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A general theory of time-sequential samplingRAHGOZAR, M. A; ALLEBACH, J. P.Signal processing. 1992, Vol 28, Num 3, pp 253-270, issn 0165-1684Conference Paper

An extension of the expression of the aliasing error boundTIPONUT, V.Signal processing. 1987, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 257-266, issn 0165-1684Article

Frequency-shifting using bandpass samplingCOULSON, A. J; VAUGHAN, R. G; POLETTI, M. A et al.IEEE transactions on signal processing. 1994, Vol 42, Num 6, pp 1556-1559, issn 1053-587XArticle

New sampled-data analogue multiplierKARYBAKAS, C. A; BARBARGIRES, C. A.International journal of electronics. 1990, Vol 68, Num 4, pp 539-545, issn 0020-7217Article

Parseval relationship of nonuniform samples of one- and two-dimensional signalsMARVASTI, F. A; LIU CHUANDE.IEEE transactions on acoustics, speech, and signal processing. 1990, Vol 38, Num 6, pp 1061-1063, issn 0096-3518Article

Higher order sampling and recovering of lowpass signalsCALVO NOGUEIRA, G. E; FERREIRA, A.IEEE transactions on signal processing. 2000, Vol 48, Num 7, pp 2169-2171, issn 1053-587XArticle

An enhanced linearity sampled-data voltage amplifierHUANG, C; SCULLEY, T. L.IEEE transactions on circuits and systems. 2, Analog and digital signal processing. 1996, Vol 43, Num 1, pp 62-65, issn 1057-7130Article

Design of selective lowpass sampled-data and digital filters exhibiting equiripple amplitude and phase error characteristicsMOHAMMED ABO-ZAHHAD; TAMAS HENK.International journal of circuit theory and applications. 1995, Vol 23, Num 1, pp 59-74, issn 0098-9886Article

Efficient algorithm for non-equidistant interpolation of sampled dataBRINKMEYER, E; KOHLHAAS, A; FRÖMCHEN, C et al.Electronics Letters. 1992, Vol 28, Num 7, pp 693-695, issn 0013-5194Article

FFT processing of randomly sampled harmonic signalsBERKOVTIZ, A; RUSNAK, I.IEEE Transactions on signal processing. 1992, Vol 40, Num 11, pp 2816-2819Article

Sampled optical time-division multiplexing of synchronous dataCHIDGEY, P. J; SMITH, D. W.Electronics Letters. 1987, Vol 23, Num 23, pp 1228-1229, issn 0013-5194Article

Analysis and recovery of sample-and-hold and linearly interpolated signals with irregular samplesMARVASTI, F; TSUNG JEN LEE.IEEE Transactions on signal processing. 1992, Vol 40, Num 8, pp 1884-1891Article

Digital spectra of nonuniformly sampled signals : a robust sampling time offset estimation algorithm for ultra high-speed waveform tigitizers using interleavingJENQ, Y.-C.IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement. 1990, Vol 39, Num 1, pp 71-75, issn 0018-9456Article

A unified definition for the discrete-time, discrete-frequency, and discrete-time/frequency Wigner distributionsPEYRIN, F; PROST, R.IEEE transactions on acoustics, speech, and signal processing. 1986, Vol 34, Num 4, pp 858-867, issn 0096-3518Article

Blind separation of convolutive mixtures and an application in automatic speech recognition in a noisy environmentEHLERS, F; SCHUSTER, H. G.IEEE transactions on signal processing. 1997, Vol 45, Num 10, pp 2608-2612, issn 1053-587XArticle

ECG data compression using fast Walsh transform and its clinical acceptabilityKULKARNI, P. K; KUMAR, V; VERMA, H. K et al.International journal of systems science. 1997, Vol 28, Num 8, pp 831-836, issn 0020-7721Article

New development of digital signal processing via sampled-data control theoryYAMAMOTO, Yutaka.Lecture notes in control and information sciences. 2007, pp 345-355, issn 0170-8643, isbn 978-3-540-73569-4, 11 p.Conference Paper

Under-sampled Weyl-Heisenberg expansions via orthogonal projections in Zak spaceJOSEPH, Anthony; BRODZIK, Andrzej K; TOLIMIERI, Richard et al.Signal processing. 2001, Vol 81, Num 11, pp 2383-2402, issn 0165-1684Article

Digital-to-analog (D/A) converters with nonuniformly sampled signalsJENQ, Y.-C.IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement. 1996, Vol 45, Num 1, pp 56-59, issn 0018-9456Article

Least-squared error reconstruction of a deterministic sampled signal Fourier transform logarithm from its N-th order polyspectrum logarithmLE ROUX, J; SOLE, P.Signal processing. 1994, Vol 35, Num 1, pp 75-81, issn 0165-1684Article

Quasikontiniuerliche Berechnung des Abtastrauschens von SC-Filtern für Bandegrenztes farbiges Primärrauschen = Quasi-continuous calculation of sampled noise in switched-capacitor filters by bandlimited coloured noiseBERNHARDT, U.Frequenz. 1993, Vol 47, Num 9-10, pp 234-239, issn 0016-1136Article

The Poorman's transform : approximating the Fourier transform without multiplicationLAMOUREUX, M. P.IEEE transactions on signal processing. 1993, Vol 41, Num 3, pp 1413-1415, issn 1053-587XArticle

Taylor discrete Fourier transformsBELMONT, M. R.IEE proceedings. Part F. Communications, radar and signal processing. 1989, Vol 136, Num 2, pp 101-107, issn 0143-7070, 7 p.Article

Reconstruction of non-uniformly sampled signal using transposed farrow structureBABIC, Djordje; RENFORS, Markku.IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems. 2004, pp 221-224, isbn 0-7803-8251-X, 4 p.Conference Paper

A novel algorithm for computing autocorrelation of randomly sampled sequencesLO, K. C.Circuits, systems, and signal processing. 1999, Vol 18, Num 6, pp 525-537, issn 0278-081XArticle

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