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Bees of the invisible poems from IndiaASHOK VAJPEYI.Indian horizons. 1993, Vol 42, Num 1-4, pp i-xviii, issn 0378-2964, 151 p.Serial Issue

An uncomfortable truth : air-conditioning and sustainability in AsiaWINTER, T.Environment & planning A (Print). 2013, Vol 45, Num 3, pp 517-531, issn 0308-518X, 15 p.Article

Characterization of complex fluvial systems using remote sensing of spatial and temporal water level variations in the Amazon, Congo, and Brahmaputra RiversJUNG, H.C; HAMSKI, J; DURAND, M et al.Earth surface processes and landforms. 2010, Vol 35, Num 3, pp 294-304, issn 0197-9337, 11 p.Article

Pratiques de gestion de l'environnement dans les pays tropicauxSINGARAVÉLOU.Collection Espaces tropicaux. 1997, Num 15, issn 1147-3991, isbn 2-90662-128-5, 558 p., isbn 2-90662-128-5Conference Proceedings

Developing a nation of villages: rural community as state formation in Sri LankaWOOST, M. D.Critique of anthropology. 1994, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 77-95, issn 0308-275XArticle

Yellamma dans ses colères = Yellama's angersLEVEQUE, P.Dialogues d'histoire ancienne. 1993, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 213-220, issn 0755-7256Article

Urbanizing refuge : interrogating spaces of displacementSANYAL, R.International journal of urban and regional research. 2014, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 558-572, issn 0309-1317, 15 p.Article

Impact of altitude and latitude on changes in temperature extremes over South Asia during 1971-2000REVADEKAR, J.V; HAMEED, S; BAIDYA, S et al.International journal of climatology. 2013, Vol 33, Num 1, pp 199-209, issn 0899-8418, 11 p.Article

Il migrante ambientale. Tra nuove configurazioni delle migrazioni transnazionali ed evoluzione delle dinamiche demografiche = Le migrant environnemental entre les nouvelles configurations de la migration transnationale et l'évolution de la dynamique démographiqueGRAZIANO, T.Bollettino della Società geografica italiana. 2012, Vol 5, Num 2, pp 223-241, issn 0037-8755, 19 p., Ser. 13Article

Mussonye goryUFIMCEV, G.F.Geomorfologiâ (Moskva). 2007, Num 4, pp 9-16, issn 0435-4281, 8 p.Article

Les migrations internationales en AsieSPAAN, E.Revue européenne des migrations internationales. 2000, Vol 16, Num 1, pp 11-35, issn 0765-0752Article

The history of cartography. Volume 2, book 1. Cartography in the traditional Islamic and South Asian societiesHARLEZ, J. B; WOODWARD, D; SCHWARTZBERG, E et al.1992, XXIV + 579 pBook

Is flooding in South Asia getting worse and more frequent?KALE, V.S.Singapore journal of tropical geography. 2014, Vol 35, Num 2, pp 161-178, issn 0129-7619, 18 p.Article

Centry dejstviâ tropičeskoj atmosfery i ih vliânie na letnie osadki indijskogo mussonaSEMENOV, E.K; SOKOLIHINA, E.V; SOKOLIHINA, N.N et al.Meteorologiâ i gidrologiâ. 2003, Num 1, pp 31-41, issn 0130-2906, 11 p.Article

Genetic studies in some ethnic groups of Pakistan (Southern Punjab): colour blindness, ear lobe attachment and behavioural traitsMIAN, A; BHUTTA, A. M; MUSHTAQ, R et al.Anthropologischer Anzeiger. 1994, Vol 52, Num 1, pp 17-22, issn 0003-5548Article

Effects of land-use change on atmospheric CO2 concentrations. South and Southeast Asia as a case studyDALE, V.H.Ecological Studies. 1993, Num 101, isbn 3-540-94117-7, 10, 384 p, isbn 3-540-94117-7Book

Ghosts: life and death in North IndiaFREED, R. S; FREED, S. A.Anthropological papers of the American Museum of Natural History. 1993, Num 72, pp 1-379, issn 0065-9452Serial Issue

Entwicklungstendenzen in den Hochgebirgsregionen des indischen Subkontinents = Tendances du développement dans les régions de haute montagne du subcontinent indienKREUTZMANN, H.Erde. 1993, Vol 124, Num 1, pp 1-18, issn 0013-9998Article

International dimensions of commercial systemsHUFF, D.L.IGU International Symposium. 1992, 244 p.Conference Proceedings

A study of few anthropometric and physiological variations among the school going boys of RanchiSABIR HUSSAIN; KANCHAN ROY.Man in India. 1990, Vol 70, Num 1, pp 70-84, issn 0025-1569Article

Soziales oder unsoziales Kapital ? Das Sozialkapital-Konzept in der Geographischen Verwundbarkeitsforschung = Capital social ou non social ? Le concept de capital social dans la recherche géographique sur la vulnérabilitéBOHLE, H.-G.Geographische Zeitschrift. 2005, Vol 93, Num 2, pp 65-81, issn 0016-7479, 17 p.Article

Tibetische Flüchtlinge in Südasien. Sozioökonomische Adaptationsprozesse in über 30 Exiljahren = Les réfugiés tibétains en Asie du Sud. Processus d'adpatation socio-économiques pendant plus de 30 années d'exilMETHFESSEL, T.Südasien = L'Asie du Sud. Geographische Rundschau. 1993, Vol 45, Num 11, pp 650-656, issn 0016-7460Book Chapter

South Asian sacred placesNOBLE, A.Journal of cultural geography. 1998, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 1-3, issn 0887-3631Article

Asian geographies of e-governmentWARF, B.Eurasian geography and economics. 2014, Vol 55, Num 1, pp 91-110, issn 1538-7216, 20 p.Article

Changes in correlation coefficients with spatial scale and implications for water resources and vulnerability dataPARVEEN, S; JAMES, L.A.The Professional geographer. 2012, Vol 64, Num 3, pp 389-400, issn 0033-0124, 12 p.Article

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