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Nitrogen-nitrogen double-bond scission of azoarenes by Ru3(NAr)(CO)10. Structure and catalytic activity of H2Ru3(NAr)2(CO)8SMIEJA, J. A; GOZUM, J. E; GLADFELTER, W. L et al.Organometallics. 1986, Vol 5, Num 10, pp 2154-2155, issn 0276-7333Article

Asymmetric hydrogenation by an in situ prepared (S)-BINAP-Ru(II) catalytic systemMATTEOLI, U; BEGHETTO, V; SCRIVANTI, A et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. A, Chemical. 1999, Vol 140, Num 2, pp 131-137, issn 1381-1169Article

Catalytic properties of well dispersed supported ruthernium alloysCOQ, B; BITTAR, A; DUTARTRE, R et al.Journal of catalysis (Print). 1991, Vol 128, Num 1, pp 275-286, issn 0021-9517Article

Gravimetric determination of ruthenium with sodium tetrahydridoborateVOLKOV, A. A; KHAIN, V. S.Journal of analytical chemistry of the USSR. 1991, Vol 46, Num 1, pp 109-112, issn 0021-8766, 2Article

Ruthenium-based molecular compounds for oxygen evolution in acidic mediaMBEMBA KIELE, N; HERRERO, C; RANJBARI, A et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2013, Vol 38, Num 20, pp 8590-8596, issn 0360-3199, 7 p.Conference Paper

Ru―RuO2/C as an efficient catalyst for the sodium borohydride hydrolysis to hydrogenYUNHUA LI; QI ZHANG; NUOWEI ZHANG et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2013, Vol 38, Num 30, pp 13360-13367, issn 0360-3199, 8 p.Article

Control of the Self-Motion of a Ruthenium-Catalyzed Belousov― Zhabotinsky DropletKITAWAKI, Sho; SHIOIRI, Kazuki; SAKURAI, Tatsunari et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2012, Vol 116, Num 51, pp 26805-26809, issn 1932-7447, 5 p.Article

Syntheses, absorption spectra, luminescence properties, and electrochemical behavior of mono- and binuclear ruthenium(II) complexes of isomeric bis(2-pyridyl)pyrazinesCAMPAGNA, S; DENTI, G; DE ROSA, G et al.Inorganic chemistry (Print). 1989, Vol 28, Num 13, pp 2565-2570, issn 0020-1669, 6 p.Article

Préparation et caractérisation de catalyseurs à base de ruthénium supporté = Preparation and caracterization of supported ruthenium catalystsMENEZO, J. C; HOANG, L. C; MONTASSIER, C et al.Bulletin de la Société chimique de France. 1993, Vol 130, Num 4, pp 493-500, issn 0037-8968Article

Micro-patterns of ruthenium (II) complexes produced by micromoldingZHENG WANG; GANG ZOU; JIANPING LIU et al.Journal of materials science. 2004, Vol 39, Num 9, pp 3237-3239, issn 0022-2461, 3 p.Article

Silica and lanthanum oxide supported ruthenium species derived from Ru3(CO)12 and RuCl3. A FT-IR studyCHAKRABARTY, D. K; DESAI, A. A.Inorganica chimica acta. 1987, Vol 133, Num 2, pp 301-304, issn 0020-1693Article

Formation of RuO2 and Ru by thermal decomposition of ruthenium(III)-acetylacetonateMUSIC, S; POPOVIC, S; MALJKOVIC, M et al.Journal of materials science letters. 2002, Vol 21, Num 14, pp 1131-1134, issn 0261-8028, 4 p.Article

Studies in kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of d-glucose and D-fructose by alkaline solution of potassium iodate in the presence of Ru(III) as homogeneous catalystASHOK KUMAR SINGH; SRIVASTAVA, Shalini; SRIVASTAVA, Jaya et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. A, Chemical. 2007, Vol 278, Num 1-2, pp 72-81, issn 1381-1169, 10 p.Article

A new route to vinylcarbene metal complexes in one step from 2-propyn-1-ols and arene Ruthenium(II) derivativesLE BOZEC, H; OUZZINE, K; DIXNEUF, P. H et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1989, Num 4, pp 219-221, issn 0022-4936Article

Mobile ruthenium oxide species on platinum observed by pulsed field desorption mass spectrometryCHUAH, G. K; COCKE, D. L; KRUSE, N et al.Journal of catalysis (Print). 1987, Vol 108, Num 1, pp 268-269, issn 0021-9517Article

Isolation and X-ray structure determination of Ru4(CO)12(C6H6O), a precatalyst for the transfer hydrogenation of cyclohex-1-en-2-oneAMITHABA BASU; SUMIT BHADURI; KRISHNA SHARMA et al.Journal of organometallic chemistry. 1987, Vol 328, Num 3, pp C34-C36, issn 0022-328XArticle

Reactions of monoazadienes with metal carbonyl complexes. VII, Preparation and spectroscopic characterization of a mononuclear ruthenium(II) complex containing two 3e-donating σ-N coordinated 1-aza-1,3-dien-4-yl ligandsMUL, W. P; ELSEVIER, C. J; SPAANS, J et al.Journal of organometallic chemistry. 1991, Vol 402, Num 1, pp 125-132, issn 0022-328X, 8 p.Article

Volatilization behaviour of ruthenium from boiling solutionsSATO, T.Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry. 1990, Vol 139, Num 1, pp 25-29, issn 0236-5731Article

Equilibrium studies of thiophene exchange in (η-thiophene)Ru(η-C5H5)+: a model for thiophene adsorption on hydrodesulfurization catalystsHACHGENEI, J. W; ANGELICI, R. J.Organometallics. 1989, Vol 8, Num 1, pp 14-17, issn 0276-7333, 4 p.Article

Bis[η5-(2,4-dimethyl-1-oxapentadienyl)]ruthenium(II) : the first homoleptic open ruthenocenes with non-hydrocarbon ligandsSCHMIDT, T; GODDARD, R.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1991, Num 20, pp 1427-1429, issn 0022-4936Article

Effect of Side Groups for Ruthenium Bipyridyl Dye on the Interactions with Iodine in Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsKUSAMA, Hitoshi; SAYAMA, Kazuhiro.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2012, Vol 116, Num 1, pp 1493-1502, issn 1932-7447, 10 p.Article

TDS and EELS observations for CO, O2, and CH3OH bound to Ru(0001)/CuPAUL, J; HOFFMANN, F. M.Surface science. 1986, Vol 172, Num 1, pp 151-173, issn 0039-6028Article

Switching and charging of a ruthenium dye on Ag(111)HAUPTMANN, Nadine; HAMANN, Christian; HAO TANG et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 25, pp 10326-10330, issn 1463-9076, 5 p.Article

Electrochemical characterization of platinum-ruthenium nanoparticle catalysts for methanol oxidationYAN LIN; JIN LUO; MAYE, Mathew M et al.Preprints - American Chemical Society. Division of Petroleum Chemistry. 2004, Vol 49, Num 4, pp 386-387, issn 0569-3799, 2 p.Conference Paper

Support and promoter effect of ruthenium catalyst. III: Kinetics of ammonia synthesis over various Ru catalystsAIKA, K; KUMASAKA, M; OMA, T et al.Applied catalysis. 1986, Vol 28, Num 1-2, pp 57-68, issn 0166-9834Article

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