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Analyse der Hautrauhigkeit bei Personen unterschiedlicher Altersgruppeen mit dem Visiometer: ein neuartiges EDV-gestütztes Messverfahren = Analysis of skin roughness in persons of different age with the visiometer. A new computer-Assisted methodFLUHR, J. W; GEHRING, W; GLOOR, M et al.Aktuelle Dermatologie. 1995, Vol 21, Num 5, pp 151-156, issn 0340-2541Article

Impact of Small-Scale Geometric Roughness on Wetting BehaviorKUMAR, Vaibhaw; ERRINGTON, Jeffrey R.Langmuir. 2013, Vol 29, Num 38, pp 11815-11820, issn 0743-7463, 6 p.Article

Cuantificación de las irregularidades en superficies geológicas planas mediante medidas con brújula y placa de tres apoyos = Quantification des irrégularités des surfaces géologiques planes grâce à des mesures à la boussole et à la plaque à trois appuisMANERA BASSA, A; MANERA BASSA, C; RAMIREZ OYANGUREN, P et al.1988, Vol 1, Num 1-2, pp 197-210, issn 0214-2708Article

Numerical optimization of solar air heaters having different types of roughness shapes on the heated plate - Technical noteKUMAR, Anil; KIM, Man-Hoe.Energy (Oxford). 2014, Vol 72, pp 731-738, issn 0360-5442, 8 p.Article

What's 'rough'? modelling the vague meaning of joint roughness classifiers by means of empirical fuzzy setsRAAB, T; LIU, Q.MJFR : International conference on mechanics of jointed and faulted rock. 1998, pp 191-197, isbn 90-5410-955-6Conference Paper

Assessing the roughness of rock discontinuities using fractal techniquesJERMY, C.A.International congress International Association of Engineering Geology. 1994, pp 745-749Conference Paper

Superhydrophobic CFx coating via in-line atmospheric RF plasma of He-CF4-H2KIM, Seong H; KIM, Jeong-Hoon; KANG, Bang-Kwon et al.Langmuir. 2005, Vol 21, Num 26, pp 12213-12217, issn 0743-7463, 5 p.Article

Fractal dimension of joint roughness surfacesMURALHA, J.Conference on fractured and jointed rock masses. 1995, pp 205-212, isbn 90-5410-591-7Conference Paper

Fractal techniques and the surface roughness of talus slopes : A comment and reply = Techniques fractales et rugosité de surface de talus d'éboulis : Commentaire et réponseROY, A.G; ROBERT, A; ANDRLE, R et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 1990, Vol 15, Num 3, pp 283-291, issn 0197-9337Article

Mapping of the area of the fracture surface in rock materialHANZL, V; HORAK, V.International Conference Geomechanics 96. 1997, pp 45-46, isbn 90-5410-921-1Conference Paper

Fractal estimation of joint roughness coefficientsHEPING XIE; PARISEAU, W. G.Conference on fractured and jointed rock masses. 1995, pp 125-131, isbn 90-5410-591-7Conference Paper

Determination of the line edge roughness specification for 34 nm devicesLINTON, T; CHANDHOK, M; RICE, B. J et al.IEDm : international electron devices meeting. 2002, pp 303-306, isbn 0-7803-7462-2, 4 p.Conference Paper

A template for calculating rock surface roughnessMCCARROLL, D.Earth surface processes and landforms. 1997, Vol 22, Num 13, pp 1229-1230, issn 0197-9337Article

A digital surface roughness meterWHALLEY, W.B; REA, B.R.Earth surface processes and landforms. 1994, Vol 19, Num 9, pp 809-814, issn 0197-9337Article

Thermally Activated Wetting Dynamics in the Presence of Surface RoughnessDAVITT, Kristina; PETTERSEN, Michael S; ROLLEY, Etienne et al.Langmuir. 2013, Vol 29, Num 23, pp 6884-6894, issn 0743-7463, 11 p.Article

Rock surface roughness as an indicator of degree of rock surface weatheringMCCARROLL, D; NESJE, A.Earth surface processes and landforms. 1996, Vol 21, Num 10, pp 963-977, issn 0197-9337Article

Analysis of the Rk surface roughness parameter proposalsZIPIN, R. B.Precision engineering. 1990, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 106-108, issn 0141-6359, 3 p.Article

Radiative striations of spin-coating films: Surface roughness measurement and in-situ observationKOZUKA, Hiromitsu; ISHIKAWA, Yuta; ASHIBE, Naoki et al.Journal of sol-gel science and technology. 2004, Vol 31, Num 1-3, pp 245-248, issn 0928-0707, 4 p.Conference Paper

Improvements in farmland surface roughness measurement by employing a new laser scannerZHENG XINGMING; ZHAO KAI; LI XIAOJIE et al.Soil & tillage research. 2014, Vol 143, pp 137-144, issn 0167-1987, 8 p.Article

Extended vertical range roughness measurements in non-ideal environmentsCREATH, Katherine.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2011, Vol 8126, issn 0277-786X, isbn 978-0-8194-8736-0, 81260Y.1-81260Y.11Conference Paper

Sidewall roughness measurement : A comparison of in-and off-line AFM techniquesGUERRY, Angela; GONDRAN, Carolyn F. H; MILLER, Kirk et al.IEEE / SEMI advanced semiconductor manufacturing conference. 2004, pp 221-226, isbn 0-7803-8312-5, 1Vol, 6 p.Conference Paper

Rauheit und Welligkeit feinbearbeiteter Oberflaechen optisch messen = Optical measurement of the roughness and waviness of finish-machined surfacesBRODMANN, R; PAISDZIOR, H; RAU, H et al.Werkstatt und Betrieb. 1986, Vol 119, Num 10, pp 849-852, issn 0043-2792Article

The effect of surface roughness on dynamic friction between neolite and quarry tileCHANG, W.-R.Safety science. 1998, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 89-105, issn 0925-7535Article

Deduction of static surface roughness from complex excess attenuationNICHOLS, Andrew; ATTENBOROUGH, Keith; TAHERZADEH, Shahram et al.The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 2011, Vol 129, Num 3, issn 0001-4966, EL89-EL93Article

Nanotechnologie: Science meets machine reliabliabilityJOHNSON, Mike.Tribology & lubrication technology. 2011, Vol 67, Num 9, issn 1545-858X, 34-40 [6 p.]Article

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