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A note on pair-formation functionsSCHMITZ, S.-F. H; CASTILLO-CHAVEZ, C.Mathematical and computer modelling. 2000, Vol 31, Num 4-5, pp 83-91, issn 0895-7177Conference Paper

Saturable metabolism of continuous high-dose ifosfamide with mesna and GM-CSF : A pharmacokinetic study in advanced sarcoma patientsCERNY, T; LEYVRAZ, S; VON BRIEL, T et al.Annals of oncology. 1999, Vol 10, Num 9, pp 1087-1094, issn 0923-7534Article

Fewer infections, but maintained antitumor activity with lower-dose versus standard-dose cladribine in pretreated low-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphomaBETTICHER, D. C; VON ROHR, A; FEY, M. F et al.Journal of clinical oncology. 1998, Vol 16, Num 3, pp 850-858, issn 0732-183XArticle

Bile duct injury and use of cholangiography during laparoscopic cholecystectomyGIGER, U; OUAISSI, M; SCHMITZ, S.-F. H et al.British journal of surgery. 2011, Vol 98, Num 3, pp 391-396, issn 0007-1323, 6 p.Article

Prognostic value of β1,6-branched oligosaccharides in human colorectal carcinomaSEELENTAG, W. K. F; LI, W.-P; SCHMITZ, S.-F. H et al.Cancer research (Baltimore). 1998, Vol 58, Num 23, pp 5559-5564, issn 0008-5472Article

Reduced dose of subcutaneous cladribine induces identical response rates but decreased toxicity in pretreated chronic lymphocytic leukaemiaBETTICHER, D. C; RATSCHILLER, D; CERNY, T et al.Annals of oncology. 1998, Vol 9, Num 7, pp 721-726, issn 0923-7534Article

Determining the minimum sample size required to obtain sufficient progeny with a desired genotype at two quantitative trait lociSCHMITZ, S.-F. H; SCHWAGER, S. J; POLLAK, E. J et al.Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 1993, Vol 87, Num 1-2, pp 136-144, issn 0040-5752Article

Treatment of hairy cell leukemia with cladribine (2-chlorodeoxyadenosine) by subcutaneous bolus injection: a phase II studyVON ROHR, A; SCHMITZ, S.-F. H; RUFENER, B et al.Annals of oncology. 2002, Vol 13, Num 10, pp 1641-1649, issn 0923-7534, 9 p.Article

The effect of Rituximab on patients with follicular and mantle-cell lymphomaGHIELMINI, M; SCHMITZ, S.-F. H; CERNY, T et al.Annals of oncology. 2000, Vol 11, pp 123-126, issn 0923-7534, SUP1Conference Paper

Defining clinical benefit in postmenopausal patients with breast Cancer under second-line endocrine treatment : Does quality of life matter?BERNHARD, J; THÜRLIMANN, B; SCHMITZ, S.-F. H et al.Journal of clinical oncology. 1999, Vol 17, Num 6, pp 1672-1679, issn 0732-183XArticle

Quality of life in postmenopausal patients with breast cancer after failure of tamoxifen : Formestane versus megestrol acetate as second-line hormonal treatmentBERNHARD, J; CASTIGLIONE-GERTSCH, M; SCHMITZ, S.-F. H et al.European journal of cancer (1990). 1999, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 913-920, issn 0959-8049Article

Effect of carboplatin on response and palliation in hormone-refractory prostate cancerJUNGI, W. F; BERNHARD, J; HÜRNY, C et al.Supportive care in cancer. 1998, Vol 6, Num 5, pp 462-468, issn 0941-4355Article

Cladribine (2-CDA) given as subcutaneous bolus injections is active in pretreated Waldenström's macroglobulinaemiaBETTICHER, D. C; SCHMITZ, S.-F. H; RATSCHILLER, D et al.British journal of haematology. 1997, Vol 99, Num 2, pp 358-363, issn 0007-1048Article

Identifying the types of missingness in quality of life data from clinical trialsCURRAN, D; BACCHI, M; SCHMITZ, S. F. H et al.Statistics in medicine. 1998, Vol 17, Num 5-7, pp 739-756, issn 0277-6715Conference Paper

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