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Species-specificity of DNA trimer densities in chromosomes and their use in the classification of closely related organismsTHI HUYEN PHAN; DUC LUONG NGUYEN.Journal of microbiological methods. 2012, Vol 91, Num 1, pp 30-37, issn 0167-7012, 8 p.Article

Species-Specific Restriction of Apobec3-Mediated HypermutationBROWNEL, Edward P; LITTMANL, Dan R.Journal of virology. 2008, Vol 82, Num 3, pp 1305-1313, issn 0022-538X, 9 p.Article

Species-specific residues calibrate SoxR sensitivity to redox-active moleculesSHEPLOCK, Rebecca; RECINOS, David A; MACKOW, Natalie et al.Molecular microbiology (Print). 2013, Vol 87, Num 2, pp 368-381, issn 0950-382X, 14 p.Article

The metabolic disposition of oxazepam in ratsSISENWINE, S. F; TIO, C. O.Drug metabolism and disposition. 1986, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 41-45, issn 0090-9556Article

Species-specificity of oospore dimensions in three ecorticate species of Chara (Charales, Charophyceae)DILIP KUMAR MANDAL; SRI NARAYAN OJHA; RAY, Samit et al.Aquatic botany. 2008, Vol 88, Num 2, pp 181-183, issn 0304-3770, 3 p.Article

Species-specificity of a murine immunocontraceptive utilising murine cytomegalovirus as a gene delivery vectorSMITH, L. M; LLOYD, M. L; HARVEY, N. L et al.Vaccine. 2005, Vol 23, Num 23, pp 2959-2969, issn 0264-410X, 11 p.Article

Promoter control over foreign antigen expression in a murine cytomegalovirus vaccine vectorCUNNINGHAM, Paula T; LLOYD, Megan L; HARVEY, Nicole L et al.Vaccine. 2010, Vol 29, Num 1, pp 141-151, issn 0264-410X, 11 p.Article

Aphid Protein Effectors Promote Aphid Colonization in a Plant Species-Specific MannerPITINO, Marco; HOGENHOUT, Saskia A.Molecular plant-microbe interactions. 2013, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 130-139, issn 0894-0282, 10 p.Article

Species differences in the concentrations and distributions of opioid binding sitesROBSON, L. E; GILLAN, M. G. C; KOSTERLITZ, H. W et al.European journal of pharmacology. 1985, Vol 112, Num 1, pp 65-71, issn 0014-2999Article

Summary of carcinogenicity data generated by the National Cancer Institute/National Toxicology ProgramDI CARLO, F. J; FUNG, V. A.Drug metabolism reviews (Softcover ed.). 1984, Vol 15, Num 5-6, pp 1251-1273, issn 0360-2532Article

Species-Specific Identification of a Wide Range of Clinically Relevant Fungal Pathogens by Use of Luminex xMAP TechnologyLANDLINGER, C; PREUNER, S; WILLINGER, B et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2009, Vol 47, Num 4, pp 1063-1073, issn 0095-1137, 11 p.Article

Species differences in nitrosamine carcinogenesisLIJINSKY, W.Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology. 1984, Vol 108, Num 1, pp 46-55, issn 0171-5216Article

Induction of starfish oocyte maturation by maturation-promoting factor of mouse and surf clam oocytesKISHIMOTO, T; YAMAZAKI, K; KATO, Y et al.The Journal of experimental zoology. 1984, Vol 231, Num 2, pp 293-295, issn 0022-104XArticle

Comparison of Alpha-2 adrenergic receptors and their regulation in rodent and porcine speciesFELLER, D. J; BYLUND, D. B.The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. 1984, Vol 228, Num 2, pp 275-282, issn 0022-3565Article

Community-level and species-specific responses of coastal phytoplankton to the presence of two mesozooplanktonic grazersLEHTINEN, Sirpa; SOPANEN, Sanna; TAMMINEN, Timo et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2010, Vol 157, Num 7, pp 1555-1565, issn 0025-3162, 11 p.Article

Quantitative microscopy comparison of peroxisome proliferation by the lipid-regulating agent gemfibrozil in several speciesGRAY, R. H; DE LA IGLESIA, F. A.Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.). 1984, Vol 4, Num 3, pp 520-530, issn 0270-9139Article

The complement attack phase : control of lysis and non-lethal effects of C5b-9HÄNSCH, G. M.Immunopharmacology (New York). 1992, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 107-117, issn 0162-3109Conference Paper

Spécificité d'espèce du clivage par l'endonucléase de restriction de l'ADN kinétoplastique de leishmanieKOLESNIKOV, A. A; SAF'YANOVA, V. M; STETSENKO, M. M et al.Medicinskaâ parazitologiâ i parazitarnye bolezni. 1984, Num 4, pp 37-41, issn 0025-8326Article

Prasinoviruses of the Marine Green Alga Ostreococcus tauri Are Mainly Species SpecificCLERISSI, Camille; DESDEVISES, Yves; GRIMSLEY, Nigel et al.Journal of virology. 2012, Vol 86, Num 8, pp 4611-4619, issn 0022-538X, 9 p.Article

Antibody response to myoglobins: effect of host speciesCOOPER, H. M; EAST, I. J; TODD, P. E. E et al.Molecular immunology. 1984, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 479-487, issn 0161-5890Article

Species-specific bioluminescence facilitates speciation in the deep seaDAVIS, Matthew P; HOLCROFT, Nancy I; WILEY, Edward O et al.Marine biology (Berlin). 2014, Vol 161, Num 5, pp 1139-1148, issn 0025-3162, 10 p.Article

Rapid Genus- and Species-Specific Identification of Cronobacter spp. by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization―Time of Flight Mass SpectrometrySTEPHAN, Roger; ZIEGLER, Dominik; PFLÜGER, Valentin et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2010, Vol 48, Num 8, pp 2846-2851, issn 0095-1137, 6 p.Article

Species difference in temperature dependence of cardiac (Na++K+)-ATPase activityMATSUDA, T; IWATA, H.Biochemical pharmacology. 1985, Vol 34, Num 13, pp 2343-2346, issn 0006-2952Article

In vitro febantel transformation by sheep and cattle ruminal fluids and metabolism by hepatic subcellular fractions from different animal speciesBERETTA, C; FADINI, L; STRACCIARI, J. M et al.Biochemical pharmacology. 1987, Vol 36, Num 19, pp 3107-3114, issn 0006-2952Article

A safety assessment of coumarin taking into account species-specificity of toxicokineticsFELTER, S. P; VASSALLO, J. D; CARLTON, B. D et al.Food and chemical toxicology. 2006, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 462-475, issn 0278-6915, 14 p.Article

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