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Creativity in clinical communication: from communication skills to skilled communicationSALMON, Peter; YOUNG, Bridget.Medical education (Oxford. Print). 2011, Vol 45, Num 3, pp 217-226, issn 0308-0110, 10 p.Article

Postoperative fatigue is a component of the emotional response to surgery: Results of multivariate analysisSALMON, Peter; HALL, George M.Journal of psychosomatic research. 2001, Vol 50, Num 6, pp 325-335, issn 0022-3999Article

Patient empowerment or the emperor's new clothesSALMON, Peter; HALL, George M.Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2004, Vol 97, Num 2, pp 53-56, issn 0141-0768, 4 p.Article

Surgery in the absence of pathology. The relationship of patients' presentation to gynecologists' decisions for hysterectomySALMON, Peter; MARCHANT-HAYCOX, Susan.Journal of psychosomatic research. 2000, Vol 49, Num 2, pp 119-124, issn 0022-3999Article

Patient empowerment and control: a psychological discourse in the service of medicineSALMON, Peter; HALL, George M.Social science & medicine (1982). 2003, Vol 57, Num 10, pp 1969-1980, issn 0277-9536, 12 p.Article

Telling Everything but not Too Much: The Surgeon's Dilemma in Consultations about Breast CancerMENDICK, Nicola; YOUNG, Bridget; HOLCOMBE, Christopher et al.World journal of surgery. 2011, Vol 35, Num 10, pp 2187-2195, issn 0364-2313, 9 p.Article

Why do general practitioners decline training to improve management of medically unexplained symptoms?SALMON, Peter; PETERS, Sarah; CLIFFORD, Rebecca et al.Journal of general internal medicine. 2007, Vol 22, Num 5, pp 565-571, issn 0884-8734, 7 p.Article

Doctors' communication of trust, care, and respect in breast cancer: qualitative studyWRIGHT, Emma Burkitt; HOLCOMBE, Christopher; SALMON, Peter et al.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 2004, Vol 328, Num 7444, pp 864-867, issn 0959-8146, 4 p.Article

Psychological characteristics of women presenting with breast painCOLEGRAVE, Susan; HOLCOMBE, Christopher; SALMON, Peter et al.Journal of psychosomatic research. 2001, Vol 50, Num 6, pp 303-307, issn 0022-3999Article

Doctors' responses to patients with medically unexplained symptoms who seek emotional support : criticism or confrontation?SALMON, Peter; WISSOW, Larry; CARROLL, Janine et al.General hospital psychiatry. 2007, Vol 29, Num 5, pp 454-460, issn 0163-8343, 7 p.Article

Relationships with clinical staff after a diagnosis of breast cancer are associated with patients' experience of care and abuse in childhood : Social determinants of women's mental healthSALMON, Peter; HOLCOMBE, Christopher; CLARK, Louise et al.Journal of psychosomatic research. 2007, Vol 63, Num 3, pp 255-262, issn 0022-3999, 8 p.Article

Health professionals' and service users' interpretation of screening test results : experimental studyBRAMWELL, Ros; WEST, Helen; SALMON, Peter et al.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 2006, Vol 333, Num 7562, pp 284-286, issn 0959-8146, 3 p.Article

The psychological and social characteristics of patients referred for NHS cosmetic surgery : Quantifying clinical needCOOK, Sharon A; ROSSER, Robert; TOONE, Helen et al.British journal of plastic surgery. 2006, Vol 59, Num 1, pp 54-64, issn 0007-1226, 11 p.Article

Recovery from hip and knee arthroplasty : Patients' perspective on pain, function, quality of life, and well-being up to 6 months postoperativelySALMON, Peter; HALL, George M; PEERBHOY, Denise et al.Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 2001, Vol 82, Num 3, pp 360-366, issn 0003-9993Article

The influence of childhood abuse and adult attachment style on clinical relationships in breast cancer careCLARK, Louise; BEESLEY, Helen; HOLCOMBE, Christopher et al.General hospital psychiatry. 2011, Vol 33, Num 6, pp 579-586, issn 0163-8343, 8 p.Article

The effects of telephone prompting on attendance for starting treatment and retention in treatment at a specialist alcohol clinicJACKSON, Katie R; BOOTH, Peter G; SALMON, Peter et al.British journal of clinical psychology. 2009, Vol 48, pp 437-442, issn 0144-6657, 6 p., 4Article

A novel function for selenium in biological system : Selenite as a highly effective iron carrier for chinese hamster ovary cell growth and monoclonal antibody productionJINYOU ZHANG; ROBINSON, David; SALMON, Peter et al.Biotechnology and bioengineering. 2006, Vol 95, Num 6, pp 1188-1197, issn 0006-3592, 10 p.Article

Illness beliefs in schizophreniaKINDERMAN, Peter; SETZU, Erika; LOBBAN, Fiona et al.Social science & medicine (1982). 2006, Vol 63, Num 7, pp 1900-1911, issn 0277-9536, 12 p.Article

A primary care perspective on prevailing assumptions about persistent medically unexplained physical symptomsSTANLEY, Ian M; PETERS, Sarah; SALMON, Peter et al.International journal of psychiatry in medicine. 2002, Vol 32, Num 2, pp 125-140, issn 0091-2174Article

High-Level Protein Expression in Scalable CHO Transient TransfectionJIANXIN YE; KOBER, Vanessa; TELLERS, Melanie et al.Biotechnology and bioengineering. 2009, Vol 103, Num 3, pp 542-551, issn 0006-3592, 10 p.Article

Primary Care Consultations About Medically Unexplained Symptoms: How Do Patients Indicate What They Want?SALMON, Peter; RING, Adele; HUMPHRIS, Gerry M et al.Journal of general internal medicine. 2009, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 450-456, issn 0884-8734, 7 p.Article

Is cosmetic surgery an effective psychotherapeutic intervention? A systematic review of the evidenceCOOK, Sharon A; ROSSER, Robert; SALMON, Peter et al.Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery. 2006, Vol 59, Num 11, pp 1133-1151, issn 1748-6815, 19 p.Article

Sustainable reduction of bioreactor contamination in an industrial fermentation pilot plantJUNKER, Beth; LESTER, Michael; BRIX, Thomas et al.Journal of bioscience and bioengineering. 2006, Vol 102, Num 4, pp 251-268, issn 1389-1723, 18 p.Article

The role of child abuse and age in vulnerability to emotional problems after surgery for breast cancerSALMON, Peter; HILL, Jonathan; KRESPI, Rita et al.European journal of cancer (1990). 2006, Vol 42, Num 15, pp 2517-2523, issn 0959-8049, 7 p.Article

The somatising effect of clinical consultation : What patients and doctors say and do not say when patients present medically unexplained physical symptomsRING, Adele; DOWRICK, Christopher F; HUMPHRIS, Gerry M et al.Social science & medicine (1982). 2005, Vol 61, Num 7, pp 1505-1515, issn 0277-9536, 11 p.Article

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