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The Synovio-entheseal Complex and Its Role in Tendon and Capsular Associated InflammationMCGONAGLE, Dennis; ZEHRA AYDIN, Sibel; LYN TAN, A. I et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2012, Vol 39, pp 11-14, issn 0315-162X, 4 p., SUP89Conference Paper

Ionic currents in intimal cultured synoviocytes from the rabbitLARGE, R. J; HOLLYWOOD, M. A; SERGEANT, G. P et al.American journal of physiology. Cell physiology. 2010, Vol 68, Num 5, issn 0363-6143, C1180-C1194Article

Downregulation of RCAS1 and Upregulation of Cytotoxic T Cells Affects Synovial Proliferation and Apoptosis in Rheumatoid ArthritisYOSHIDA, Shiro; HIGUCHI, Fujio; HASHIKAWA, Keiko et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2008, Vol 35, Num 9, pp 1716-1722, issn 0315-162X, 7 p.Article

Detection and initial characterization of synovial lining fragments in synovial fluidDAL, L; PESSLER, F; CHEN, L. X et al.Rheumatology (Oxford. Print). 2006, Vol 45, Num 5, pp 533-537, issn 1462-0324, 5 p.Article

Synovial Tissue Analysis for the Discovery of Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers in Patients with Early ArthritisDE HAIR, Maria J. H; HARTY, Leonard C; GERLAG, Danielle M et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2011, Vol 38, Num 9, pp 2068-2072, issn 0315-162X, 5 p.Article

RANK-RANKL-OPG in Hemophilic Arthropathy: From Clinical and Imaging Diagnosis to HistopathologyMELCHIORRE, Daniela; MILIA, Anna Franca; CIVININI, Roberto et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2012, Vol 39, Num 8, pp 1678-1686, issn 0315-162X, 9 p.Article

Synovial Tissue Sublining CD68 Expression Is a Biomarker of Therapeutic Response in Rheumatoid Arthritis Clinical Trials: Consistency Across CentersBRESNIHAN, Barry; PONTIFEX, Eliza; VEALE, Douglas et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2009, Vol 36, Num 8, pp 1800-1802, issn 0315-162X, 3 p.Conference Paper

Expression of Methotrexate Transporters and Metabolizing Enzymes in Rheumatoid Synovial TissueSTAMP, Lisa K; HAZLETT, Jody; HIGHTON, John et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2013, Vol 40, Num 9, pp 1519-1522, issn 0315-162X, 4 p.Article

Psoriatic Enthesitis: An Update from the GRAPPA 2013 Annual MeetingRITCHLIN, Christopher T.Journal of rheumatology. 2014, Vol 41, Num 6, pp 1220-1223, issn 0315-162X, 4 p.Conference Paper

Quantification of Cells Expressing Mesenchymal Stem Cell Markers in Healthy and Osteoarthritic Synovial MembranesHERMIDA-GOMEZ, Tamara; FUENTES-BOQUETE, Isaac; GIMENO-LONGAS, Maria José et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2011, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 339-349, issn 0315-162X, 11 p.Article

Synovial macrophages as a biomarker of response to therapeutic intervention in rheumatoid arthritis : Standardization and consistency across centersBRESNIHAN, Barry; GERLAG, Danielle M; ULFGREN, Ann-Kristin et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2007, Vol 34, Num 3, pp 620-622, issn 0315-162X, 3 p.Article

Intra-articular Venous Malformations of the KneeDALMONTE, Pietro; GRANATA, Claudio; FULCHERI, Ezio et al.Journal of pediatric orthopedics. 2012, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 394-398, issn 0271-6798, 5 p.Article

Synovial Sarcoma Arising in the Foot: Case ReportBOC, Steven F; DAS-WATTLEY, Sharmila; ROBERTS, Eric et al.The Journal of foot and ankle surgery. 2011, Vol 50, Num 1, pp 117-121, issn 1067-2516, 5 p.Article

Morphological differences during in vitro chondrogenesis of bone marrow-, synovium-MSCs, and chondrocytesICHINOSE, Shizuko; MUNETA, Takeshi; KOGA, Hideyuki et al.Laboratory investigation. 2010, Vol 90, Num 2, pp 210-221, issn 0023-6837, 12 p.Article

Progress and Prospects: genetic treatments for disorders of bones and jointsEVANS, C. H; GHIVIZZANI, S. C; ROBBINS, P. D et al.Gene therapy (Basingstoke). 2009, Vol 16, Num 8, pp 944-952, issn 0969-7128, 9 p.Article

The pattern of distribution of PGP 9.5 and TNF-alpha immunoreactive sensory nerve fibers in the labrum and synovium of the human hip jointSHIRAI, Chikashi; OHTORI, Seiji; KISHIDA, Shunji et al.Neuroscience letters. 2009, Vol 450, Num 1, pp 18-22, issn 0304-3940, 5 p.Article

Synovial fluid-derived mesenchymal stem cells increase after intra-articular ligament injury in humansMORITO, T; MUNETA, T; HARA, K et al.Rheumatology (Oxford. Print). 2008, Vol 47, Num 8, pp 1137-1143, issn 1462-0324, 7 p.Article

Human acellular cartilage matrix powders as a biological scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering with synovium-derived mesenchymal stem cellsCHANG, Chih-Hung; CHEN, Chia-Chun; LIAO, Cheng-Hao et al.Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A. 2014, Vol 102, Num 7, pp 2248-2257, issn 1549-3296, 10 p.Article

Haemarthrosis stimulates the synovial fibrinolytic system in haemophilic miceNIEUWENHUIZEN, Laurens; ROOSENDAAL, Goris; COELEVELD, Katja et al.Thrombosis and haemostasis. 2013, Vol 110, Num 1, pp 173-183, issn 0340-6245, 11 p.Article

Intra-articular Epithelioid Sarcoma Showing Mixed Classic and Proximal-type Features: Report of 2 Cases, With Immunohistochemical and Molecular Cytogenetic INI-1 StudyKOSEMEHMETOGLU, Kemal; KAYGUSUZ, Gulsah; BAHRAMI, Armita et al.The American journal of surgical pathology. 2011, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 891-897, issn 0147-5185, 7 p.Article

Suppression of tumour necrosis factor production from mononuclear cells by a novel synthetic compound, CLX-090717SUMARIWALLA, P. F; PALMER, C. D; PICKFORD, L. B et al.Rheumatology (Oxford. Print). 2009, Vol 48, Num 1, pp 32-38, issn 1462-0324, 7 p.Article

Decreased CD20 expression in rheumatoid arthritis synovium following 8 weeks of rituximab therapyWALSH, C. A. E; FEARON, U; FITZGERALD, O et al.Clinical and experimental rheumatology (Testo stampato). 2008, Vol 26, Num 4, pp 656-658, issn 0392-856X, 3 p.Article

Understanding haemophilic arthropathy : an exploration of current open issuesJANSEN, Nathalie W. D; ROOSENDAAL, Goris; LAFEBER, Floris P. J. G et al.British journal of haematology. 2008, Vol 143, Num 5, pp 632-640, issn 0007-1048, 9 p.Article

Gene therapeutic approaches-transfer in vivoEVANS, C. H; GOUZE, E; GOUZE, J.-N et al.Advanced drug delivery reviews. 2006, Vol 58, Num 2, pp 243-258, issn 0169-409X, 16 p.Article

Investigating the role of the interleukin-23/-17A axis in rheumatoid arthritisHILLYER, Philippa; LARCHE, Maggie J; BOWMAN, Edward P et al.Rheumatology (Oxford. Print). 2009, Vol 48, Num 12, pp 1581-1589, issn 1462-0324, 9 p.Article

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