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The termination of the vein of Labbé and its microsurgical significanceKOPERNA, T; TSCHABITSCHER, M; KNOSP, E et al.Acta neurochirurgica. 1992, Vol 118, Num 3-4, pp 172-175, issn 0001-6268Article

Landmarks for the transverse sinus and torcular herophili. Authors' replyZIYAL, Ibrahim M; ÖZGEN, Tuncalp; TUBBS, R. Shane et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2001, Vol 94, Num 4, pp 686-687, issn 0022-3085Article

Massive jugular and dural sinus reflux associated with cerebral deathSHORE, R. M; RAO, B. K; BERG, O. B et al.Pediatric radiology. 1988, Vol 18, Num 2, pp 164-166, issn 0301-0449Article

Tentorial Venous sinuses : An anatomic study. CommentariesMUTHUKUMAR, N; PALANIAPPAN, P; BHAGWATI, S. N et al.Neurosurgery. 1998, Vol 42, Num 2, pp 363-371, issn 0148-396XArticle

Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis associated with the primary antiphospholipid syndrome : resolution with local thrombolytic therapyKHOO, K. B. K; LONG, F. L; TUCK, R. R et al.Medical journal of Australia. 1995, Vol 162, Num 1, pp 30-32, issn 0025-729XArticle

Il reperto di accentuazione dell'impronta del seno trasverso nella diagnostica radiografica neuro-oftalmologica = The radiological finding of increase of impressions of transverse intracranial sinuses in neuro-ophthalmic diseasesBRAVETTI, G. O; DELLA PASQUA, V; ZOTTI, C. A et al.Annali di ottalmologia e clinica oculistica. 1993, Vol 119, Num 12, pp 893-897, issn 0003-4665Article

The squamoso-petrous sinus : a fetal remnantCHELL, J.Journal of anatomy (Print). 1991, Vol 175, pp 269-271, issn 0021-8782, 3 p.Article

Cerebral venography and manometry in idiopathic intracranial hypertensionKING, J. O; MITCHELL, P. J; THOMSON, K. R et al.Neurology. 1995, Vol 45, Num 12, pp 2224-2228, issn 0028-3878Article

Papillary meningioma arising from the confluens sinuum with multidirectional extension through venous sinusesNAKAGAWA, H; NAKAJIMA, S; MURASAWA, A et al.Surgical neurology. 1989, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 219-224, issn 0090-3019Article

Calcified cerebral sinus thrombosis in infancy: CT appearances with pathological correlationDAVIES, R. P; SLAVOTINEK, J. P; JAMES, S. L et al.Pediatric radiology. 1989, Vol 20, Num 1-2, pp 101-103, issn 0301-0449Article

Acute mastoiditis complicated by sigmoid sinus thrombosis in congenital aural atresiaZALZAL, G. H.International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology. 1987, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 31-39, issn 0165-5876Article

Ein- oder beidseitige Abduzensparese als Erstsymptom einer Sinusvenenthrombose = Mono- or bilateral abducens nerve paresis as an initial symptom of a sinus vein thrombosisLANG, M; SCHMIDBAUER, J; VOGES, M et al.Der Ophthalmologe (Berlin. Print). 2002, Vol 99, Num 1, pp 49-52, issn 0941-293XArticle

Sagittal suture as an external landmark for the superior sagittal sinusTUBBS, R. Shane; SALTER, George; ELTON, Scott et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2001, Vol 94, Num 6, pp 985-987, issn 0022-3085Article

Cerebral venous sinus surgery for epilepsy 60 years agoSATRAN, R.Archives of neurology (Chicago). 1996, Vol 53, Num 3, pp 274-276, issn 0003-9942Article

Cerebral sinus and venous thrombosis in rats induces long-term deficits in brain function and morphology. Evidence for a cytotoxic genesisFRERICHS, K. U; DECKERT, M; KEMPSKI, O et al.Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism. 1994, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 289-300, issn 0271-678XArticle

CSF hydrodynamics in superior sagittal sinus thrombosisKRISTENSEN, B; MALM, J; MARKGREN, P et al.Journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry. 1992, Vol 55, Num 4, pp 287-293, issn 0022-3050Article

Dural venous sinus thrombosis following myelography : demonstration by magnetic resonance imagingHARTLEY, R. W. J; JACKSON, A; COOKE, R. S et al.British journal of radiology. 1992, Vol 65, Num 780, pp 1134-1136, issn 0007-1285Article

Occlusion of the sagittal sinus in craniectomized rabbitsOLIVERO, W. C; ASNER, N.Child's nervous system (Print). 1992, Vol 8, Num 6, pp 307-309, issn 0256-7040Conference Paper

Sonographic demonstration of cerebral sinus thrombosisEDWARDS, M. K; KUHARIK, M. A; COHEN, M. D et al.American journal of neuroradiology. 1987, Vol 8, Num 6, pp 1153-1155, issn 0195-6108Article

A propos d'une observation de fistule artério-veineuse duremerienne atypique à manifestation ophtalmologique = About one case atypical dural arteriovenous aneurysm with ophtalmological symptomsROUGIER, J; GROCHOWICKI, M; BURILLON, C et al.Bulletin des sociétés d'ophtalmologie de France. 1986, Vol 86, Num 1, pp 81-82, issn 0081-1270Article

Étude anatomique du drainage des veines corticales inférieures dans le sinus transverse = Study of the junction between the cortical bridging veins and basal cranial venous sinusDAGAIN, A; VIGNES, R; DULOU, R et al.Neuro-chirurgie (Paris). 2009, Vol 55, Num 1, pp 19-24, issn 0028-3770, 6 p.Article

Transoccipital power-based color-coded duplex sonography of cerebral sinuses and veinsBAUMGARTNER, R. W; NIRKKO, A. C; MÜRI, R. M et al.Stroke (1970). 1997, Vol 28, Num 7, pp 1319-1323, issn 0039-2499Conference Paper

Activation of the trigeminovascular system by mechanical distesion of the superior sagittal sinus in the catKAUBE, H; HOSKIN, K. L; GOADSBY, P. J et al.Cephalalgia (Oslo). 1992, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 133-136, issn 0333-1024Article

Angiographic findings in two cases of aneurysmal malformation of vein of galen prior to spontaneous thrombosis : therapeutic implicationsHURST, R. W; KAGETSU, N. J; BERENSTEIN, A et al.American journal of neuroradiology. 1992, Vol 13, Num 5, pp 1446-1450, issn 0195-6108Article

Posttraumatic septic superior sagittal sinus thrombosis : report of a caseTOVI, F; HIRSCH, M.Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery. 1991, Vol 49, Num 3, pp 303-305, issn 0278-2391, 3 p.Article

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