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A longstanding palaeobotanical enigma solved : The Mesozoic Red Eggs, Brown Fruits and Cutinized Sacs of T.M. HarrisMANUM, S.B.OFP Informations. 1992, issn 0299-9765, p.103, 16-BConference Paper

Discussion of Triassic chronostratigraphic divisions must continueTOZER, E.T.1994, Num 13, pp 49-50, issn 0169-4324Article

3ème symposium international de stratigraphie du Jurassique, Poitiers, France, 22-29 septembre 1991. I.U.G.S. sous-commission internationale de stratigraphie du Jurassique = Third international symposium on Jurassic stratigraphy, Poitiers, France, 22-29 september 1991. I.U.G.S. international sub-commission of Jurassic stratigraphyCARIOU, E; HANTZPERGUE, P.Géobios. Mémoire spécial. 1994, issn 0293-843X, 2Vol, 769 p.Conference Proceedings

Problems on the Mesozoic strata of TaiwanYEN, T.P; YANG, C.N.1991, Num 7, pp 1-22, issn 1012-6821Article

Secondary epileptogenesis in manMORRELL, F.Archives of neurology (Chicago). 1985, Vol 42, Num 4, pp 318-335, issn 0003-9942Article

Annotated Triassic literatureKERP, H; VISSCHER, H.1992, Num 10, pp 49-86, issn 0169-4324Article

Phylogenetic systematisation of Clavatoraceae (Charophyta)MARTIN-CLOSAS, C.OFP Informations. 1992, issn 0299-9765, p.104, 16-BConference Paper

Bibliographia Cretacea 30SCHOBEL, J.Cretaceous research. 1988, Vol 9, Num 2, pp 183-215, issn 0195-6671Article

Annotated Triassic literature = Bibliographie annotée sur le TriasKERP, H.1990, Num 8, pp 47-53, issn 0169-4324, 7 p.Article

The genus Ixostrobus Raciborski 1892WCISLO-LURANIEC, E.OFP Informations. 1992, issn 0299-9765, p.176, 16-BConference Paper

Bibliographia Cretacea 32SCHOBEL, J.Cretaceous research. 1989, Vol 10, Num 1, pp 81-106, issn 0195-6671Article

Mezozojskie sutury TetisaBURTMAN, V. S.Izvestiâ vysših učebnyh zavedenij. Geologiâ i razvedka. 1988, Num 11, pp 3-21, issn 0016-7762Article

Anotated Triassic literatureKERP, H; VISSCHER, H.1993, Num 12, pp 60-86, issn 0169-4324Article

Palaeoclimates and their modelling with special referene to the mesozoic era. Royal Society discussion meetingALLEN, J. R. L; HOSKINS, B; SELLWOOD, B et al.Philosophical transactions-Royal Society of London. Biological sciences. 1993, Vol 341, Num 1297, issn 0962-8436Conference Proceedings

Secondary achalasia: two case reportsFEDERICI, T; ANNESE, V; CARUSO, N et al.The Italian journal of gastroenterology. 1989, Vol 21, Num 1, pp 10-13, issn 0392-0623Article

Tectonic evolution of Asia : With an emphasis on Mesozoic and Cenozoic palinspastic reconstructions and computer animationROWLEY, D.B.International geological congress. 28. 1989, pp 722-723, 2 p.Conference Paper

Bibliographia Cretacea 29 = Bibliographie du CrétacéSCHOBEL, J.Cretaceous research. 1988, Vol 9, Num 1, pp 107-140, issn 0195-6671Article

2nd international symposium on Jurassic stratigraphy; 1987; Lisboa = Deuxième symposium international sur la stratigraphie du Jurassique; 1987, LisbonneROCHA, R.B; SOARES, A.F.International symposium on Jurassic stratigraphy. 2. 1988, 2Vol, 1178 p.Conference Proceedings

Annotated Triassic literatureKERP, H; VISSCHER, H.1993, Num 11, pp 44-63, issn 0169-4324Article

Annotated Triassic literature = Littérature triasique annotéeBOERSMA, M.1988, Num 7, pp 21-53, issn 0169-4324Article

Late Mesozoic ore-forming processes in Verkhoyansk Fold Belt (RSFSR)SHUR, V.I; DMITRIEV, E.M; ZLOBIN, V.L et al.International geological congress. 1992, p.750Conference Paper

Toward a late Palaeozoic - early Mesozoic tectonic model for ThailandBARR, S.M; MACDONALD, A.S.1991, Vol 1, Num 1, pp 11-22Article

Colovesical Fistula Secondary to Diverticular DiseaseCADILI, Ali; BIRCH, Daniel.The American journal of the medical sciences (Print). 2012, Vol 343, Num 4, issn 0002-9629, p. 320Article

The nature and resolution of Jurassic ammonite biozonesCOPE, J.C.W.Géobios. Mémoire spécial. 1994, Num 17, pp 127-132, issn 0293-843XConference Paper

Introduction à l'évolution tectonique et paléogéographique de la Bulgarie au cours du Jurassique = Introduction to the tectonic and palaeogeographical evolution of Bulgaria during the JurassicSAPUNOV, I.G; TCHOUMATCHENCO, P.V.Géobios. Mémoire spécial. 1994, Num 17, pp 723-732, issn 0293-843XConference Paper

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