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Methodologic quality of cost-effectiveness analyses of surgical proceduresKRUPER, Laura; KURICHI, Jibby E; SONNAD, Seema S et al.Annals of surgery. 2007, Vol 245, Num 1, pp 147-151, issn 0003-4932, 5 p.Article

Statistical methods in the surgical literatureKURICHI, Jibby E; SONNAD, Seema S.Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 2006, Vol 202, Num 3, pp 476-484, issn 1072-7515, 9 p.Article

Issues in the recruitment and success of women in academic surgerySONNAD, Seema S; COLLETTI, Lisa M.Surgery. 2002, Vol 132, Num 2, pp 415-419, issn 0039-6060, 5 p.Conference Paper

Authorship patterns of surgical chairsKURICHI, Jibby E; SONNAD, Seema S.Surgery. 2007, Vol 141, Num 2, pp 267-271, issn 0039-6060, 5 p.Article

Women on professional society and journal editorial boardsMORTON, Melinda J; SONNAD, Seema S.Journal of the National Medical Association. 2007, Vol 99, Num 7, pp 764-771, issn 0027-9684, 8 p.Article

A Writing Group for Female Assistant ProfessorsSONNAD, Seema S; GOLDSACK, Jennifer; MCGOWAN, Karin L et al.Journal of the National Medical Association. 2011, Vol 103, Num 9-10, pp 811-815, issn 0027-9684, 5 p.Article

Screening tests for normal-pressure hydrocephalus : sensitivity, specificity, and costBURNETT, Mark G; SONNAD, Seema S; STEIN, Sherman C et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2006, Vol 105, Num 6, pp 823-829, issn 0022-3085, 7 p.Article

Magnetic resonance imaging is a useful adjunct in the evaluation of the cervical spine of injured patientsSARANI, Babak; WARING, Sasha; SONNAD, Seema et al.The Journal of trauma, injury, infection, and critical care. 2007, Vol 63, Num 3, pp 637-640, issn 1079-6061, 4 p.Article

Shunts in normal-pressure hydrocephalus : do we place too many or too few?STEIN, Sherman C; BURNETT, Mark G; SONNAD, Seema S et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2006, Vol 105, Num 6, pp 815-822, issn 0022-3085, 8 p.Article

Women authors of surgical researchKURICHI, Jibby E; KELZ, Rachel R; SONNAD, Seema S et al.Archives of surgery (Chicago, IL. 1960). 2005, Vol 140, Num 11, pp 1074-1077, issn 0004-0010, 4 p.Article

Knowledge of hepatitis C screening and management by internal medicine residents: Trends over 2 yearsSHEHAB, Thomas M; SONNAD, Seema; GEBREMARIAM, Achamyeleh et al.The American journal of gastroenterology. 2002, Vol 97, Num 5, pp 1216-1222, issn 0002-9270Article

Evaluating the Use of a Barbed Suture for Skin Closure during Autologous Breast ReconstructionJANDALI, Shareef; NELSON, Jonas A; BERGEY, Meredith R et al.Journal of reconstructive microsurgery. 2011, Vol 27, Num 5, pp 277-285, issn 0743-684X, 9 p.Article

Making Sense of Cancer Risk Calculators on the WebGURMANKIN LEVY, Andrea; SONNAD, Seema S; KURICHI, Jibby E et al.Journal of general internal medicine. 2008, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 229-235, issn 0884-8734, 7 p.Article

Ligation versus anticoagulation: Treatment of above-knee superficial thrombophlebitis not involving the deep venous systemSULLIVAN, Vita; DENK, Peter M; SONNAD, Seema S et al.Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 2001, Vol 193, Num 5, pp 556-562, issn 1072-7515Article

The Brief CV Review Session: One Component of a Mosaic of Mentorship for Women in Academic MedicineVON FELDT, Joan M; BRISTOL, Mirar; SONNAD, Seema et al.Journal of the National Medical Association. 2009, Vol 101, Num 9, pp 873-880, issn 0027-9684, 8 p.Article

Transfusion of fresh frozen plasma in critically ill surgical patients is associated with an increased risk of infectionSARANI, Babak; DUNKMAN, W. Jonathan; DEAN, Laura et al.Critical care medicine. 2008, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 1114-1118, issn 0090-3493, 5 p.Article

Resident and RN perceptions of the impact of a medical emergency team on education and patient safety in an academic medical centerSARANI, Babak; SONNAD, Seema; BERGEY, Meredith R et al.Critical care medicine. 2009, Vol 37, Num 12, pp 3091-3096, issn 0090-3493, 6 p.Article

Implications of increased left ventricular mass index on in-hospital outcomes in patients undergoing aortic valve surgeryMEHTA, Rajendra H; BRUCKMAN, David; DEEB, G. Michael et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 2001, Vol 122, Num 5, pp 919-928, issn 0022-5223Article

Factors Associated With Mortality and Brain Injury After Falls From the Standing PositionSARANI, Babak; TEMPLE-LYKENS, Brandy; KIM, Patrick et al.The Journal of trauma, injury, infection, and critical care. 2009, Vol 67, Num 5, pp 954-958, issn 1079-6061, 5 p.Article

National Cancer Institute Designation Predicts Improved Outcomes in Colorectal Cancer Surgery. DiscussionCARTER PAULSON, Emily; MITRA, Nandita; SONNAD, Seema et al.Annals of surgery. 2008, Vol 248, Num 4, pp 675-686, issn 0003-4932, 12 p.Article

Clinical emergencies and outcomes in patients admitted to a surgical versus medical serviceSARANI, Babak; PALILONIS, Emily; SONNAD, Seema et al.Resuscitation. 2011, Vol 82, Num 4, pp 415-418, issn 0300-9572, 4 p.Article

The Surgical Revolving Door: Risk Factors for Hospital ReadmissionMORRIS, David S; ROHRBACH, Jeff; ROGERS, Mary et al.The Journal of surgical research (Print). 2011, Vol 170, Num 2, pp 297-301, issn 0022-4804, 5 p.Conference Paper

A Prospective Study Comparing the Functional Impact of SIEA, DIEP, and Muscle-Sparing Free TRAM Flaps on the Abdominal Wall: Part II. Bilateral ReconstructionSELBER, Jesse C; FOSNOT, Joshua; NELSON, Jonas et al.Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1963). 2010, Vol 126, Num 5, pp 1438-1453, issn 0032-1052, 16 p.Article

Increased Proteolysis, Myosin Depletion, and Atrophic AKT-FOXO Signaling in Human Diaphragm DisuseLEVINE, Sanford; BISWAS, Chhanda; BUDAK, Murat T et al.American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 2011, Vol 183, Num 4, pp 483-490, issn 1073-449X, 8 p.Article

Rapid Disuse Atrophy of Diaphragm Fibers in Mechanically Ventilated HumansLEVINE, Sanford; NGUYEN, Taitan; RUBINSTEIN, Neal A et al.The New England journal of medicine. 2008, Vol 358, Num 13, pp 1327-1335, issn 0028-4793, 9 p.Article

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