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The Role of External Drains and Peritoneal Conduits in the Treatment of Recurrent Chronic Subdural HematomaSANTARIUS, Thomas; QURESHI, Hammad U; SIVAKUMARAN, Ram et al.World neurosurgery (Print). 2010, Vol 73, Num 6, pp 747-750, issn 1878-8750, 4 p.Article

Cerebrospinal fluid leakage into the subdural space : possible influence on the pathogenesis and recurrence frequency of chronic subdural hematoma and subdural hygromaKRISTOF, Rudolf A; GRIMM, Jochen M; STOFFEL-WAGNER, Birgit et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2008, Vol 108, Num 2, pp 275-280, issn 0022-3085, 6 p.Article

Analysis of the subdural evacuating port system for the treatment of subacute and chronic subdural hematomas: Clinical articleKENNING, Tyler J; DALFINO, John C; GERMAN, John W et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2010, Vol 113, Num 5, pp 1004-1010, issn 0022-3085, 7 p.Article

Posterior fossa subdural hygroma with supratentorial chronic subdural haematomaKABIR, S. M. R; JENNINGS, S. J; MAKRIS, D et al.British journal of neurosurgery (Print). 2004, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 297-300, issn 0268-8697, 4 p.Article

Subacute spinal subdural hematoma after spontaneous resolution of cranial subdural hematoma: causal relationship or coincidence?BORTOLOTTI, Carlo; HUAN WANG; FRASER, Kenneth et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2004, Vol 100, Num 4, pp 372-374, issn 0022-3085, 3 p., SUPArticle


Subdural empyemas in childrenPATTISAPU, J. V; PARENT, A. D.Pediatric neuroscience. 1987, Vol 13, Num 5, pp 251-254, issn 0255-7975Article

Subdural Hematoma in Patients With CancerREICHMAN, Jordan; SINGER, Samuel; NAVI, Babak et al.Neurosurgery. 2012, Vol 71, Num 1, pp 74-79, issn 0148-396X, 6 p.Article

National trend in prevalence, cost, and discharge disposition after subdural hematoma from 1998―2007FRONTERA, Jennifer A; EGOROVA, Natalia; MOSKOWITZ, Alan J et al.Critical care medicine. 2011, Vol 39, Num 7, pp 1619-1625, issn 0090-3493, 7 p.Article

Acute clival and spinal subdural hematoma with spontaneous resolution: clinical and radiographic correlation in support of a proposed pathophysiological mechanism : case reportAHN, Edward S; SMITH, Edward R.Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics. 2005, Vol 103, Num 2, pp 175-179, issn 1933-0707, 5 p.Article

Acute interhemispheric subdural hematoma due to hemodialysis : case reportSENGUL, Goksin; TUZUN, Yusuf; KADIOGLU, Hakan Hadi et al.Surgical neurology. 2005, Vol 64, pp S2.113-S2.114, issn 0090-3019, SUP2Article

Lumbar puncture and subdural hygroma and hematomas in hematopoietic cell transplant patientsOPENSHAW, H; RESSLER, J. A; SNYDER, D. S et al.Bone marrow transplantation (Basingstoke). 2008, Vol 41, Num 9, pp 791-795, issn 0268-3369, 5 p.Article

Temporizing treatment of hyperacute subdural hemorrhage by subdural evacuation port system placement: Case reportFLINT, Alexander C; GEAN, Alisa D; MANLEY, Geoffrey T et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2011, Vol 115, Num 4, pp 844-848, issn 0022-3085, 5 p.Article

Brain herniation through an internal subdural membrane: a rare complication seen with chronic subdural hematomas in children : Case reportACAKPO-SATCHIVI, Leslie; LUERSSEN, Thomas G.Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics. 2007, Vol 107, Num 6, pp 485-488, issn 1933-0707, 4 p.Article

Chronic subdural hematoma in the elderlyTRAYNELIS, V. C.Clinics in geriatric medicine. 1991, Vol 7, Num 3, pp 583-598, issn 0749-0690Article

Subdural electrode as a dipole source for magnetoencephalographyROSE, D. F; SATO, S; SMITH, P. D et al.Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology. 1989, Vol 72, Num 1, pp 86-90, issn 0013-4694Article

Traumatic subdural hydroma: Clinical characteristics and classificationYUGUANG LIU; JIE GONG; FENG LI et al.Injury. 2009, Vol 40, Num 9, pp 968-972, issn 0020-1383, 5 p.Article

Use of an inflatable balloon on a catheter to prevent subdural fluid collections after intraventricular tumor surgerySINGH, Lokendra; KELKAR, Shailesh; AGRAWAL, Nilesh et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2008, Vol 108, Num 5, pp 1028-1032, issn 0022-3085, 5 p.Article

Chronic subdural haematoma treatment with a rigid endoscopeMASOPUST, V; NETUKA, D; HÄCKEL, M et al.Minimally invasive neurosurgery. 2003, Vol 46, Num 6, pp 374-379, issn 0946-7211, 6 p.Article

Postoperative Curving and Upward Displacement of Deep Brain Stimulation Electrodes Caused by Brain Shift. CommentVAN DEN MUNCKHOF, Pepijn; CONTARINO, M. Fiorella; BOUR, Lo J et al.Neurosurgery. 2010, Vol 67, Num 1, pp 49-54, issn 0148-396X, 6 p.Article

Pus and free bone flaps: Clinical articleWIDDEL, Lars; WINSTON, Ken R.Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics. 2009, Vol 4, Num 4, pp 378-382, issn 1933-0707, 5 p.Article

Phenytoin penetration into chronic subdural haematomasIPLIKCIOGLU, A. C; BERKMAN, M. Z; BEK, S et al.British journal of neurosurgery (Print). 2004, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 35-39, issn 0268-8697, 5 p.Conference Paper

Sekundäre subdurale Fehllage eines Epiduralkatheters = Delayed occurrence of subdural malposition of epidural catheterGAUS, P; EICH, C; HILDEBRANDT, J et al.Der Anaesthesist (Berlin. Print). 2002, Vol 51, Num 11, pp 918-921, issn 0003-2417, 4 p.Article

Giant Hemicranial Calcified Subdural Empyema - Unusual Complication Following Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt InsertionKASLIWAL, Manish K; SINHA, Sumit; KUMAR, Rajinder et al.Indian journal of pediatrics. 2009, Vol 76, Num 6, pp 651-652, issn 0019-5456, 2 p.Article

Severe subdural hemorrhage due to minimal prenatal trauma: Case reportPIASTRA, Marco; PIETRINI, Domenico; MASSIMI, Luca et al.Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics. 2009, Vol 4, Num 6, pp 543-546, issn 1933-0707, 4 p.Article

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