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Does the site of injection distal to the greater trochanter make a difference in lateral sciatic nerve blockade?TABOADA, Manuel; RODRIGUEZ, Jaime; DEL RIO, Sabela et al.Anesthesia and analgesia. 2005, Vol 101, Num 4, pp 1188-1191, issn 0003-2999, 4 p.Article

Spread of local anesthetic during an ultrasound-guided interscalene block: does the injection site influence diffusion?PLANTE, T; RONTES, O; BLOC, S et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2011, Vol 55, Num 6, pp 664-669, issn 0001-5172, 6 p.Article

Vascular Access in Resuscitation: Is There a Role for the Intraosseous Route?ANSON, Jonathan A.Anesthesiology (Philadelphia). 2014, Vol 120, Num 4, pp 1015-1031, issn 0003-3022, 17 p.Article

Painful Red Plaques at Injection SitesHYE JIN CHUNG; DAE HYUN KIM; KYOU YOUP LEE et al.American journal of clinical dermatology. 2009, Vol 10, Num 3, pp 201-203, issn 1175-0561, 3 p.Article

Impaired absorption of insulin aspart from lipohypertrophic injection sitesJOHANSSON, Unn-Britt; AMSBERG, Susanne; HANNERZ, Lena et al.Diabetes care. 2005, Vol 28, Num 8, pp 2025-2027, issn 0149-5992, 3 p.Article

Prevention of bleeding from sites of regional anaesthesia injectionLAURENT, S. C; PARK, St Johns.Anaesthesia. 2005, Vol 60, Num 8, issn 0003-2409, p. 827Article

Time-resolved space charge-limited injection in a trap-free glassy polymerABKOWITZ, M; FACCI, J. S; STOLKA, M et al.Chemical physics. 1993, Vol 177, Num 3, pp 783-792, issn 0301-0104Article

Drug injection injuries of the upper extremitySMITH, D. J. JR; BUSUITO, M. J; VELANOVICH, V et al.Annals of plastic surgery. 1989, Vol 22, Num 1, pp 19-24, issn 0148-7043Article

Vascular Access : Core Curriculum 2008MAYA, Ivan D; ALLON, Michael.American journal of kidney diseases. 2008, Vol 51, Num 4, pp 702-708, issn 0272-6386, 7 p.Article

A prospective clinical and pathological examination of injection site reactions with the HIV-1 fusion inhibitor enfuvirtideMYERS, Sarah A; SELIM, Angelica A; MCDANIEL, Margaret A et al.Antiviral therapy (London). 2006, Vol 11, Num 7, pp 935-939, issn 1359-6535, 5 p.Article

Left atrial injection of protamine does not reliability prevent pulmonary hypertensionKRONENFIELD, M. A; GARGUILO, R; WEINBERG, P et al.Anesthesiology (Philadelphia). 1987, Vol 67, Num 4, pp 578-580, issn 0003-3022Article

The risks of vascular accessBLAKE, Peter G; QUINN, Robert R; OLIVER, Matthew J et al.Kidney international. 2012, Vol 82, Num 6, pp 623-625, issn 0085-2538, 3 p.Article

Liquen escleroso y atrófico en el lugar de inyección de insulina: fenómeno de Koebner inusual = Lichen Sclerosus Atrophicus at an Insulin Injection Site: An Unusual Koebner PhenomenonMONTEAGUDO, B; CABANILLAS, M; BELLIDO, D et al.Actas dermo-sifiliográficas (Ed. impresa). 2010, Vol 101, Num 6, pp 563-565, issn 0001-7310, 3 p.Article

Clinical practice recommendation 8: Vascular access in pediatric patients : Vascular access, update 2006American journal of kidney diseases. 2006, Vol 48, Num 1, issn 0272-6386, S274-S276, SUP1Article

Incidence and sensory evaluation of injection-site lesions in beef top sirloin buttsGEORGE, M. H; COWMAN, G. L; TATUM, J. D et al.Journal of animal science. 1996, Vol 74, Num 9, pp 2095-2103, issn 0021-8812Article

Douleur à l'injection du Duprivan® = Pain associated with the injection of Diprivan®BANSSILLON, V.Annales françaises d'anesthésie et de réanimation. 1994, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 465-470, issn 0750-7658Article

Pain on intradermal injection with lignocaine : the effect of concentrationCRISWELL, J; GAUNTLETT, I. S.Anaesthesia. 1991, Vol 46, Num 8, pp 691-692, issn 0003-2409Article

Injection site reactions after intramuscular administration of haloperidol decanoate 100 mg/mLHAMANN, G. L; EGAN, T. M; WELLS, B. G et al.The Journal of clinical psychiatry. 1990, Vol 51, Num 12, pp 502-504, issn 0160-6689, 3 p.Article

Benign form of atrophic papulosis developed at injection sites of pegylated-alpha-interferon: is there a pathophysiological link?ZAHARIA, D; TRUCHOT, F; RONGER-SAVLE, S et al.British journal of dermatology (1951). 2014, Vol 170, Num 4, pp 992-994, issn 0007-0963, 3 p.Article

Cutaneous injection site reactions to long-term therapy with enfuvirtideMAGGI, Paolo; LADISA, Nicoletta; CINORI, Eliana et al.Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy (Print). 2004, Vol 53, Num 4, pp 678-681, issn 0305-7453, 4 p.Article

MR Arthrography of the Shoulder Using an Anterior Approach : Optimal Injection SiteREDONDO, Maria V; BERNA-SERNA, Juan D; CAMPOS, Pedro A et al.American journal of roentgenology (1976). 2008, Vol 191, Num 5, pp 1397-1400, issn 0361-803X, 4 p.Article

Injection site pseudosarcoma in piriformis syndromePHAN, Dan C; GLEASON, Briana C; XUEMO FAN et al.Histopathology. 2011, Vol 59, Num 2, pp 327-332, issn 0309-0167, 6 p.Article

Occurrence of Prolonged Injection Site Mass With Methylene Blue but Not Isosulfan Blue After the Sentinel Node ProcedureSHIRAH, Gina R; BOUTON, Marcia E; KOMENAKA, Ian K et al.Archives of surgery (Chicago. 1960). 2011, Vol 146, Num 2, pp 137-141, issn 0004-0010, 5 p.Article

Cutaneous abscess by Trichosporon asahii developing on a steroid injection site in a healthy adultYUN, S. J; LEE, J.-B; SHIN, M.-G et al.Clinical and experimental dermatology (Print). 2006, Vol 31, Num 4, pp 545-547, issn 0307-6938, 3 p.Article

Granulomatous and suppurative dermatitis at interferon alfa injection sites: Report of 2 casesSANDERS, Scott; BUSAM, Klaus; TAHAN, Steven R et al.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 2002, Vol 46, Num 4, pp 611-616, issn 0190-9622Article

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