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Diffusion of protonic species in aqueous NaOH as a function of concentration, temperature, and pressure, and diffusion of water in aqueous NaF, NaBr, NaClO4, NaBF4, NaNO3, NaNO2, and NaBrO3 at 298 K and 0.1 MPaEASTEAL, A. J; WOOLF, L. A.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1986, Vol 90, Num 11, pp 2441-2445, issn 0022-3654Article

Liquidus du système Na/WO4,Cl,I(VO3,CO3)KOSHKAROV, ZH. A; LUTSYK, V. I; MOKHOSOEV, M. V et al.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1987, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 197-201, issn 0044-457XArticle

Intercalation of sodium with its halides into graphiteHEROLD, Abert; MARECHE, Jean-Francois; LELAURAIN, Michèle et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2000, Vol 38, Num 14, pp 1955-1963, issn 0008-6223Article

Surface du liquidus des systèmes Na2MoO4-NaCl-NaBO2(Na2CO3)MOKHOSOEV, M. V; SHURDUMOV, G. K; KHABULOV, Z. L et al.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1988, Vol 33, Num 6, pp 1615-1616, issn 0044-457XArticle

Système (NaF)2-(NaCl)2-Na2MoO4-Na2WO4GASANALIEV, A. M; ARBUKHANOVA, P. A.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1986, Vol 31, Num 2, pp 482-485, issn 0044-457XArticle

The binary systems sodium sulfide-sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate-sodium hydroxideCHIOTTI, P; MARKUSZEWSKI, R.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 1985, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 197-201, issn 0021-9568Article

Analyse thermique des systèmes Na∥CO3, MoO4, WO4 et K∥CO3, MoO4, WO4SHURDUMOV, G. K; KHAKULOV, Z. L; KODZOKOV, KH. A et al.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1984, Vol 29, Num 8, pp 2105-2108, issn 0044-457XArticle

Relargage du dithionite de sodium en solutions par l'hydroxyde de sodiumTKACHEV, K. V; KHRISTOFOROVA, N. A; TELEPNEVA, A. E et al.Himičeskaâ promyšlennost'. 1989, Num 4, pp 281-283, issn 0023-110XArticle

Effect of water-soluble carbodiimide on gating in sodium channelsMOZHAYEVA, G. H; NOSYREVA, E. D.Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1984, Vol 774, Num 2, pp 288-292, issn 0006-3002Article

An eigenvalue method for determination of multicomponent diffusion coefficients. Application to NaOH+NaCl+H2O mixturesLEAIST, D. G; NOULTY, R. A.Canadian journal of chemistry (Print). 1985, Vol 63, Num 2, pp 476-482, issn 0008-4042Article

The effects of halide anions on the partitioning behavior of pertechnetate in polyethylene glycol-based aqueous biphasic systemsROGERS, R. D; ZHANG, J; GRIFFIN, S. T et al.Separation science and technology. 1997, Vol 32, Num 1-4, pp 699-707, issn 0149-6395Conference Paper

Sulfur K-edge absorption spectra of Na2SO4, Na2SO3, Na2S2O3, and Na2S2Ox(x=5―8)SEKIYAMA, H; KOSUGI, N; KURODA, H et al.Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. 1986, Vol 59, Num 2, pp 575-579, issn 0009-2673Article

Attention : eau de Javel!La Revue du praticien (Paris). 2008, Vol 58, Num 8, pp 884-884, issn 0035-2640, 1 p.Article

Carbonate de soude allié avec des chlorures ― matière première pour l'industrie du verreRASHINA, N. G; PUZ, V. V; KUSHAL'NIKOV, V. T et al.Steklo i keramika. 1985, Num 8, pp 6-7, issn 0131-9582Article

Catalytic gasification of coal in a fluidized bedZAKHAR'YANTS, E. O.Solid fuel chemistry. 1991, Vol 25, Num 6, pp 77-81, issn 0361-5219Article

Obtention de granulés de tripolyphosphate de sodiumPRODAN, E. A; LESNIKOVICH, L. A; KUTS, P. S et al.Himičeskaâ promyšlennost'. 1988, Num 3, pp 157-160, issn 0023-110XArticle

Etude de la combustion d'une nappe de sodium. Analyse de la composition des mélanges NA2O-Na2O2 dans les résidus = Combustion of sodium pool in mixture N2-O2. Analysis of the combustion products Na2O-Na2O2 in the residuesREUILLON, M; MELLOTTEE, H.Journal de chimie physique. 1987, Vol 84, Num 1, pp 71-77, issn 0021-7689Article

Polarisation cathodique du germanium solide dans les masses fondues renfermant du sodiumKLEBANOV, E. B; MORAVHEVSKIJ, A. G; GOROBETS, O. N et al.Èlektrohimiâ. 1988, Vol 24, Num 9, pp 1251-1252, issn 0424-8570Article

Etude des équilibres de phase dans les systèmes A2ICVI-In2C3VIKISH, Z. Z; LAZAREV, V. B; PERESH, E. YU et al.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1985, Vol 30, Num 6, pp 1499-1501, issn 0044-457XArticle

Zur Umwandlung fester Primär- und Sekundärrohstoffe in zeolithhaltige Produkte. II: Herstellung von Zeolith-A-haltigen Adsorbenzien unter Verwendung von Mutterlaugen der Zeolith-A-Synthese = Transformation des matières premières primaires et secondaires dans les produits contenant des zéolites. II: Production d'adsorbants contenant la zéolite A en utilisant les liqueurs mères de la production de zéolite A = Transformation of primary and secondary raw materials in zeolite containing products. II: Production of zeolite A containing adsorbents using mother liquors of zeolite A productionBERGK, K.-H; PORSCH, M; WOLF, F et al.Chemische Technik (Berlin, DDR, 1949). 1985, Vol 37, Num 10, pp 425-427, issn 0045-6519Article

Investigation of the sodium oxide and sodium hydride saturation temperatures of sodium with both compounds present simultaneouslyVOLCHKOV, L. G; KOZLOV, F. A.Atomic energy (New York, N.Y.). 1997, Vol 83, Num 3, pp 663-666, issn 1063-4258Article

Phase Equilibria in the NaOH-Na2Cro4-Na2CO3-H2O SystemYANG ZHANG; SHILI ZHENG; HAO DU et al.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2010, Vol 55, Num 7, pp 2542-2545, issn 0021-9568, 4 p.Article

Phase Equilibria in the NaOH-NaNO3-Na2CrO4-H2O SystemYANG ZHANG; SHILI ZHENG; HONGBIN XU et al.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2010, Vol 55, Num 9, pp 3029-3031, issn 0021-9568, 3 p.Article

Solubility of Na-F-SO4 in water and in sodium hydroxide solutionsTOGHIANI, Rebecca K; PHILLIPS, Valerie A; LINDNER, Jeffrey S et al.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2005, Vol 50, Num 5, pp 1616-1619, issn 0021-9568, 4 p.Article

Neutral salt effects on stability of whey protein isolate foamsPHILLIPS, L. G; YANG, S. T; KINSELLA, J. E et al.Journal of food science. 1991, Vol 56, Num 2, pp 588-589, issn 0022-1147, 2 p.Article

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