. A et al.The Astrophysical journal. 1989, Vol 343, Num 1, pp 526-546, issn 0004-637XArticle

Rotational isomerism around the C-O bond in alcohols. Assignments of the OH IR bandsBAKKE, J. M.Acta chemica Scandinavica. Series B. Organic chemistry and biochemistry. 1986, Vol 40, Num 6, pp 407-410, issn 0302-4369Article

Etude théorique et expérimentale de la rotation interne dans des molécules d'intérêt astrophysique = Theoretical and experimental studies of internal rotation in molecules of astrophysical interestMAES, Hervé; DEMAISON, Jean.1986, 108 pThesis

Electromyographic activity of selected scapular stabilizers during glenohumeral internal and external rotation contractionsSCHACHTER, Aaron K; MCHUGH, Malachy P; TYLER, Timothy F et al.Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery. 2010, Vol 19, Num 6, pp 884-890, issn 1058-2746, 7 p.Article

Supracondylar Osteotomy of the Humerus to Correct Cubitus Varus: Do Both Internal Rotation and Extension Deformities Need to Be Corrected?TAKAGI, Takehiko; TAKAYAMA, Shinichiro; NAKAMURA, Toshiyasu et al.Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume (Print ed.). 2010, Vol 92A, Num 7, pp 1619-1626, issn 0021-9355, 8 p.Article

Loss of glenohumeral internal rotation in little league pitchers : A biomechanical studyNAKAMIZO, Hiroyuki; NAKAMURA, Yasuo; NOBUHARA, Katsuya et al.Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery. 2008, Vol 17, Num 5, pp 795-801, issn 1058-2746, 7 p.Article

A novel partition function for partially asymmetrical internal rotationKATZER, Gernot; SAX, Alexander F.Chemical physics letters. 2003, Vol 368, Num 3-4, pp 473-479, issn 0009-2614, 7 p.Article

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