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An improved procedure for the return stroke current identificationANDREOTTI, A; ASSANTE, D; FALCO, S et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2005, Vol 41, Num 5, pp 1872-1875, issn 0018-9464, 4 p.Conference Paper

Off-line handwritten Korean character recognition based on stroke extraction and representationPYEOUNG KEE KIM; HANG JOON KIM.Pattern recognition letters. 1994, Vol 15, Num 12, pp 1245-1253, issn 0167-8655Article

Organisation of inhospital acute stroke care and minimum criteria for stroke care units. Recommendations of the Belgian Stroke CouncilTHIJS, V; PEETERS, A; BROUNS, R et al.Acta neurologica belgica. 2009, Vol 109, Num 4, pp 247-251, issn 0300-9009, 5 p.Article

European Stroke Organisation Recommendations to Establish a Stroke Unit and Stroke CenterRINGELSTEIN, E. Bernd; CHAMORRO, Angel; KASTE, Markku et al.Stroke (1970). 2013, Vol 44, Num 3, pp 828-840, issn 0039-2499, 13 p.Article

Relation of tissue displacement and strain to invasively determined right ventricular stroke volumeURHEIM, Stig; CAUDURO, Sanderson; ABRAHAM, Theodore P et al.The American journal of cardiology. 2005, Vol 96, Num 8, pp 1173-1178, issn 0002-9149, 6 p.Article

Early blood-based microbiological testing is ineffective in severe stroke patientsGUMBINGER, Christoph; HUG, Andreas; MÜRLE, Bettina et al.Journal of the neurological sciences. 2013, Vol 325, Num 1-2, pp 46-50, issn 0022-510X, 5 p.Article

Factors influencing the pre- and in-hospital management of acute stroke - data from a Greek tertiary care hospitalKOUTLAS, Evangelos; RUDOLF, Jobst; GRIVAS, Georgios et al.European neurology. 2004, Vol 51, Num 1, pp 35-37, issn 0014-3022, 3 p.Article

The influence of positive end-expiratory pressure on stroke volume variation and central blood volume during open and closed chest conditionsKUBITZ, Jens C; ANNECKE, Thorsten; KEMMING, Gregor I et al.European journal of cardio-thoracic surgery. 2006, Vol 30, Num 1, pp 90-95, issn 1010-7940, 6 p.Article

On the concepts used in return stroke models applied in engineering practiceCOORAY, Vernon.IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility. 2003, Vol 45, Num 1, pp 101-108, issn 0018-9375, 8 p.Article

Dietary S-allyl-L-cysteine reduces mortality with decreased incidence of stroke and behavioral changes in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive ratsKIM, Ji-Myung; CHANG, Namsoo; KIM, Won-Ki et al.Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 2006, Vol 70, Num 8, pp 1969-1971, issn 0916-8451, 3 p.Article

Analysis of speed, stroke rate, and stroke distance for world-class breaststroke swimmingFRITZDORF, Stephen Garland; HIBBS, Angela; KLESHNEV, Valery et al.Journal of sports sciences (Print). 2009, Vol 27, Num 4, pp 373-378, issn 0264-0414, 6 p.Article

Rehabilitation of postcardiac surgery stroke patients: Progress, outcomes, and comparisons with other stroke patientsKEVORKIAN, C. George; KALDIS, Teresa; MAHAJAN, Gagan et al.American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation. 2003, Vol 82, Num 7, pp 537-543, issn 0894-9115, 7 p.Article

Patient knowledge and expectations for functional recovery after strokeSTEIN, Joel; SHAFQAT, Saad; DOHERTY, Daniel et al.American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation. 2003, Vol 82, Num 8, pp 591-596, issn 0894-9115, 6 p.Article

Developing a Tool to Assess Quality of Stroke Care Across European Populations: The EROS Quality Assessment ToolWELLWOOD, Ian; WU, Olivia; LANGHORNE, Peter et al.Stroke (1970). 2011, Vol 42, Num 5, pp 1207-1211, issn 0039-2499, 5 p.Article

Changing Demographics at a Comprehensive Stroke Center Amidst the Rise in Primary Stroke CentersALBRIGHT, Karen C; BOEHME, Amelia K; MULLEN, Michael T et al.Stroke (1970). 2013, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 1117-1123, issn 0039-2499, 7 p.Article

Stroke Unit Care Combined With Early Supported Discharge Improves 5-Year Outcome A Randomized Controlled TrialFJAERTOFT, Hild; ROHWEDER, Gitta; INDREDAVIK, Bent et al.Stroke (1970). 2011, Vol 42, Num 6, pp 1707-1711, issn 0039-2499, 5 p.Article

A collaborative study of stroke incidence in Japan: 1975-1979KOMACHI, Y; TANAKA, H; TSUNETOSHI, Y et al.Stroke (1970). 1984, Vol 15, Num 1, pp 28-36, issn 0039-2499Article

The changing pattern of survival following strokeGARRAWAY, W. M; WHISNANT, J. P; DRURY, I et al.Stroke (1970). 1983, Vol 14, Num 5, pp 699-703, issn 0039-2499Article

Rééducation motrice après un AVC : à déclencher dès que possible. FocusHAS ACTUALITES ET PRATIQUES. 2013, Num 48, issn 1968-9268, 1 p.Serial Issue

Quantitative evaluation of myocardial injury induced by acute cerebral ischaemia and its prevention by βI-adrenergic blockade. An ultrastructural morphometry studyKOLIN, A; BREZINA, A; LEWIS, A. J et al.British journal of experimental pathology. 1989, Vol 70, Num 6, pp 659-667, issn 0007-1021, 9 p.Article

Stroke. Author's repliesSHAPER, A. G; SHINTON, R; MASLANSKY, R et al.Lancet (British edition). 1992, Vol 339, Num 8795, issn 0140-6736, p. 750Article

Cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction (Stroke): diagnosis and treatment. Consensus development conference statementInternational journal of technology assessment in health care. 1987, Vol 3, Num 4, pp 598-606, issn 0266-4623Article

A day rehabilitation stroke programMARSH, M.Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 1984, Vol 65, Num 6, pp 320-323, issn 0003-9993Article

StrokesMajor problems in neurology. 1984, Vol 13, pp 261-322, issn 0301-5602Article

Accident vasculaire cérébral : méthodes de rééducation de la fonction motrice chez l'adulte2012, 236 p.Report

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