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Self-organized monolayer formation from binary mixtures of substituted alkyl chains studied by STMSOU, S. B; LEE, H; JEON, I. C et al.Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology (Print). 2006, Vol 6, Num 8, pp 2494-2498, issn 1533-4880, 5 p.Article

Reflection of structural waves at a solid/liquid interfaceCHIFFOLEAU, Gwenael J. A; STEINBERG, Theodore A; VEIDT, Martin et al.Ultrasonics. 2003, Vol 41, Num 5, pp 347-356, issn 0041-624X, 10 p.Article

A model for work of solid―liquid adhesion in multicomponent meltsCONGFA ZHANG; TONGXIANG FAN; WEI CAO et al.Acta materialia. 2009, Vol 57, Num 12, pp 3623-3632, issn 1359-6454, 10 p.Article

Measurement of solid-liquid interfacial energy for solid Zn in the Zn-Cd eutectic systemMEYDANERI, F; SAATCI, B; GÜNDÜZ, M et al.Surface science. 2007, Vol 601, Num 10, pp 2171-2177, issn 0039-6028, 7 p.Article

Solid-liquid interface energy of siliconZENGYUN JIAN; KURIBAYASHI, Kazuhiko; WANQI JIE et al.Acta materialia. 2006, Vol 54, Num 12, pp 3227-3232, issn 1359-6454, 6 p.Article

Electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy examination of the structures of benzenethiol molecules adsorbed on Au(100) and Pt(100) electrodesLIU, G. Z; OU YANG, L.-Y; SHUE, C.-H et al.Surface science. 2007, Vol 601, Num 1, pp 247-254, issn 0039-6028, 8 p.Article

Polymorphs of trimesic acid controlled by solvent polarity and concentration of solute at solid―liquid interface : Surface Science under Environmental ConditionsNGOC HA, Nguyen Thi; GOPAKUMAR, Thiruvancheril G; HIETSCHOLD, Michael et al.Surface science. 2013, Vol 607, pp 68-73, issn 0039-6028, 6 p.Article

Reduced protein adsorption at solid interfaces by sugar excipientsWENDORF, Janet R; RADKE, Clayton J; BLANCH, Harvey W et al.Biotechnology and bioengineering. 2004, Vol 87, Num 5, pp 565-573, issn 0006-3592, 9 p.Article

On the stability of bubbles trapped at a solid-liquid interface: A thermodynamical approachCOLACO, R; SERRO, A. P; SARAMAGO, B et al.Surface science. 2009, Vol 603, Num 18, pp 2878-2881, issn 0039-6028, 4 p.Article

Self-assembly of low dimensional nanostructures and materials via supramolecular interactions at interfacesCHUNJIE ZHOU; YONGJUN LI.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2013, Vol 397, pp 45-64, issn 0021-9797, 20 p.Article

The influence of UV irradiation on the surface of chitosan filmsSIONKOWSKA, A; KACZMAREK, H; WISNIEWSKI, M et al.Surface science. 2006, Vol 600, Num 18, pp 3775-3779, issn 0039-6028, 5 p.Conference Paper

Atomic layering and misfit-induced densification at the Si(111)/In solid-liquid interfaceVONK, Vedran; CREMERS, Melissa; DE JONG, Aryan et al.Surface science. 2014, Vol 621, pp 69-76, issn 0039-6028, 8 p.Article

Prediction of contact angle on a microline patterned surfaceKIM, Donghyun; KIM, Joonwon; HWANG, Woonbong et al.Surface science. 2006, Vol 600, Num 22, issn 0039-6028, L301-L304Article

Molecular studies on protein conformations at polymer/liquid interfaces using sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopyJIE WANG; CLARKE, Matthew L; XIAOYUN CHEN et al.Surface science. 2005, Vol 587, Num 1-2, pp 1-11, issn 0039-6028, 11 p.Conference Paper

XPS study of the hematite-aqueous solution interfaceSHCHUKAREV, Andrey; BOILY, Jean-Francois.Surface and interface analysis. 2008, Vol 40, Num 3-4, pp 349-353, issn 0142-2421, 5 p.Conference Paper

Investigation of surface properties of amino acids: polarity scale for amino acids as a means to predict surface exposed residues in films of proteinsMAHESHWARI, R; DHATHATHREYAN, Aruna.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2004, Vol 277, Num 1, pp 79-83, issn 0021-9797, 5 p.Article

Using dual-polarization interferometry to study surface-initiated DNA hybridization chain reactions in real timeFUJIAN HUANG; PINGPING XU; HAOJUN LIANG et al.Biosensors & bioelectronics. 2014, Vol 51, pp 317-323, issn 0956-5663, 7 p.Article

Dynamics of porphyrin adsorption on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite monitored by scanning tunnelling microscopy at the liquid/solid interfaceFERREIRA, Q; BRAGANCA, A. M; MOURA, N. M. M et al.Applied surface science. 2013, Vol 273, pp 220-225, issn 0169-4332, 6 p.Article

In situ observation of Si faceted dendrite growth from low-degree-of-undercooling meltsFUJIWARA, Kozo; MAEDA, Kensaku; USAMI, Noritaka et al.Acta materialia. 2008, Vol 56, Num 11, pp 2663-2668, issn 1359-6454, 6 p.Article

Potential-induced structure transitions in self-assembled monolayers: II. Propanethiol on Au(100)SCHWEIZER, M; MANOLOVA, M; KOLB, D. M et al.Surface science. 2008, Vol 602, Num 21, pp 3303-3307, issn 0039-6028, 5 p.Article

Surface characterization of bone graft substitute materials conditioned in cell culture medium. 2. Protein adsorptionSHCHUKAREV, A; MLADENOVIC, Z; RANSJÖ, M et al.Surface and interface analysis. 2012, Vol 44, Num 8, pp 919-923, issn 0142-2421, 5 p.Conference Paper

Adsorption of azacrown ethers at solid-liquid interface. Contact angle and neutron reflectivity studyWOJCIECHOWSKI, Kamil; BRZOZOWSKA, Anna; CAP, Sebastien et al.Applied surface science. 2009, Vol 256, Num 1, pp 274-279, issn 0169-4332, 6 p.Article

Nanoelectrochemistry and nanophysics at electrochemical interfacesHUGELMANN, M; HUGELMANN, P; LORENZ, W. J et al.Surface science. 2005, Vol 597, Num 1-3, pp 156-172, issn 0039-6028, 17 p.Conference Paper

Phase transition in ordered porphyrin layers on iodide modified Cu(111) : An EC-STM studyHAI, N. T. M; GASPAROVIC, B; WANDELT, K et al.Surface science. 2007, Vol 601, Num 13, pp 2597-2602, issn 0039-6028, 6 p.Conference Paper

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