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DESCRIPTION HISTOLOGIQUE DES DIFFERENTS STADES DE DEVELOPPEMENT OVOCYTAIRE DE BARBUS CALLENSIS (VALENCIENNES, 1842) DANS L'OUED SOUMMAM (ALGERIE)DJOUDAD-KADJI, Hafsa; KADJI, Belaid; BENSLIMANE, Sihem et al.Revue française d'histotechnologie (Amboise). 2012, Vol 25, Num 1, pp 13-21, issn 0997-6434, 9 p.Article

Einfluss von Wetterungsfaktoren auf ausgewählte Abschnitte der Ertragsentwicklung bei Baumobst = Influence des facteurs climatiques sur certains stades de formation du rendement en culture fruitière = Influence of weather factors on certain stages of yield developmentSTREITBERG, H; HANDSCHACK, M.1983, Vol 30, Num 9, 273Article

Irrigation scheduling in the Oklahoma panhandle: an application of stochastic efficiency and optimal control analysesHARRIS, T. R; MAPP, H. P; STONE, J. F et al.1983, Vol 160, 108 p.Serial Issue

Quantification of effects of light reduction in greenhouses on yieldCHALLA, H; SCHAPENDONK, A. H. C. M.Acta horticulturae. 1984, Vol 2, Num 148, pp 501-510, issn 0567-7572Conference Paper

Embryogenesis and larval biology of the ahermatypic scleractinian Oculina varicosaBROOKE, S; YOUNG, C. M.Marine biology (Berlin). 2005, Vol 146, Num 4, pp 665-675, issn 0025-3162, 11 p.Article

Absorption, translocation, and metabolism of AC 252 214 in soybean (Glycine max), common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium), and velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti)SHANER, D. L; ROBSON, P. A.Weed science. 1985, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 469-471, issn 0043-1745Article

Les stades du blé = Wheat developmental stages1985, Num 88, 16 p.Article

Morphologie des stades immatures de Stenosis punctiventris (Tenebrionidae)NADVORNAYA, L. S.Vestnik zoologii. 1983, Num 6, pp 50-54, issn 0084-5604Article

The experience of cancer during early and advanced stages: the views of patients and their matesGOTAY, C. C.Social science & medicine (1982). 1984, Vol 18, Num 7, pp 605-613, issn 0277-9536Article

Efficient water use ― the role of irrigation at critical growth stagesMORSE, R.1983, Vol 38, Num 3, pp 1-4Article

Impact of life stage specific immune priming on invertebrate disease dynamicsTATE, Ann T; RUDOLF, Volker H. W.Oikos. 2012, Vol 121, Num 7, pp 1083-1092, issn 0030-1299, 10 p.Article

Glucozinolate pattern in different growth stages of high and low glucosinolate varieties of Brassica napusUPPSTROM, B.1983, Vol 93, Num 4, pp 331-336Article

Key developmental states of winter wheat, Triticum aestivumBRUNS, H. A; CROY, L. I.1983, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 410-417Article

Effects of a larval stage on isolation of populations of the trochid Austrocochlea constricta in tidal pondsJOHNSON, M. S; BLACK, R.Marine biology (Berlin). 2005, Vol 147, Num 1, pp 189-195, issn 0025-3162, 7 p.Article

Buoyancy control and diel changes in swim-bladder volume in cultured striped trumpeter (Latris lineata) larvaeTROTTER, A. J; BATTAGLENE, S. C; PANKHURST, P. M et al.Marine and freshwater research. 2005, Vol 56, Num 4, pp 361-370, issn 1323-1650, 10 p.Article

Atlas des stades du développement des formes extérieures de l'encéphale chez l'embryon humain = Atlas of developmental stages in the exterior shapes from human embryo brainO'RAHILLY, R; MÜLLER, F; BOSSY, J et al.Archives d'anatomie, d'histologie et d'embryologie. 1986, Vol 69, pp 3-39, issn 0003-9586Article

Régulation de l'activité d'isocitrate lyase chez Cannabis sativaZEMLYANUKHIN, A. A; IGAMBERDIEV, A. U.Fiziologiâ rastenij. 1985, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 739-746, issn 0015-3303Article

Physiological maturity in Aestivum wheat: visual determinationSINGH, V. P; SINGH, M; KAIRON, M. S et al.Journal of Agricultural Science. 1984, Vol 102, Num 2, pp 285-287, issn 0021-8596Article

Modification du poids corporel d'Hyalomma asiaticum Kozlovi Olenev (Acarina: Ixodidae) durant différents stades de développementYAO WEN-BING; DING YU-MAO.1984, Vol 27, Num 2, pp 235-240Article

Determination of body lipid from different stages of the moth Parasa lepida Cramer (Limacodidae: Lepidoptera)BASALINGAPPA, S; MUGALI, R. N; KAREDDY, V. B et al.Journal of animal morphology and physiology. 1982, Vol 29, Num 1-2, pp 286-288, issn 0021-8804Article

Agronomic Responses of Corn to Stand Reduction at Vegetative Growth StagesCOULTER, Jeffrey A; NAFZIGER, Emerson D; ABENDROTH, Lori J et al.Agronomy journal (Print). 2011, Vol 103, Num 3, pp 577-583, issn 0002-1962, 7 p.Article

Studies on the toxicity of phosphine to tolerant stages of Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera: Dermestidae)BELL, C. H; WILSON, S. M; BANKS, H. J et al.Journal of Stored Products Research. 1984, Vol 20, Num 2, pp 111-117, issn 0022-474XArticle

Development and distribution of a lectin from the stems and leaves of Dolichos biflorusROBERTS, D. M; ETZLER, M. E.Plant physiology (Bethesda). 1984, Vol 76, Num 4, pp 879-884, issn 0032-0889Article

Translocation of photosynthate in bulbing onionsMANN, J. D.Australian journal of plant physiology. 1983, Vol 10, Num 6, pp 515-521, issn 0310-7841Article

Changes in the differential haemocyte counts of Scutellera nobilis (Fabr.) related to metamorphosis and reproductionMALL, S. B; GUPTA, G. S.Journal of animal morphology and physiology. 1983, Vol 30, Num 1-2, pp 93-100, issn 0021-8804Article

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