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On topological dynamical systems with discrete spectrumSAKAI, K; YOSIDA, K.Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Series A Mathematical sciences. 1985, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 8-10, issn 0386-2194Article

Asymptotic stability in general dynamical systemsELAYDI, S; KAUL, S. K.Nonlinear analysis. 1989, Vol 13, Num 6, pp 657-669, issn 0362-546XArticle

Special Issue on Discontinuous and Fractional Dynamicl SystemsTENREIRO MACHADO, J; LUO, Albert.Journal of computational and nonlinear dynamics. 2008, Vol 3, Num 2, pp 020201.1-021404.7, issn 1555-1415Serial Issue

SPECIAL ISSUE ON COMPUTATIONAL AND MULTIBODY DYNAMICSNEGRUT, Dan; BAUCHAU, Olivier.Journal of computational and nonlinear dynamics. 2010, Vol 5, Num 3, issn 1555-1415, [115 p.]Serial Issue

Fractal basin boundaries and homoclinic orbits for periodic motion in a two-well potentialMOON, F. C; LI, G.-X.Physical review letters. 1985, Vol 55, Num 14, pp 1439-1442, issn 0031-9007Article

Hierarchical method for the construction of Lyapunov functions in the theory of stability of unperturbed motionBEGMURATOV, K. A; MARTYNYUK, A. A.International applied mechanics. 1993, Vol 29, Num 5, pp 399-405, issn 1063-7095Article

Stability of singular large-scale systems in the presence of structural perturbationsMILADZHANOV, V. G.International applied mechanics. 1993, Vol 29, Num 6, pp 480-486, issn 1063-7095Article

Parker's Dynamo as Specific Behavior of a Dynamical SystemNEFEDOV, S. N; SOKOLOFF, D. D.Astronomy reports. 2010, Vol 54, Num 3, pp 247-253, issn 1063-7729, 7 p.Article

Attractors on finite sets: the dissipative dynamics of computing structuresHOGG, T; HUBERMAN, B. A.Physical review. A, General physics. 1985, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 2338-2346, issn 0556-2791Article

On the concept of attractorMILNOR, J; LANFORD, O. E.Communications in mathematical physics. 1985, Vol 99, Num 2, pp 177-195, issn 0010-3616Article

Attracteurs: une approche déterministe = Attractors: a deterministic approachCOSNARD, M; DEMONGEOT, J.Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série 1, Mathématique. 1985, Vol 300, Num 15, pp 551-556, issn 0764-4442Article

On the concept of attractorMILNOR, J.Communications in mathematical physics. 1985, Vol 99, Num 2, pp 177-195, issn 0010-3616Article

On the complete and partial integrality of non-Hamiltonian systemsBOUNTIS, T. C; RAMANI, A; GRAMMATICOS, B et al.Physica. A. 1984, Vol 128, Num 1-2, pp 268-288, issn 0378-4371Article

Prolongement et régularisation des systèmes différentiables = Embeddings and regularization of differentiable systemsMarco, Jean-Pierre; Marle, Charles.1991, 138 p.Thesis

Stanislaw Ulam: the warmth and brilliance of an eclectic mindFINKEL, L. H; EDELMAN, G. M.letters in mathematical physics. 1985, Vol 10, Num 2-3, pp 243-245, issn 0377-9017Article

A sufficient condition for the transitivity of pseudo-semigroups: application to system theoryKUPKA, I; SALLET, G.Journal of differential equations (Print). 1983, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 462-470, issn 0022-0396Article

Contribution à l'étude des observateurs non linéaires = Contribution to the study of nonlinear observersGuillaume, Denis; Rouchon, Pierre.1998, 135 p.Thesis

Chaotic subshifts generated by one dimensional elementary CA. The role of transitivityCATTANEO, Gianpiero; DENNUNZIO, Alberto.Lecture notes in computer science. 2002, pp 82-91, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-44304-5, 10 p.Conference Paper

On the existence of infinite period-doubling sequences in a class of 4D semi-symplectic mappingsZEEGERS, T.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 1991, Vol 24, Num 10, pp 2287-2314, issn 0305-4470, 28 p.Article

Compact attractors for weak dynamical systemsHALE, J. K; STAVRAKAKIS, N.Applicable analysis (Print). 1988, Vol 26, Num 4, pp 271-287, issn 0003-6811Article

A dynamical system approach to higher order gravityCARLONI, Sante; DUNSBY, Peter K. S.Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and theoretical (Print). 2007, Vol 40, Num 25, pp 6919-6925, issn 1751-8113, 7 p.Conference Paper

Non-Euclidean Dubins' problemMONROY-PEREZ, F.Journal of dynamical and control systems. 1998, Vol 4, Num 2, pp 249-272, issn 1079-2724Article

Fractal basin boundary in dynamical systems and the Weierstrass-Takagi functionsYAMAGUCHI, Y; TANIKAWA, K; MISHIMA, N et al.Physics letters. A. 1988, Vol 128, Num 9, pp 470-478, issn 0375-9601Article

Hamiltonian structure of the Davey-Stewartson equation and Poisson brackets of scattering dataKULISH, P. P; LIPOVSKY, V. D.Physics letters. A. 1988, Vol 127, Num 8-9, pp 413-417, issn 0375-9601Article

A class of integrable dynamical systemsCALOGERO, F.Inverse problems. 1985, Vol 1, Num 3, pp L21-L24, issn 0266-5611Article

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