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Evaluating the Noise in Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential Measurements in Cochlear ImplantsUNDURRAGA, Jaime A; CARLYON, Robert P; WOUTERS, Jan et al.IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering. 2012, Vol 59, Num 7, pp 1912-1923, issn 0018-9294, 12 p.Article

Attenuation of Eye Movements Evoked by a Vestibular Implant at the Frequency of the Baseline Pulse RateSAGINAW, Michael A; WANGSONG GONG; HABURCAKOVA, Csilla et al.IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering. 2011, Vol 58, Num 10, pp 2732-2739, issn 0018-9294, 8 p., 1Article

Discomallear and malleomandibular ligaments: anatomical study and clinical applicationsCHEYNET, F; GUYOT, L; RICHARD, O et al.Surgical and radiologic anatomy (Print). 2003, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 152-157, issn 0930-1038, 6 p.Article

External auditory canal Closure in cochlear implant surgeryEL-KASHLAN, Hussam K; ARTS, H. Alexander; TELIAN, Steven A et al.Otology & neurotology. 2003, Vol 24, Num 3, pp 404-408, issn 1531-7129, 5 p.Article

Implantation cochléaire pédiatrique = Cochlear implants in childrenLOUNDON, Natalie.La Revue du praticien (Paris). 2003, Vol 53, Num 3, pp 237-239, issn 0035-2640, 3 p.Article

Transmission of heat to the vestibule during revision stapes surgery using a KTP laser: an in vitro studySZYMANSKI, Marcin; MILLS, Robert; ABEL, Eric et al.Journal of laryngology and otology. 2003, Vol 117, Num 5, pp 349-352, issn 0022-2151, 4 p.Article

Poznan's program of cochlear and brainstem implantation: a general reviewSZYFTER, W; PRUSZEWICZ, A; KARLIK, M et al.European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology. 2003, Vol 260, Num 8, pp 460-463, issn 0937-4477, 4 p.Article

L'implant cochléaire chez l'enfant : résultats et perspectives = Cochlear implants in children : current results and future prospectsLOUNDON, N; BUSQUET, D; DENOYELLE, F et al.Archives de pédiatrie (Paris). 2003, Vol 10, pp 161s-163s, issn 0929-693X, SUP1Conference Paper

Combined otoplasty technique: Chondrocutaneous conchal resection as the cornerstone to correction of the prominent ear. DiscussionBAUER, Bruce S; SONG, David H; AITKEN, Marguerite E et al.Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1963). 2002, Vol 110, Num 4, pp 1033-1041, issn 0032-1052Article

The use of fibrin adhesive in ear reconstruction with autogenous rib cartilageYILDIRIM, Serkan; AKAN, Mithat; AKÖZ, Tayfun et al.Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1963). 2002, Vol 109, Num 2, pp 701-705, issn 0032-1052Article

Implant cochléaire, 30 ans d'immenses progrès = Cochlear implant, 30 years of improvementFUGAIN, Claude.Ortho magazine (Longny-au-Perche). 2002, Num 40, pp 28-30, issn 1262-4586Article

Follow-up management of children with tympanostomy tubesPediatrics (Evanston). 2002, Vol 109, Num 2, pp 328-329, issn 0031-4005, 1Article

Promontory Drilling in stapedectomyLIPPY, William H; BERENHOLZ, Leonard P; SCHURING, Arnold G et al.Otology & neurotology. 2002, Vol 23, Num 4, pp 439-441, issn 1531-7129Article

A technique for remodeling the antihelix to correct the prominent ear. DiscussionROBIONY, Massimo; COSTA, Fabio; POLITI, Massimo et al.Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery. 2001, Vol 59, Num 1, pp 9-14, issn 0278-2391Article

Gavello's procedure : An old earlobe reconstruction method, revisited and touched upEMIROGLU, Murat; AL-SAEDI, Muhammad.Aesthetic plastic surgery. 2001, Vol 25, Num 3, pp 187-188, issn 0364-216XArticle

New modification in otoplasty : Anterior approach. Discussion : Cosmetic sectionEROL, Ö. Onur; FURNAS, David W.Plastic and reconstructive surgery (1963). 2001, Vol 107, Num 1, pp 193-205, issn 0032-1052Article

Split earlobe repair using a double-flap techniqueSTAIANO, J. J; NIRANJAN, N. S.Annals of plastic surgery. 2001, Vol 47, Num 1, pp 89-91, issn 0148-7043Article

Le shunt intrahépatique par voie transjugulaire (TIPS) : dix ans après = Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) : 10 years afterSPAHR, L; BECKER, C; GIOSTRA, E et al.Médecine et hygiène. 2001, Vol 59, Num 2332, pp 273-276, issn 0025-6749, 3 p.Article

Impact of effective health care bulletin on treatment of persistent glue ear in children : time series analysisMASON, James; FREEMANTLE, Nick; BROWNING, George et al.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 2001, Vol 323, Num 7321, pp 1096-1097, issn 0959-8146Article

Canalplasty : review of 100 casesLAVY, Jeremy; FAGAN, Paul.Journal of laryngology and otology. 2001, Vol 115, Num 4, pp 270-273, issn 0022-2151Conference Paper

Die Qual der Wahl bei der Behandlung des Morbus Menière = The dilemma in choosing a treatment in Menière's diseaseARNOLD, W.HNO. Hals-, Nasen-, Ohrenärzte. 2001, Vol 49, Num 3, pp 163-165, issn 0017-6192Article

Rehabilitation der anhaltenden Fazialislähmung : Teil 2 = Rehabilitation of persistent facial paralysis. Part 2JUNGEHÜLSING, M; GUNTINAS-LICHIUS, O; STENNERT, E et al.HNO. Hals-, Nasen-, Ohrenärzte. 2001, Vol 49, Num 6, pp 484-496, issn 0017-6192Article

Head dressings for pinnaplasty : a tradition not supported by evidenceWONG, Matthew C; SYLAIDIS, P.British journal of plastic surgery. 2001, Vol 54, Num 1, pp 81-82, issn 0007-1226Article

Results of tympanoplasty in children after 15 to 27 yearsTOS, M; ØRNTOFT, S; STANGERUP, S.-E et al.The Annals of otology, rhinology & laryngology. 2000, Vol 109, Num 1, pp 17-23, issn 0003-4894Article

Z-meatoplasty technique in endaural approach mastoidectomyMURRAY, D. P; JASSAR, P; LEE, M. S. W et al.Journal of laryngology and otology. 2000, Vol 114, Num 7, pp 526-527, issn 0022-2151Article

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