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Coupling between the solar wind and the magnetosphere during strong driving: MHD simulationsLOPEZ, Ramon E; WILTBERGER, Michael; LYON, John G et al.IEEE transactions on plasma science. 2004, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 1439-1442, issn 0093-3813, 4 p., 1Article

Quelques problèmes posés par les découvertes de Pluton et de Neptune = Questions raised by the discovery of Pluto and NeptuneKOURGANOFF, Vladimir.Comptes rendus. Physique. 2003, Vol 4, Num 2, pp 305-310, issn 1631-0705, 6 p.Article

Planetary bow shocks: Gasdynamic analytic approachVERIGIN, M; SLAVIN, J; SZABO, A et al.Journal of geophysical research. 2003, Vol 108, Num A8, pp SSH5.1-SSH5.14, issn 0148-0227Article

A computerized complex for observation of scintillating sourcesISAEV, E. A; LAPAEV, K. A; TYUL'BASHEV, S. A et al.Radiophysics and quantum electronics. 1997, Vol 40, Num 5, pp 392-394, issn 0033-8443Article

A search for coronal streamers near 1 AU using interplanetary scintillationHOUMINER, Z; GALLAGHER, F.Solar physics. 1993, Vol 145, Num 2, pp 359-375, issn 0038-0938Article

Determination of the heliospheric shock and of the supersonic solar wind geometry by means of the interstellar wind parametersFAHR, H.-J; FICHTNER, H; SCHERER, K et al.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 1993, Vol 277, Num 1, pp 249-264, issn 0004-6361Article

Cyclic variation of the global magnetic field indicesOBRIDKO, V. N; SHELTING, B. D.Solar physics. 1992, Vol 137, Num 1, pp 167-177, issn 0038-0938Article

Global modes constituting the solar magnetic cycle. II : phases, «Geometrical Eigenmodes», and coupling of field behaviour in different latitudesGOKHALE, M. H; JAVARAIAH, J.Solar physics. 1992, Vol 138, Num 2, pp 399-410, issn 0038-0938Article

On the rotation of large-scale background fields in the 21st cycle of solar activityMORDVINOV, V. I; TIKHOMOLOV, E. M.Solar physics. 1992, Vol 138, Num 1, pp 23-33, issn 0038-0938Article

Sunspots, planetary alignments and solar magnetism : a progress reviewSEYMOUR, P. A. H; WILLMOTT, M; TURNER, A et al.Vistas in astronomy. 1992, Vol 35, pp 39-71, issn 0083-6656, 1Article

Sunspot number time series : exponential fitting and periodicitiesNORDEMANN, D. J. R; TRIVEDI, N. B.Solar physics. 1992, Vol 142, Num 2, pp 411-414, issn 0038-0938Article

Solar observations with a millimeter-wavelength arrayWHITE, S. M; KUNDU, M. R.Solar physics. 1992, Vol 141, Num 2, pp 347-369, issn 0038-0938Conference Paper

A search for the 154 day periodicity in the occurrence rate of solar flares using Ottawa 2.8 GHz burst data, 1955-1990NILE, J. N; CLIVER, E. W.The Astrophysical journal. 1991, Vol 370, Num 1, pp 442-448, issn 0004-637X, 7 p., p.1Article

Application of the continuous orthonormalization and adjoint methods to the computation of solar eigenfrequencies and eigenfrequency sensitivitiesROSENWALD, R. D; RABAEY, G. F.The Astrophysical journal. Supplement series. 1991, Vol 77, Num 1, pp 97-117, issn 0067-0049, 21 p.Article

Solar active longitude recurring every 28-29 days acting differently in low and higher latitudesBUMBA, V.Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of Czechoslovakia. 1991, Vol 42, Num 6, pp 381-385, issn 0004-6248Article

The Sun as seen by a resonant scattering spectrometerVAN DER RAAY, H. B.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 1991, Vol 252, Num 1, pp 366-368, issn 0004-6361Article

The Sun's luminosity over a complete solar cycleWILLSON, R. C; HUDSON, H. S.Nature (London). 1991, Vol 351, Num 6321, pp 42-44, issn 0028-0836Article

Reconstructing the emission at 10.7 cm from individual active regions in terms of optical dataOSTER, L.JGR. Journal of geophysical research. A. Space physics. 1990, Vol 95, Num 5, pp 6247-6262, issn 0196-6928Article

A relation between solar activity and the Earth's rotationGU ZHENNIAN.Earth, moon and planets. 1990, Vol 48, Num 3, pp 189-195, issn 0167-9295, 7 p.Article

On the average rate of growth in sunspot number and the size of the sunspot cycleWILSON, R. M.Solar physics. 1990, Vol 125, Num 1, pp 133-141, issn 0038-0938, 9 p.Article

Solar proton events during solar cycles 19, 20, and 21FEYNMAN, J; ARMSTRONG, T. P; DAO-GIBNER, L et al.Solar physics. 1990, Vol 126, Num 2, pp 385-401, issn 0038-0938, 17 p.Article

use of 10Be in polar ice to trace the 11-year cycle of solar activityBEER, J; BLINOV, A; BONANI, G et al.Nature (London). 1990, Vol 347, Num 6289, pp 164-166, issn 0028-0836, 3 p.Article

On more feature of the 11-year cycle of the solar activityZARETSKIJ, N. S.Astronomičeskij žurnal. 1990, Vol 67, Num 5, pp 1109-1111, issn 0004-6299, 3 p.Article

A solar cycle timing predictor - the latitude of active regionsSCHATTEN, K. H.Solar physics. 1990, Vol 125, Num 1, pp 185-189, issn 0038-0938, 5 p.Conference Paper

Quasi-steady corotating structure of interplanetary geomagnetic disturbances: a survey of solar cycles 13-20ZHANG, G; YUFEN GAO; CHEN LU et al.JGR. Journal of geophysical research. Part A, Space physics. 1989, Vol 94, Num 2, pp 1235-1244Article

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