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Mobilizable IncQ-related plasmid carrying a new quinolone resistance gene, qnrS2, isolated from the bacterial community of a wastewater treatment plantBÖNEMANN, Gabriele; STIENS, Michael; PÜHLER, Alfred et al.Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2006, Vol 50, Num 9, pp 3075-3080, issn 0066-4804, 6 p.Article

Sequence analysis of the 181-kb accessory plasmid pSmeSM11b, isolated from a dominant Sinorhizobium meliloti strain identified during a long-term field release experimentSTIENS, Michael; SCHNEIKER, Susanne; PÜHLER, Alfred et al.FEMS microbiology letters. 2007, Vol 271, Num 2, pp 297-309, issn 0378-1097, 13 p.Article

Prevalence of pSmeSM11a-like plasmids in indigenous Sinorhizobium meliloti strains isolated in the course of a field release experiment with genetically modified S. meliloti strainsKUHN, Stefanie; STIENS, Michael; PÜHLER, Alfred et al.FEMS microbiology ecology. 2008, Vol 63, Num 1, pp 118-131, issn 0168-6496, 14 p.Article

Comparative genomic hybridisation and ultrafast pyrosequencing revealed remarkable differences between the Sinorhizobium meliloti genomes of the model strain Rm1021 and the field isolate SM11STIENS, Michael; BECKER, Anke; PÜHLER, Alfred et al.Journal of biotechnology. 2008, Vol 136, Num 1-2, pp 31-37, issn 0168-1656, 7 p.Article

The complete genome sequence of the dominant Sinorhizobium meliloti field isolate SM11 extends the S. meliloti pan-genomeSCHNEIKER-BEKEL, Susanne; WIBBERG, Daniel; PÜHLER, Alfred et al.Journal of biotechnology. 2011, Vol 155, Num 1, pp 20-33, issn 0168-1656, 14 p.Conference Paper

IncP-1β plasmid pGNB1 isolated from a bacterial community from a wastewater treatment plant mediates decolorization of triphenylmethane dyesSEHLUTER, Andreas; KRAHN, Irene; KOLLIN, Florian et al.Applied and environmental microbiology (Print). 2007, Vol 73, Num 20, pp 6345-6350, issn 0099-2240, 6 p.Article

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