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Oxidation of metal sulphides and determination of characteristic temperatures by DTA and TGDIMITROV, R. I; BOYANOV, B. S.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2000, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 181-189, issn 1388-6150Article

Sulfures et minerais sulfurésMOËLO, Y; DUVAL, B.Les Naturalistes orléanais. 1986, Vol 5, Num 10, pp 15-18, issn 0291-8455Article

Annealing process dependence of the photoluminescence in rare-earth-ion-doped chalcogenide glassHACHIYA, Kan; OHASHI, Hideki.Electrochimica acta. 2007, Vol 53, Num 1, pp 7-10, issn 0013-4686, 4 p.Conference Paper

Radial-position-controlled doping in CdS/ZnS core/shell nanocrystalsYONGAN YANG; OU CHEN; ANGERHOFER, Alexander et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 38, pp 12428-12429, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

Çatalysis in coal liquefactionMOCHIDA, I; SAKANISHI, K.Advances in catalysis. 1994, Vol 40, pp 39-85, issn 0360-0564Article

Synthesis of a d transition metal sulfides from amorphous dithiooxamide complexesABBOUDI, M; MOSSET, A.Journal of solid state chemistry (Print). 1994, Vol 109, Num 1, pp 70-73, issn 0022-4596Article

Photocatalytic production of hydrogen and concomitant cleavage of industrial waste hydrogen sulphideDE, G. C; ROY, A. M; BHATTACHARYA, S. S et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 1995, Vol 20, Num 2, pp 127-131, issn 0360-3199Article

The Fe-Ni distribution between pentlandite and monosulfide solid solution equalized at low temperatureDREBUSHCHAK, V. A; KRAVCHENKO, T. A.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 1999, Vol 56, Num 2, pp 925-929, issn 1388-6150Conference Paper

H2 production of (CdS-ZnS)-TiO2 supported photocatalytic systemTAMBWEKAR, S. V; VENUGOPAL, D; SUBRAHMANYAM, M et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 1999, Vol 24, Num 10, pp 957-963, issn 0360-3199Article

HDS, HDN and HYD activities and temperature-programmed reduction of unsupported transition metal sulfidesJACOBSEN, C. J. H; TÖRNQVIST, E; TOPSØE, H et al.Catalysis letters. 1999, Vol 63, Num 3-4, pp 179-183, issn 1011-372XArticle

Production, characterization and scattering of a sulfur atom beam : Interatomic potentials for the rare-gas sulfides, RS (R = Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe)AQUILANTI, Vincenzo; ASCENZI, Daniela; BRACA, Elisabetta et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2000, Vol 2, Num 18, pp 4081-4088, issn 1463-9076Article

Anode materials for a hydrogen sulfide solid oxide fuel cellYATES, C; WINNICK, J.Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 1999, Vol 146, Num 8, pp 2841-2844, issn 0013-4651Article

Kinetics of heavy metal reactions with ferrous sulfideDAVIS, A. P; HAO, O. J; CHEN, J. M et al.Chemosphere (Oxford). 1994, Vol 28, Num 6, pp 1147-1164, issn 0045-6535Article

New organosols of CuS, CdS, ZnS, HgS, NiS, and mixed metal sulfides in N,N-dimethylformamide and dimethyl sulfoxide. Preparation, characterization, and physical propertiesOSAKADA, K; TANIGUCHI, A; KUBOTA, E et al.Chemistry of materials. 1992, Vol 4, Num 3, pp 562-570, issn 0897-4756Article

Geochemistry of metals from mine tailings in Taxco, MexicoARMIENTA, M. A; TALAVERA, O; MORTON, O et al.Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology. 2003, Vol 71, Num 2, pp 387-393, issn 0007-4861, 7 p.Article

Das system NiS-Cr2S3-In2S3SCHMIDT, T; LUTZ, H. D.Journal of the less-common metals. 1990, Vol 161, Num 1, pp 7-16, issn 0022-5088Article

A proton-conducting solid state H2S-O2 fuel cell. 3. Operation using H2S-hydrocarbon mixtures as anode feedCHUANG, K. T; SANGER, A. R; SLAVOV, S. V et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2001, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 103-108, issn 0360-3199Article

The synthesis and reactivity of α-oxosulfinesSTILL, I. W. J; FRAZER, D. V; HUTCHINSON, D. K. T et al.Canadian journal of chemistry (Print). 1989, Vol 67, Num 3, pp 369-381, issn 0008-4042, 13 p.Article

Lithium intercalation and copper extraction in spinel sulfides of general formula Cu2MSn3S8 (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni)LAVELA, P; TIRADO, J. L; MORALES, J et al.Journal of material chemistry. 1996, Vol 6, Num 1, pp 41-47, issn 0959-9428Article

Hydrotreating activities of alumina-supported bimetallic catalysts derived from noble metal containing molecular sulfide clusters Mo3S4M' (M' = Ru, Rh, Ir, Pd, Pt)HERBST, Konrad; BRORSON, Michael; CARLSSON, Anna et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. A, Chemical. 2010, Vol 325, Num 1-2, pp 1-7, issn 1381-1169, 7 p.Article

Interlayer interactin in misfit layer compounds MTS3 (M = Sn, Pb, La ; T = Ti, Nb)OHNO, Y.Solid state communications. 1991, Vol 79, Num 12, pp 1081-1084, issn 0038-1098Article

Isolation of highly performant sulfate reducers from sulfate-rich environmentsHILIGSMANN, S; JACQUES, P; THONART, P et al.Biodegradation (Dordrecht). 1998, Vol 9, Num 3-4, pp 285-292, issn 0923-9820Conference Paper

Behavior of sulphur compounds during pyrolysis and gasification of coalsJI-JUN XU; MAKINO, M; KAIHO, M et al.Nihon Enerugi Gakkaishi. 1993, Vol 72, Num 12, pp 1177-1183, issn 0916-8753Article

On the mechanism of photodoping in vitreous chalcogenidesKOLOBOV, A. V; ELLIOTT, S. R.Philosophical magazine. B. Physics of condensed matter. Electronic, optical and magnetic properties. 1990, Vol 61, Num 5, pp 859-865, issn 0141-8637Article

Utilization of pyritic tailings to mitigate arsenic mobilization in groundwaterMULLER, S. C.International Conference on Tailings and Mine Waste'97. 1997, pp 509-516, isbn 90-5410-857-6Conference Paper

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