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Organic farming scenarios : Operational analysis and costs of implementing innovative technologiesSØRENSEN, Claus G; MADSEN, Niels A; JACOBSEN, Brian H et al.Biosystems engineering. 2005, Vol 91, Num 2, pp 127-137, issn 1537-5110, 11 p.Article

Modelling fruit quality in variable temperature scenarios : Can we assume history independence?EAST, A. R; MAWSON, A. J; MAGUIRE, K. M et al.Acta horticulturae. 2005, pp 165-171, issn 0567-7572, isbn 90-6605-618-5, 7 p.Conference Paper

The future of the European electricity system and the impact of fluctuating renewable energy ― A scenario analysisSPIECKER, Stephan; WEBER, Christoph.Energy policy. 2014, Vol 65, pp 185-197, issn 0301-4215, 13 p.Article

Feasibility study of developing photovoltaic power projects in Italy: An integrated approachCUCCHIELLA, Federica; D'ADAMO, Idiano.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2012, Vol 16, Num 3, pp 1562-1576, issn 1364-0321, 15 p.Article

Forecasting global developments in the basic chemical industry for environmental policy analysisBROEREN, M. L. M; SAYGIN, D; PATEL, M. K et al.Energy policy. 2014, Vol 64, pp 273-287, issn 0301-4215, 15 p.Article

Modeling the CO2 emissions and energy saved from new energy vehicles based on the logistic-curve : Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction in China in the Context of Rapid Economic GrowthTANG, Bao-Jun; WU, Xiao-Feng; XIAN ZHANG et al.Energy policy. 2013, Vol 57, pp 30-35, issn 0301-4215, 6 p.Article

Solar water heating potential in South Africa in dynamic energy market conditionsDONEV, Georgi; SARK, Wilfried GJ. H. M. van; BLOK, Kornelis et al.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2012, Vol 16, Num 5, pp 3002-3013, issn 1364-0321, 12 p.Article

Scenario Generation Using Differential Scenario Information : Knowledge-Based Software EngineeringMAKINO, Masayuki; OHNISHI, Atsushi.IEICE transactions on information and systems. 2012, Vol 95, Num 4, pp 1044-1051, issn 0916-8532, 8 p.Article

Identification of a small reliable and efficient set of consistent scenariosTIETJE, Olaf.European journal of operational research. 2005, Vol 162, Num 2, pp 418-432, issn 0377-2217, 15 p.Article

Design scenarios for flat panel photobioreactorsSLEGERS, P. M; WIJFFELS, R. H; VAN STRATEN, G et al.Applied energy. 2011, Vol 88, Num 10, pp 3342-3353, issn 0306-2619, 12 p.Article

PLANT: A pattern language for transforming scenarios into requirements modelsYE WANG; LIPING ZHAO; XINYU WANG et al.International journal of human-computer studies. 2013, Vol 71, Num 11, pp 1026-1043, issn 1071-5819, 18 p.Article

Scenario analysis of nonresidential natural gas consumption in ItalyBIANCO, Vincenzo; SCARPA, Federico; TAGLIAFICO, Luca A et al.Applied energy. 2014, Vol 113, pp 392-403, issn 0306-2619, 12 p.Article

Modelling dynamic spatial processes: simulation of urban future scenarios through cellular automataBARREDO, José I; KASANKO, Marjo; MCCORMICK, Niall et al.Landscape and urban planning. 2003, Vol 64, Num 3, pp 145-160, issn 0169-2046, 16 p.Article

A role playing game to address future water management issues in a large irrigated system: Experience from MaliHERTZOG, Thomas; POUSSIN, Jean-Christophe; TANGARA, Bréhima et al.Agricultural water management (Print). 2014, Vol 137, pp 1-14, issn 0378-3774, 14 p.Article

Entfernte Verbindungen : eine szenische Abhandlung über das Forschen und Darstellen = Relations éloignées : une étude scénique sur la recherche et la présentationNEUER, B.S; REINHARDT, C.Geographica helvetica. 1998, Vol 53, Num 3, pp 119-123, issn 0016-7312Article

Simulating the impact of biofuel development on country-wide land-use change in IndiaSCHALDACH, Rudiger; PRIESS, Jörg A; ALCAMO, Joseph et al.Biomass & bioenergy. 2011, Vol 35, Num 6, pp 2401-2410, issn 0961-9534, 10 p.Conference Paper

Satisfying future water demands for agricultureDE FRAITURE, Charlotte; WICHELNS, Dennis.Agricultural water management (Print). 2010, Vol 97, Num 4, pp 502-511, issn 0378-3774, 10 p.Article

Model for the prediction of horticultural product quality evolution along different supply chain scenario pathsSNOEKX, P; DE BAERDEMAEKER, J; HERTOG, M et al.Acta horticulturae. 2005, pp 359-366, issn 0567-7572, isbn 90-6605-618-5, 8 p.Conference Paper

Simulation of Mediterranean forest carbon pools under expected environmental scenariosCHIESI, M; MORIONDO, M; MASELLI, F et al.Canadian journal of forest research (Print). 2010, Vol 40, Num 5, pp 850-860, issn 0045-5067, 11 p.Article

Simulation of greenhouse management in the subtropics, Part II scenario study for the summer seasonWEIHONG LUO; STANGHELLINI, Cecilia; JIANFENG DAI et al.Biosystems engineering. 2005, Vol 90, Num 4, pp 433-441, issn 1537-5110, 9 p.Article

The Avon River Basin in 2050 : scenario planning in the Western Australian WheatbeltO'CONNOR, Michael H; MCFARLANE, Mike; FISHER, James et al.Australian journal of agricultural research. 2005, Vol 56, Num 6, pp 563-580, issn 0004-9409, 18 p.Article

Low carbon and clean energy scenarios for India: Analysis of targets approachSHUKLA, Priyadarshi R; CHATURVEDI, Vaibhav.Energy economics. 2012, Vol 34, issn 0140-9883, S487-S495, SUP3Article

Trends und Szenarien der Siedlungsflächenentwicklung bis 2010 = Les tendances et les scénarios concernant le développement des superficies destinées à l'habitat jusqu'en 2010DOSCH, F; BECKMANN, G.Informationen zur Raumentwicklung. 1999, Num 11-12, pp 827-842, issn 0303-2493Article

Soupault et le cinéma: c'eravamo tanto amati! = Soupault and the cinema: c'eravamo tanto amati!MOURIER, M.Europe (Paris. 1923). 1993, Vol 71, Num 769, pp 125-137, issn 0014-2751Article

Underdetermination, Model-ensembles and Surprises: On the Epistemology of Scenario-analysis in ClimatologyBETZ, Gregor.Journal for general philosophy of science. 2009, Vol 40, Num 1, pp 3-21, issn 0925-4560, 19 p.Article

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