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Global annual soil respiration in relation to climate, soil properties and vegetation characteristics: Summary of available dataSHUTAO CHEN; JIANWEN ZOU; ZHENGHUA HU et al.Agricultural and forest meteorology (Print). 2014, Vol 198-199, pp 335-346, issn 0168-1923, 12 p.Article

Experimental forest soil warming : response of autotrophic and heterotrophic soil respiration to a short-term 10°C temperature riseSCHINDLBACHER, Andreas; ZECHMEISTER-BOLTENSTERN, Sophie; KITZLER, Barbara et al.Plant and soil. 2008, Vol 303, Num 1-2, pp 323-330, issn 0032-079X, 8 p.Article

Response of soil respiration to simulated N deposition in a disturbed and a rehabilitated tropical forest in southern ChinaJIANGMING MO; WEI ZHANG; WEIXING ZHU et al.Plant and soil. 2007, Vol 296, Num 1-2, pp 125-135, issn 0032-079X, 11 p.Article

Fly Ash Addition Affects Microbial Biomass and Carbon Mineralization in Agricultural SoilsNAYAK, A. K; KUMAR, Anjani; RAJA, R et al.Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology. 2014, Vol 92, Num 2, pp 160-164, issn 0007-4861, 5 p.Article

Three scales of temporal resolution from automated soil respiration measurementsSAVAGE, Kathleen; DAVIDSON, Eric A; RICHARDSON, Andrew D et al.Agricultural and forest meteorology (Print). 2009, Vol 149, Num 11, pp 2012-2021, issn 0168-1923, 10 p.Article

Interrelations between soil respiration and its thermal stabilitySIEWERT, Christian; DEMYAN, Michael Scott; KUCERIK, Jiří et al.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2012, Vol 110, Num 1, pp 413-419, issn 1388-6150, 7 p.Conference Paper

Effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration on soil and root respiration in winter wheat by using a respiration partitioning chamberTAIJI KOU; JIANGUO ZHU; ZUBIN XIE et al.Plant and soil. 2007, Vol 299, Num 1-2, pp 237-249, issn 0032-079X, 13 p.Article

Seasonal and spatial variability of soil respiration in four Sitka spruce standsSAIZ, Gustavo; GREEN, Carly; BUTTERBACH-BAHL, Klaus et al.Plant and soil. 2006, Vol 287, Num 1-2, pp 161-176, issn 0032-079X, 16 p.Article

Plant canopy effects on soil thermal and hydrological properties and soil respirationTANAKA, Katsunori; HASHIMOTO, Shoji.Ecological modelling. 2006, Vol 196, Num 1-2, pp 32-44, issn 0304-3800, 13 p.Article

Effects of fertilization and tillage on soil biological parametersMIJANGOS, Iker; PEREZ, Roberto; ALBIZU, Isabel et al.Enzyme and microbial technology. 2006, Vol 40, Num 1, pp 100-106, issn 0141-0229, 7 p.Article

Effect of pyrimorph on soil enzymatic activities and respirationDAN XIONG; ZHENZHEN GAO; BIN FU et al.European journal of soil biology. 2013, Vol 56, pp 44-48, issn 1164-5563, 5 p.Article

Soil CO2 efflux in uneven-aged managed forests: temporal patterns following harvest and effects of edaphic heterogeneityYUANYING PENG; THOMAS, Sean C.Plant and soil. 2006, Vol 289, Num 1-2, pp 253-264, issn 0032-079X, 12 p.Article

Bridging the gap between micro - and macro-scale perspectives on the role of microbial communities in global change ecology : Role of microbial communities in mediating ecosystem response to disturbanceBALSER, T. C; MCMAHON, K. D; SHADE, A. L et al.Plant and soil. 2006, Vol 289, Num 1-2, pp 59-70, issn 0032-079X, 12 p.Conference Paper

Analytical estimation of the vertical distribution of CO2 production within soil: application to a Japanese temperate forestTHKAHASHI, Atsuhiro; HIYAMA, Tetsuya; TAKAHASHI, Hiroshi A et al.Agricultural and forest meteorology. 2004, Vol 126, Num 3-4, pp 223-235, issn 0168-1923, 13 p.Article

Temperature sensitivity of soil and root respiration in contrasting soilsTHURGOOD, Alice; SINGH, Balwant; JONES, Edward et al.Plant and soil. 2014, Vol 382, Num 1-2, pp 253-267, issn 0032-079X, 15 p.Article

MICROBIAL COMMUNITY STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONING ALONG METAL POLLUTION GRADIENTSAZARBAD, Hamed; NIKLINSKA, Maria; VAN GESTEL, Cornelis A. M et al.Environmental toxicology and chemistry. 2013, Vol 32, Num 9, pp 1992-2002, issn 0730-7268, 11 p.Article

Factors controlling carbon distribution on reforested minelands and regenerating clearcuts in Appalachia, USALITTLEFIELD, Tara; BARTON, Chris; ARTHUR, Mary et al.Science of the total environment. 2013, Vol 465, pp 240-247, issn 0048-9697, 8 p.Article

The importance of root respiration in annual soil carbon fluxes in a cool-temperate deciduous forestLEE, Mi-Sun; NAKANE, Kaneyuki; NAKATSUBO, Takayuki et al.Agricultural and forest meteorology. 2005, Vol 134, Num 1-4, pp 95-101, issn 0168-1923, 7 p.Article

Soil properties and presence of plants affect the temperature sensitivity of carbon dioxide production by soilsUCHIDA, Yoshitaka; HUNT, John E; BARBOUR, Margaret M et al.Plant and soil. 2010, Vol 337, Num 1-2, pp 375-387, issn 0032-079X, 13 p.Article

The effect of nitrogen addition on soil respiration from a nitrogen-limited forest soilZHENZHONG SUN; LINGLI LIU; YUECUN MA et al.Agricultural and forest meteorology (Print). 2014, Vol 197, pp 103-110, issn 0168-1923, 8 p.Article

Application of MicroResp™ for soil ecotoxicologyWAKELIN, Steven; LOMBI, Enzo; DONNER, Erica et al.Environmental pollution (1987). 2013, Vol 179, pp 177-184, issn 0269-7491, 8 p.Article

Soil CO2 flux dynamics in the two main plantation forest types in subtropical ChinaXINZHANGSONG; HUANYINGYUAN; KIMBERLEY, Mark O et al.Science of the total environment. 2013, Vol 444, pp 363-368, issn 0048-9697, 6 p.Article

Carbon storage and soil CO2 efflux rates at varying degrees of damage from pine wilt disease in red pine standsJAEYEOB JEONG; CHOONSIG KIM; LEE, Kwang-Soo et al.Science of the total environment. 2013, Vol 465, pp 273-278, issn 0048-9697, 6 p.Article

Soil and total ecosystem respiration in agricultural fields: effect of soil and crop typeLOHILA, Annalea; AURELA, Mika; REGINA, Kristiina et al.Plant and soil. 2003, Vol 251, Num 2, pp 303-317, issn 0032-079X, 15 p.Article

Aeration effects on CO2, N2O, and CH4 emission and leachate composition of a forest soilVOR, Torsten; DYCKMANS, Jens; LOFTFIELD, Norman et al.Journal of plant nutrition and soil science (1999). 2003, Vol 166, Num 1, pp 39-45, issn 1436-8730, 7 p.Article

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