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Amberlite XAD-2 impregnated organophosphinic acid extractant for separation of uranium(VI) from rare earth elementsKARVE, Manjusha; RAJGOR, Reeta V.Desalination (Amsterdam). 2008, Vol 232, Num 1-3, pp 191-197, issn 0011-9164, 7 p.Conference Paper

Less common applications of monoliths : Preconcentration and solid-phase extractionSVEC, Frantisek.Journal of chromatography. B. 2006, Vol 841, Num 1-2, pp 52-64, issn 1570-0232, 13 p.Article

Selective solid-phase extraction of cholesterol using molecularly imprinted polymers and its application in different biological samplesYUN SHI; ZHANG, Jiang-Hua; DAN SHI et al.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2006, Vol 42, Num 5, pp 549-555, issn 0731-7085, 7 p.Article

Determination of androstenone levels in porcine plasma by LC-MS/MSCHEN, G; REN, L; YANG, S. M et al.Food chemistry. 2010, Vol 122, Num 4, pp 1278-1282, issn 0308-8146, 5 p.Article

Evaluation of zirconocene-based silica phases in organochloride pesticides preconcentrationGELLER, Ana Maria; STEDILE, Fernanda C; PERALBA, Maria Do Carmo R et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2006, Vol 299, Num 1, pp 163-171, issn 0021-9797, 9 p.Article

Molecularly imprinted materials: Receptors more durable than nature can provideBRÜGGEMANN, Oliver.Advances in biochemical engineering, biotechnology. 2002, Vol 76, pp 127-163, issn 0724-6145, 37 p.Article

96-Well solid-phase extraction: a brief history of its development : Coupled-Column Systems in the BiosciencesVENN, Richard F; MERSON, James; COLE, Susan et al.Journal of chromatography. B. 2005, Vol 817, Num 1, pp 77-80, issn 1570-0232, 4 p.Article

Silica-titania sol…gel hybrid materials: synthesis, characterization and potential application in solid phase extractionDE MORAES, Sandra V. M; PASSOS, Joana B; SCHOSSLER, Patricia et al.Talanta (Oxford). 2003, Vol 59, Num 5, pp 1039-1044, issn 0039-9140, 6 p.Article

A microfluidic fluorous solid-phase extraction chip for purification of amino acidsGUOQING HU; LEE, Jacky S. H; DONGQING LI et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2006, Vol 301, Num 2, pp 697-702, issn 0021-9797, 6 p.Article

A new approach for the extraction of pollutants from wastewaters handled by the graphic industryMONTEIRO, C; VENTURA, C; MARTINS, F et al.Journal of environmental management. 2013, Vol 122, pp 99-104, issn 0301-4797, 6 p.Article

Quantitation of heterocyclic aromatic amines in ready to eat meatballs by ultra fast liquid chromatographyOZ, Fatih.Food chemistry. 2011, Vol 126, Num 4, pp 2010-2016, issn 0308-8146, 7 p.Article

Efficient preconcentration and determination of traces of aluminum ion using silica-bonded glycerol sorbentSAFAVI, Afsaneh; MOMENI, Safieh; SAGHIR, Narges et al.Journal of hazardous materials (Print). 2009, Vol 162, Num 1, pp 333-337, issn 0304-3894, 5 p.Article

Screening 31 endocrine-disrupting pesticides in water and surface sediment samples from Beijing Guanting reservoirNANDONG XUE; XIAOBAI XU; ZULIANG JIN et al.Chemosphere (Oxford). 2005, Vol 61, Num 11, pp 1594-1606, issn 0045-6535, 13 p.Article

Pesticide extraction efficiency of two solid phase disk types after shippingRILEY, Melissa B; DUMAS, Jose A; GBUR, Edward E et al.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (Print). 2005, Vol 53, Num 13, pp 5079-5083, issn 0021-8561, 5 p.Article

The occurrence and characterisation of phenolic compounds in Camelina sativa seed, cake and oilTERPINC, Petra; POLAK, Tomaž; MAKUC, Damjan et al.Food chemistry. 2012, Vol 131, Num 2, pp 580-589, issn 0308-8146, 10 p.Article

Bio-separation, speciation and determination of chromium in water using partially pyrolyzed olive pomace sorbentEL-SHEIKH, Amjad H; ABU HILAL, Malek M; SWEILEH, Jamal A et al.Bioresource technology. 2011, Vol 102, Num 10, pp 5749-5756, issn 0960-8524, 8 p.Article

Determination of royal jelly acids in honeyISIDOROV, V. A; CZYZEWSKA, U; JANKOWSKA, E et al.Food chemistry. 2010, Vol 124, Num 1, pp 387-391, issn 0308-8146, 5 p.Article

Selective determination of copper and iron in various food samples by the solid phase extractionTOKALIOGLU, Serife; GÜRBÜZ, Fatma.Food chemistry. 2010, Vol 123, Num 1, pp 183-187, issn 0308-8146, 5 p.Article

Development of a frit-free SPE-based in-column preconcentration system for capillary electrophoresisSAAVEDRA, L; MAESO, N; CIFUENTES, A et al.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2007, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 471-476, issn 0731-7085, 6 p.Article

Solid-phase extraction for HPLC analysis of dietary folatesNILSSON, Charlotte; JOHANSSON, Madelene; YAZYNINA, Elena et al.European food research & technology (Print). 2004, Vol 219, Num 2, pp 199-204, issn 1438-2377, 6 p.Article

Subcritical water extraction of essential oils from Thymbra spicataOZEL, Mustafa Z; GOGUS, Fahrettin; LEWIS, Alistair C et al.Food chemistry. 2003, Vol 82, Num 3, pp 381-386, issn 0308-8146, 6 p.Article

Sample preparation: A critical step in the analysis of cholesterol oxidation productsGEORGIOU, Christiana A; CONSTANTINOU, Michalis S; KAPNISSI-CHRISTODOULOU, Constantina P et al.Food chemistry. 2014, Vol 145, pp 918-926, issn 0308-8146, 9 p.Article

Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction coupled to high-performance liquid chromatography for determination of trace dichlorvos residues in vegetablesZHIXIANG XU; GUOZHEN FARIG; SHUO WANG et al.Food chemistry. 2010, Vol 119, Num 2, pp 845-850, issn 0308-8146, 6 p.Article

Heterocyclic amines in aged and thermally treated pork longissimus dorsi muscle of normal and PSE qualityPOLAK, T; DOSLER, D; ZLENDER, B et al.Lebensmittel - Wissenschaft + Technologie. 2009, Vol 42, Num 2, pp 504-513, issn 0023-6438, 10 p.Article

Stripping voltammetric analysis of organophosphate pesticides using Ni/Al layered double hydroxides as solid-phase extractionJINGMING GONG; LIANYI WANG; DANDAN SONG et al.Biosensors & bioelectronics. 2009, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 493-496, issn 0956-5663, 4 p.Article

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