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Application of 3D electrical resistivity imaging for mapping frozen ground conditions exemplified by three case studiesKNEISEL, C; EMMERT, A; KÄSTL, J et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 210, pp 71-82, issn 0169-555X, 12 p.Article

Selection of a taxonomic level for soil mapping using diversity and map purity indices: A case study from an Iranian arid regionJAFARI, A; AYOUBI, S; KHADEMI, H et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 201, pp 86-97, issn 0169-555X, 12 p.Article

Weathering, mineralogical evolution and soil organic matter along a Holocene soil toposequence developed on carbonate-rich materialsEGLI, Markus; MERKLI, Christian; SARTORI, Giacomo et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2008, Vol 97, Num 3-4, pp 675-696, issn 0169-555X, 22 p.Article

Ground thermal profiles from Mount Kenya, East AfricaGRAB, Stefan W; GATEBE, Charles K; KINYUA, Antony M et al.Geografiska annaler. Series A. Physical geography. 2004, Vol 86, Num 2, pp 131-141, issn 0435-3676, 11 p.Article

Soil stratigraphy and Quaternary caliche in the Misis area of the Adana Basin, southern TurkeyKAPUR, S; YAMAN, S; GÖKCEN, S. L et al.Catena (Giessen). 1993, Vol 20, Num 5, pp 431-445, issn 0341-8162Conference Paper

Die Anfänge der Getreidekulter in der Entwicklungsgeschichte der Menschheit. - Überlegungen zu den geoökologischen RahmenbedingungenWEISCHET, Wolfgang.Geoökodynamik. 1991, Vol 12, pp 71-86, issn 0720-454X, 1/2Conference Paper

Upper Quaternary sediments and soils in the Great Salt Lake-aream U.S.AKLEBER, Arno.Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie. 1990, Vol 34, Num 3, pp 271-281, issn 0372-8854Conference Paper

The fate of soil organic carbon upon erosion, transport and deposition in agricultural landscapes ― A review of different conceptsKIRKELS, F. M. S. A; CAMMERAAT, L. H; KUHN, N. J et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 226, pp 94-105, issn 0169-555X, 12 p.Article

Geologic nitrogen and climate change in the geochemical budget of Karkevagge, Swedish LaplandDIXON, John C; CAMPBELL, Sean W; DURHAM, Bill et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2012, Vol 167-68, pp 70-76, issn 0169-555X, 7 p.Conference Paper

Frozen ground conditions in a subarctic mountain environment, Northern SwedenKNEISEL, Christof.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2010, Vol 118, Num 1-2, pp 80-92, issn 0169-555X, 13 p.Article

Les terres anciennement cultivées du centre du Portugal : Aménagements-traditionnels et impacts des incendies de forêt = The lands cultivated in past from the Centre of Portugal : Traditional managements and impacts of forest firesLOURENCO, Luciano.Etudes de géographie physique. 2005, Num 32, pp 63-73, issn 1278-5105, 11 p.Article

Effects of redistribution processes on rock fragment variability within a vineyard topsoil in Mediterranean FranceFOLLAIN, Stéphane; CIAMPALINI, Rossano; CRABIT, Armand et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2012, Vol 175-76, pp 45-53, issn 0169-555X, 9 p.Article

Active layer temperature in two Cryosols from King George Island, Maritime AntarcticaMICHEL, Roberto F. M; SCHAEFER, Carlos Ernesto G. R; POELKING, Everton L et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2012, Vol 155-56, pp 12-19, issn 0169-555X, 8 p.Conference Paper

Modeling soil organic matter dynamics as affected by soil water erosionPOLYAKOV, V; LAL, R.Environment international. 2004, Vol 30, Num 4, pp 547-556, issn 0160-4120, 10 p.Article

Pedodiversity analysis at large scales: an example of three fluvial terraces of the Henares River (central Spain)SALDANA, A; IBANEZ, J. J.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2004, Vol 62, Num 1-2, pp 123-138, issn 0169-555X, 16 p.Article

Simulation of medium-term soil redistributions for different land use and landscape design scenarios within a vineyard landscape in Mediterranean FranceDAVID, Mélodie; FOLLAIN, Stéphane; CIAMPALINI, Rossano et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 214, pp 10-21, issn 0169-555X, 12 p.Article

Factors Controlling the Distribution of Mountain Permafrost in the Northern Hemisphere and Their Influence on Sediment TransferETZELMÜLLER, Bernd; FRAUENFELDER, Regula.Arctic, antarctic, and alpine research. 2009, Vol 41, Num 1, pp 48-58, issn 1523-0430, 11 p.Conference Paper

Modeling the USLE K-factor for calcareous soils in northwestern IranVAEZI, A. R; SADEGHI, S. H. R; BAHRAMI, H. A et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2008, Vol 97, Num 3-4, pp 414-423, issn 0169-555X, 10 p.Article

On the origin of rock fragment mulches on Vertisols : A case study from the Ethiopian highlandsMOEYERSONS, Jan; NYSSEN, Jan; POESEN, Jean et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2006, Vol 76, Num 3-4, pp 411-429, issn 0169-555X, 19 p.Article

Effect of soil crusting on the emission and transport of wind-eroded sediment: field measurements on loamy sandy soilGOOSSENS, Dirk.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2004, Vol 58, Num 1-4, pp 145-160, issn 0169-555X, 16 p.Article

Improvement to the prediction of the USLE K factorSHABANI, Farzin; KUMAR, Lalit; ESMAEILI, Atefeh et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 204, pp 229-234, issn 0169-555X, 6 p.Article

Impact of soil characteristics and land use on pipe erosion in a temperate humid climate: Field studies in BelgiumVERACHTERT, E; VAN DEN EECKHAUT, M; MARTINEZ-MURILLO, J. F et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 192, pp 1-14, issn 0169-555X, 14 p.Article

Quantitative mapping of alluvial fan evolution using ground-based reflectance spectroscopyFERRIER, Graham; POPE, Richard J. J.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2012, Vol 175-76, pp 14-24, issn 0169-555X, 11 p.Article

Soil-geomorphology relationships in Sirjan playa, south central IranFARPOOR, M. H; NEYESTANI, M; EGHBAL, M. K et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2012, Vol 138, Num 1, pp 223-230, issn 0169-555X, 8 p.Article

Susceptibility modelling of hummocky terrain distribution using the information value method (Deception Island, Antarctic Peninsula)MELO, Raquel; VIEIRA, Gonçalo; CASELLI, Alberto et al.Geomorphology (Amsterdam). 2012, Vol 155-56, pp 88-95, issn 0169-555X, 8 p.Conference Paper

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