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Expérience d'utilisation au CNET du langage de description USE.IT = Utilization experience at CNET to description language USE.ITASSENS, R.1984, 12 p.Report

An overview of database managementDATE, C. J.Database and network journal. 1984, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 14-21, issn 0265-4490Article

Anwendung eines Datenbanksystems für Leitungs- und Verwaltungsaufgaben = Emploi d'une banque de données à des fins de gestion et de formation = Bank data use for management and formationHEINECKE, G.Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Technischen Hochschule Otto von Guericke Magdeburg. 1983, Vol 27, Num 8, pp 29-31, issn 0541-8933Article

International computer message servicesUHLIG, R. P.Journal of telecommunication networks. 1983, Vol 2, Num 4, pp 399-411, issn 0276-0037Article

Operating systems for multi-user/tasking microsBOSS, R. W.Software review. 1983, Vol 2, Num 2, pp 78-83, issn 0278-2634Article

I satelliti meteorologici per l'agricoltura = Les satellites météorologiques pour l'agriculture = Meteorological satellites for agricultureCAPONIGRO, R.1983, Vol 120, Num 3, pp 136-155Article

Design of a hardware arbiter for multi-microprocessor systemsNELSON, J. C. C; REFAI, M. K.Microprocessors and microsystems. 1984, Vol 8, Num 1, pp 21-24, issn 0141-9331Article

Selection of microcomputer systemsBARKLEY, J; GILBERT, D; HANKINSON, A et al.National Bureau of Standards Special Publication. 1984, issn 0083-1883, 28 p. [pag. mult., 500-112Serial Issue

Microprocessors in briefSTANLEY, R. C.IBM journal of research and development. 1985, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 110-131, issn 0018-8646Article

Functional languages and their application to the description of digital systemsBOUTE, R. T.Journal A. 1984, Vol 25, Num 1, pp 27-33, issn 0771-1107Article

ACORN: a system for CVS macro design by tree placement and tree customizationHAUGE, P. S; YOFFA, E. J.IBM journal of research and development. 1984, Vol 28, Num 5, pp 596-602, issn 0018-8646Article

Simulation sur micro-ordinateur d'applications de la carte de reconnaissance Séraphine = Simulation on microcomputer of Seraphine recognition mapREJAUD, J.1984, 2 p.Report

Système d'évaluation du processeur de traitement du signal MUPTS = Evaluation system of MUPTS signal processing processorARNDT, M.1984, 59 p.Report

OURCIN: manuel d'utilisation = OURCIN: utilization user's manualQUINQUETON, J; DEMONCHAUX, E.Rapports techniques ― I.N.R.I.A. 1984, Num 36, issn 0249-0803, 35 p.Serial Issue

Telerilevamento: una tecnologia per l'osservazione dell' ambiente = La télédétection: une technologie pour l'observation du milieu = Remote sensing: a technology for environment observationDE ANGELIS CAPONIGRO, P.1983, Vol 120, Num 3, pp 25-41Article

The graphics magicianCALLAMARAS, P. V.Software review. 1983, Vol 2, Num 1, pp 10-13, issn 0278-2634Article

Intelligentes Batterielademanagement und Systemverbrauch = Intelligent management of battery recharging and system consumptionKALFHAUS, Reinhard.ETR. Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau. 2010, Vol 59, Num 6, pp 382-383, issn 0013-2845, 2 p.Article

Joint service EOD robotics programHACKER, Kurt; BREZINA, Byron; DEBOLT, Chris et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2006, issn 0277-786X, isbn 0-8194-6286-1, Vol 1, 623011.1-623011.10Conference Paper

ANSI/IEEE 1471 and systems EngineeringMAIER, Mark W; EMERY, David; HILLIARD, Rich et al.Systems engineering. 2004, Vol 7, Num 3, pp 257-270, issn 1098-1241, 14 p.Article

The InfoSleuth agent systemNODINE, M.Lecture notes in computer science. 1998, Vol 1435, pp 19-20, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-64676-0Conference Paper

Ein Lösungsweg zur Übertragung von Bewegtbildern im Schmalband-ISDN = A solution for the transmission of moving pictures in ISDN64AMOR, H; BIERE, D; BOCK, G et al.Frequenz. 1989, Vol 43, Num 3, pp 70-78, issn 0016-1136, 9 p.Article

A relativization of the concept of synthesis in fuzzy set theoryDI NOLA, A; VENTRE, A. G. S.Information sciences. 1984, Vol 34, Num 2, pp 179-186, issn 0020-0255Article

Algorithm 622 a simple macroprocessorRICE, J. R; RIBBENS, C; WARD, W. A et al.ACM transactions on mathematical software. 1984, Vol 10, Num 4, pp 410-416, issn 0098-3500Article

An aid to pattern recognition. IITRAVIS, A. J. B.Computer journal (Print). 1984, Vol 27, Num 4, pp 362-367, issn 0010-4620Article

An electronic secretarySOMMERVILLE, I; SMITH, D. J.Software, practice & experience. 1984, Vol 14, Num 9, pp 817-825, issn 0038-0644Article

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