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DNA fingerprinting of Candida albicansSOLL, D. R.Journal de mycologie médicale (Paris). 1993, Vol 3, Num 1, pp 37-44, issn 1156-5233Article

Behavioral studies into the mechanism of eukaryotic chemotaxisSOLL, D. R.Journal of chemical ecology. 1990, Vol 16, Num 1, pp 133-150, issn 0098-0331Conference Paper

High-frequency switching in Candida albicansSOLL, D. R.Clinical microbiology reviews (Print). 1992, Vol 5, Num 2, pp 183-203, issn 0893-8512Article

The role of zinc in Candida dimorphismSOLL, D. R.Current topics in medical mycology. 1985, Vol 1, pp 258-285, issn 0177-4204Article

The ins and outs of DNA fingerprinting the infectious fungiSOLL, D. R.Clinical microbiology reviews (Print). 2000, Vol 13, Num 2, issn 0893-8512, 164, 332-370 [40 p.]Article

Gene regulation during high-frequency switching in Candida albicans : Candida albicansSOLL, D. R.Microbiology (Reading). 1997, Vol 143, pp 279-288, issn 1350-0872, 2Article

Myosin II heavy chain null mutant of Dictyoselium exhibits defective intracellular particle movementWESSELS, D; SOLL, D. R.The Journal of cell biology. 1990, Vol 111, Num 3, pp 1137-1148, issn 0021-9525, 12 p.Article

A low-molecular-weight factor which stimulates loss of EDTA-resistant cell cohesion in DictyosteliumHEDBERG, C; SOLL, D. R.Differentiation (London). 1984, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 168-174, issn 0301-4681Article

A white-specific gene in the white-opaque switching system of Candida albicansSRIKANTHA, T; SOLL, D. R.Gene (Amsterdam). 1993, Vol 131, Num 1, pp 53-60, issn 0378-1119Article

Temporal and spatial differences in cell wall expansion during bud and mycelium formation in Candida albicansSTAEBELL, M; SOLL, D. R.Journal of General and Applied Microbiology. 1985, Vol 131, Num 6, pp 1467-1480, issn 0022-1260Article

Effects of cAMP on single cell motility in DictyosteliumVARNUM, B; SOLL, D. R.The Journal of cell biology. 1984, Vol 99, Num 3, pp 1151-1155, issn 0021-9525Article

Misexpression of the white-phase-specific gene WH11 in the opaque phase of Candida albicans affects switching and virulenceKVAAL, C. A; SRIKANTHA, T; SOLL, D. R et al.Infection and immunity. 1997, Vol 65, Num 11, pp 4468-4475, issn 0019-9567Article

Regulation of phase-specific genes in the more general switching system of Candida albicans strain 3153AMORROW, B; RAMSEY, H; SOLL, D. R et al.Journal of medical and veterinary mycology. 1994, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 287-294, issn 0268-1218Article

Biological and molecular correlates between induced dedifferentiation and spore germination in DictyosteliumCHANDRASEKHAR, A; ENNIS, H. L; SOLL, D. R et al.Development (Cambridge). 1992, Vol 116, Num 2, pp 417-425, issn 0950-1991Article

Ultrastructure and antigenicity of the unique cell wall pimple of the Candida opaque phenotypeANDERSON, J; MIHALIK, R; SOLL, D. R et al.Journal of bacteriology. 1990, Vol 172, Num 1, pp 224-235, issn 0021-9193Article

Unique phenotype of opaque cells in the white-opaque transition of Candida albicansANDERSON, J. M; SOLL, D. R.Journal of bacteriology. 1987, Vol 169, Num 12, pp 5579-5588, issn 0021-9193Article

Computer-assisted three-dimensional reconstruction and motion analysis of living, crawling cellsSOLL, D. R.Computerized medical imaging and graphics. 1999, Vol 23, Num 1, pp 3-14, issn 0895-6111Article

Computer-assisted methods for assessing strain relatedness in Candida albicans by fingerprinting with the moderately repetitive sequence Ca3SCHMID, J; VOSS, E; SOLL, D. R et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 1990, Vol 28, Num 6, pp 1236-1243, issn 0095-1137, 8 p.Article

Switching at the cellular level in the white-opaque transition of Candida albicansBERGEN, M. S; VOSS, E; SOLL, D. R et al.Journal of general microbiology. 1990, Vol 136, Num 10, pp 1925-1936, issn 0022-1287, 12 p.Article

The developmental regulation of single-cell motility in Dictyostelium discoideumVARNUM, B; EDWARDS, K. B; SOLL, D. R et al.Developmental biology (Print). 1986, Vol 113, Num 1, pp 218-227, issn 0012-1606Article

The programs of protein synthesis accompanying the establishment of alternative phenotypes in Candida albicansFINNEY, R; LANGTIMM, C. J; SOLL, D. R et al.Mycopathologia (1975). 1985, Vol 91, Num 1, pp 3-15, issn 0301-486XArticle

Effects of zinc on stationary-phase phenotype and macromolecular synthesis accompanying outgrowth of Candida albicansANDERSON, J. M; SOLL, D. R.Infection and immunity. 1984, Vol 46, Num 1, pp 13-21, issn 0019-9567Article

Transcription of the gene for a pepsinogen, PEP1, is regulated by white-opaque switching in Candida albicansMORROW, B; THYAGARAJAN SRIKANTHA; SOLL, D. R et al.Molecular and cellular biology (Print). 1992, Vol 12, Num 7, pp 2997-3005, issn 0270-7306Article

Behavior of Dictyostelium amoebae is regulated primarily by the removal dynamic of the natural cAMP waveWESSELS, D; MURRAY, J; SOLL, D. R et al.Cell motility and the cytoskeleton. 1992, Vol 23, Num 2, pp 145-156, issn 0886-1544Article

Dictyostelium amebae alter motility differently in response to increasing versus decreasing temporal gradients of cAMPVARNUM, B; EDWARDS, K. B; SOLL, D. R et al.The Journal of cell biology. 1985, Vol 101, Num 1, pp 1-5, issn 0021-9525Article

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