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The influence of rapid diagnosis of streptococcal infection in pharyngitis and rheumatic feverCAMPOS, J. M.Advances in experimental medicine and biology. 1989, Vol 263, pp 37-50, issn 0065-2598, 14 p.Article

Autoinducer-2 influences interactions amongst pioneer colonizing streptococci in oral biofilmsCUADRA-SAENZ, Giancarlo; RAO, Dhana L; UNDERWOOD, Adam J et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2012, Vol 158, pp 1783-1795, issn 1350-0872, 13 p., 7Article

Asp2 and Asp3 Interact Directly with GspB, the Export Substrate of the Streptococcus gordonii Accessory Sec SystemYEN, Yihfen T; SEEPERSAUD, Ravin; BENSING, Barbara A et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2011, Vol 193, Num 13, pp 3165-3174, issn 0021-9193, 10 p.Article

Regulation of the Competence Pathway as a Novel Role Associated with a Streptococcal BacteriocinDUFOUR, Delphine; CORDOVA, Martha; CVITKOVITCH, Dennis G et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2011, Vol 193, Num 23, pp 6552-6559, issn 0021-9193, 8 p.Article

Increasing competence in the genus StreptococcusHAVARSTEIN, Leiv Sigve.Molecular microbiology (Print). 2010, Vol 78, Num 3, pp 541-544, issn 0950-382X, 4 p.Article

Thumb Infection Caused by Streptococcus pseudoporcinusMAHLEN, Steven D; CLARRIDGE, Jill E.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2009, Vol 47, Num 9, pp 3041-3042, issn 0095-1137, 2 p.Article

Regulation of gbpC expression in Streptococcus mutansBISWAS, Indranil; DRAKE, Laura; BISWAS, Saswati et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2007, Vol 189, Num 18, pp 6521-6531, issn 0021-9193, 11 p.Article

Enterococcus devriesei sp. nov., associated with animal sourcesSVEC, Pavel; VANCANNEYT, Marc; KOORT, Joanna et al.International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology (Print). 2005, Vol 55, pp 2479-2484, issn 1466-5026, 6 p., 6Article

Conjugal transfer of a plasmid encoding bacteriocin production and immunity in Pediococcus acidilactici H = Transfert conjugué d'un plasmide codant la production de bactériocine et le caractère immunité chez Pediococcus acidilactici HRAY, S. K; KIM, W. J; JOHNSON, M. C et al.Journal of applied bacteriology. 1989, Vol 66, Num 5, pp 393-399, issn 0021-8847Article

Replacement of the type strain of Streptococcus mitisKILIAN, M; MIKKELSEN, L; HENRICHSEN, J et al.International journal of systematic bacteriology. 1989, Vol 39, Num 4, pp 498-499, issn 0020-7713Article

Salivary levels of putative cariogenic organisms in patients with eating disordersBRETZ, W. A; KRAHN, D. D; DREWNOWSKI, A et al.Oral microbiology and immunology. 1989, Vol 4, Num 4, pp 230-232, issn 0902-0055, 3 p.Article

Possible Solution to the Problem of Nonhemolytic Group B Streptococcus on Granada MediumNICKMANS, Silvie; VERHOYE, Eline; BOEL, An et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2012, Vol 50, Num 3, pp 1132-1133, issn 0095-1137, 2 p.Article

Biochemical Characterization of the CDP-D-Arabinitol Biosynthetic Pathway in Streptococcus pneumoniae 17FQUAN WANG; YANLI XU; PEREPELOV, Andrei V et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2012, Vol 194, Num 8, pp 1868-1874, issn 0021-9193, 7 p.Article

First Report of Prosthetic Joint Infection by Gemella sanguinis and Associated Pseudosatelliting Phenomenon on CultureLEUNG, Daniel T; DAVIS, Eric M; QINFANG QIAN et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2011, Vol 49, Num 9, pp 3395-3397, issn 0095-1137, 3 p.Article

Membrane Topology and DNA-Binding Ability of the Streptococcal CpsA ProteinHANSON, Brett R; LOWE, Beth A; NEELY, Melody N et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2011, Vol 193, Num 2, pp 411-420, issn 0021-9193, 10 p.Article

Bovicin HJ50, a novel lantibiotic produced by Streptococcus bovis HJ50HAIJIE XIAO; XIUZHU CHEN; MEILING CHEN et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2004, Vol 150, pp 103-108, issn 1350-0872, 6 p., 1Article

Differential response of Streptococcus mutans towards friend and foe in mixed-species culturesJINMAN LIU; CHENGGANG WU; HUANG, I-Hsiu et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2011, Vol 157, pp 2433-2444, issn 1350-0872, 12 p., 9Article

The pathogenic persona of community-associated oral streptococciWHITMORE, Sarah E; LAMONT, Richard J.Molecular microbiology (Print). 2011, Vol 81, Num 2, pp 305-314, issn 0950-382X, 10 p.Article

Three Paralogous LysR-Type Transcriptional Regulators Control Sulfur Amino Acid Supply in Streptococcus mutansSPERANDIO, Brice; GAUTIER, Céline; PONS, Nicolas et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2010, Vol 192, Num 13, pp 3464-3473, issn 0021-9193, 10 p.Article

Biofilm formation by enterococciMOHAMED, Jamal A; HUANG, David B.Journal of medical microbiology. 2007, Vol 56, Num 12, pp 1581-1588, issn 0022-2615, 8 p.Article

Determination of Enterococcus faecalis groESL full-length sequence and application for species identificationTENG, Lee-Jene; HSUEH, Po-Ren; WANG, Yi-Hui et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2001, Vol 39, Num 9, pp 3326-3331, issn 0095-1137Article

A physiological classification of viridans streptococci by use of the API-20STREP systemFRENCH, G.L; TALSANIA, H; CHARLTON, J.R.H et al.Journal of medical microbiology. 1989, Vol 28, Num 4, pp 275-286, issn 0022-2615Article

Antimutagenic activity of cellular component of Streptococcus faecalis IFO 12965 = Activité antimutagène d'un constituant cellulaire de Streptococcus faecalis IFO 12965HOSONO, A; YOSHIMURA, A; OTANI, H et al.Netherlands milk and dairy journal. 1987, Vol 41, Num 3, pp 239-245Article

Case for Carriage: The Pneumococcal Carriage Consortium (PneumoCarr) : Nasopharyngeal Carriage in the Pneumococcal Vaccine Licensure ProcessKÄYHTY, Helena; AURANEN, Kari; MULHOLLAND, Kim et al.Vaccine. 2013, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 180-202, issn 0264-410X, 23 p.Article

Long-term survival of Streptococcus pyogenes in rich media is pH-dependentSAVIC, Dragutin J; MCSHAN, William M.Microbiology (Reading). 2012, Vol 158, pp 1428-1436, issn 1350-0872, 9 p., 6Article

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