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The Mobility of Fractal Aggregates: A ReviewSORENSEN, C. M.Aerosol science and technology (Print). 2011, Vol 45, Num 7, pp 765-779, issn 0278-6826, 15 p.Article

Comparison of the pseudospinodal to the transition from metastability to instability in a binary-liquid mixtureSORENSEN, C. M.The Journal of chemical physics. 1991, Vol 94, Num 12, pp 8630-8631, issn 0021-9606, 2Article

Dynamic light-scattering study of tetrahydrofuran and water solutionsSORENSEN, C. M.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1988, Vol 92, Num 8, pp 2367-2370, issn 0022-3654Article

The optics of single particles and fractal aggregatesSORENSEN, C. M.Journal of aerosol science. 2000, Vol 31, pp S952-S954, issn 0021-8502, SUP1Article

Light scattering by fractal aggregates : A reviewSORENSEN, C. M.Aerosol science and technology. 2001, Vol 35, Num 2, pp 648-687, issn 0278-6826Article

Critical exponent doubling in microemulsion systemsSORENSEN, C. M.Chemical physics letters. 1985, Vol 117, Num 6, pp 606-608, issn 0009-2614Article

Densities and partial molar volumes of supercooled aqueous solutionsSORENSEN, C. M.The Journal of chemical physics. 1983, Vol 79, Num 3, pp 1455-1461, issn 0021-9606Article

Guinier analysis for homogeneous dielectric spheres of arbitrary sizeSORENSEN, C. M; SHI, D.Optics communications. 2000, Vol 178, Num 1-3, pp 31-36, issn 0030-4018Article

The effect of overlap between monomers on the determination of fractal cluster morphologyOH, C; SORENSEN, C. M.Journal of colloid and interface science. 1997, Vol 193, Num 1, pp 17-25, issn 0021-9797Article

Synthesis of Silica Aerosol Gels via Controlled DetonationDHAUBHADEL, R; RIEKER, T. P; CHAKRABARTI, A et al.Aerosol science and technology (Print). 2012, Vol 46, Num 5, pp 596-600, issn 0278-6826, 5 p.Article

Computer Simulation of Aggregation with Consecutive Coalescence and Non-Coalescence Stages in AerosolsHEINSON, W. R; SORENSEN, C. M; CHAKRABARTI, A et al.Aerosol science and technology (Print). 2010, Vol 44, Num 5, pp 380-387, issn 0278-6826, 8 p.Article

Light Scattering Study of Aggregation Kinetics in Dense, Gelling AerosolsDHAUBHADEL, R; CHAKRABARTI, A; SORENSEN, C. M et al.Aerosol science and technology (Print). 2009, Vol 43, Num 11, pp 1053-1063, issn 0278-6826, 11 p.Article

Calcium handling in afferent arteriolesSALOMONSSON, M; SORENSEN, C. M; ARENDSHORST, W. J et al.Acta physiologica scandinavica. 2004, Vol 181, Num 4, pp 421-429, issn 0001-6772, 9 p.Article

Note on the correction for diffusion and drag in the slip regimeSORENSEN, C. M; WANG, G. M.Aerosol science and technology. 2000, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 353-356, issn 0278-6826Article

Aggregation kinetics in a turbulent jetWANG, G. M; GHENAI, C; SORENSEN, C. M et al.Journal of aerosol science. 2000, Vol 31, pp S825-S826, issn 0021-8502, SUP1Article

Frequent immunohistochemical detection of EGF supergene family members in ovarian carcinogenesisSTROMBERG, K; JOHNSON, G. R; O'CONNOR, D. M et al.International journal of gynecological pathology. 1994, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 342-347, issn 0277-1691Article

Borohydride reduction of nickel and copper ions in aqueous and nonaqueous media. Controllable chemistry leading to nanoscale metal and metal boride particlesGLAVEE, G. N; KLABUNDE, K. J; SORENSEN, C. M et al.Langmuir. 1994, Vol 10, Num 12, pp 4726-4730, issn 0743-7463Article

Oxidative dehydrogenation of methanol catalyzed by samples containing well defined ensembles of vanadiumSORENSEN, C. M; WEBER, R. S.Journal of catalysis (Print). 1993, Vol 142, Num 1, pp 1-17, issn 0021-9517Article

Synthesis and characterization of stable colloidal Fe3O4 particles in water-in-oil microemulsionsLEE, K. M; SORENSEN, C. M; KLABUNDE, K. J et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 1992, Vol 28, Num 5, pp 3180-3182, issn 0018-9464, 2Conference Paper

Bcl-2 maintains B cell memoryNUNEZ, G; HOCKENBERY, D; MCDONNELL, T. J et al.Nature (London). 1991, Vol 353, Num 6339, pp 71-73, issn 0028-0836Article

Magnetic properties of nanoscale iron particlesKERZNIZAN, C. F; KLABUNDE, K. J; SORENSEN, C. M et al.Journal of applied physics. 1990, Vol 67, Num 9, pp 5897-5898, issn 0021-8979, 2 p., BConference Paper

In situ optical structure factor measurements of an aggregating soot aerosolZHANG, H. X; SORENSEN, C. M; RAMER, E. R et al.Langmuir. 1988, Vol 4, Num 4, pp 867-871, issn 0743-7463Article

Light scattering and viscosity studies of a ternary mixture with a double critical pointSORENSEN, C. M; LARSEN, G. A.The Journal of chemical physics. 1985, Vol 83, Num 4, pp 1835-1842, issn 0021-9606Article

RNA transcripts for I-J polypeptides are apparently not encoded between the I-A and I-E subregions of the murine major histocompatibility complexKRONENBERG, M; STEINMETZ, M; KOBORI, J et al.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Biological sciences. 1983, Vol 80, Num 18, pp 5704-5708, issn 0273-1134Article

Mechanisms of K+ induced renal vasodilation in normo- and hypertensive rats in vivoMAGNUSSON, L; SORENSEN, C. M; BRAUNSTEIN, T. H et al.Acta physiologica (Print). 2011, Vol 202, Num 4, pp 703-712, issn 1748-1708, 10 p.Article

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