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Les géodes non arthrosiques de la tête fémorale: géodes isolées ou prédominantes = Non-degenerative geodes in the head of the femur isolated and predominant geodesLEQUESNE, M; CASTAING, N; LAMOTTE, J et al.Revue du rhumatisme et des maladies ostéo-articulaires. 1985, Vol 52, Num 4, pp 237-245, issn 0035-2659Article

Osteoid osteoma of the femoral headDUNLAP, H; MARTIN, D. J.Pediatric radiology. 1985, Vol 15, Num 4, pp 262-263, issn 0301-0449Article

An evaluation of primary resection of the head of the femur with or without subtrochanteric angulation osteotomyKUESSWETTER, W; WOLF, G; STUHLER, T et al.International orthopaedics. 1983, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 17-23, issn 0341-2695Article

Slipped capital femoral epiphysisCRAWFORD, A. H.Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume. 1988, Vol 70, Num 9, pp 1422-1427, issn 0021-9355Article

Clinicopathological importance of deposits of amyloid in the femoral headCARY, N. R. B.Journal of clinical pathology. 1985, Vol 38, Num 8, pp 868-872, issn 0021-9746Article

Pathologic features of the femoral head in Mseleni diseaseSOKOLOFF, L; FINCHAM, J. E; DUTOIT, G. T et al.Human pathology. 1985, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 117-120, issn 0046-8177Article

Reparative cartilaginous callus in subarticular osteonecrosis of bone: a histopathological study of the femoral headMILGRAM, J. W.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 1984, Num 186, pp 272-283, issn 0009-921XArticle

Which Factors Influence Preservation of the Osteonecrotic Femoral Head?LIEBERMAN, Jay R; ENGSTROM, Stephen M; MICHAEL MENEGHINI, R et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 2012, Vol 470, Num 2, pp 525-534, issn 0009-921X, 10 p.Conference Paper

Biomechanical aspects of the development of aseptic necrosis of the femoral headUEO, T; TSUTSUMI, S; YAMAMURO, T et al.Archives of orthopaedic and traumatic surgery. 1985, Vol 104, Num 3, pp 145-149, issn 0344-8444Article

Grösse und Lage von Knochenglatzen bei fortgeschrittenen degenerativen Veränderungen am Hüftkopf = Grandeur et position des surfaces osseuses dans les modifications dégénératives avancées de la tête fémorale = Area and localization of exposed bone surfaces in advanced degenerative changes of the femoral headGIERSE, H; HACKENBROCH, M. H.Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und ihre Grenzgebiete. 1984, Vol 122, Num 3, pp 314-319, issn 0044-3220Article

Bilateral Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphyses and Hormone ReplacementNOURBAKHSH, Ali; AHMED, Hasan A; MCAULIFFE, Thomas B et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 2008, Vol 466, Num 3, pp 743-748, issn 0009-921X, 6 p.Article

Total Loss of Femoral Head and Acetabulum in Rapidly Destructive Hip DiseaseNGUYEN, Christelle; RANNOU, Francois; REVEL, Michel et al.Journal of rheumatology. 2008, Vol 35, Num 12, pp 2445-2446, issn 0315-162X, 2 p.Article

Chemical-shift-selective magnetic-resonance imaging of avascular necrosis of the femoral headMATTHAEI, D; FRAHM, J; HAASE, A et al.Lancet (British edition). 1985, Num 8425, pp 370-371, issn 0140-6736Article

Late sequelae of Perthe's disease (Long-term follow-up of 34 hips)DAL MONTE, A; ANDRISANO, A; DONINI, G et al.Italian journal of orthopaedics and traumatology. 1983, Vol 9, Num 3, pp 287-292, issn 0390-5489Article

Functional and Anatomic Orientation of the Femoral HeadWRIGHT, David; WHYNE, Cari; HARDISTY, Michael et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 2011, Vol 469, Num 9, pp 2583-2589, issn 0009-921X, 7 p.Article

Demographic predictors of severity of stable slipped capital femoral epiphysesLODER, Randall T; STARNES, Trevor; DIKOS, Greg et al.Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume. 2006, Vol 88A, Num 1, pp 97-105, issn 0021-9355, 9 p.Article

Osteosynthesis of fractures of the femoral neck by nail-plate, screws and valgus osteotomyROTOLO, F; GALMARINI, V; ZANASI, L et al.Italian journal of orthopaedics and traumatology. 1989, Vol 15, Num 3, pp 331-337, issn 0390-5489, 7 p.Article

Les ostéonécroses aseptiques de la tête fémorale = Aseptic osteonectosis of femoral headMEYER, R; KUNNERT, J.E; KUNTZ, J. L et al.Concours médical (Paris). 1986, Vol 108, Num 34, pp 2788-2800, issn 0010-5309, 9 p.Article

Chronic myeloid leukaemia presenting as femoral head necrosisGIBSON, J; JOSHUA, D. E; COLLIS, D et al.Scandinavian journal of haematology. 1984, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 376-378, issn 0036-553XArticle

Holding power of different screws in the femoral head: a study in human cadaver hipsFRANDSEN, P. A; CHRISTOFFERSEN, H; MADSEN, T et al.Acta orthopaedica Scandinavica. 1984, Vol 55, Num 3, pp 349-351, issn 0001-6470Article

Chemical composition of normal and osteoarthrotic cancellous bone of the femoral head. Studies of EDTA extracts and collagenase digestsMBUYI-MUAMBA, J. M; DEQUEKER, J.Archives of orthopaedic and traumatic surgery. 1985, Vol 102, Num 4, pp 267-272, issn 0344-8444Article

Revascularization of the humeral head: a report of two cases of fracture-dislocation of the shoulderKOFOED, H.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 1983, Num 179, pp 175-178, issn 0009-921XArticle

Regional Variations of Bone Quantity and Quality Impact Femoral Head CollapseZAINO, Christian J; LEALI, Alex; FETTO, Joseph F et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 2010, Vol 468, Num 1, pp 276-282, issn 0009-921X, 7 p.Article

Osteoarthritis of the hip: possible protective and causative roles of trabecular microfractures in the head of the femurFAZZALARI, N. L; VERNON-ROBERTS, B; DARRACOTT, J et al.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 1987, Num 216, pp 224-233, issn 0009-921XArticle

Detection of femoral head avascular necrosis in adults by SPECTCOLLIER, B. D; CARRERA, G. F; JOHNSON, R. P et al.Journal of nuclear medicine. 1985, Vol 26, Num 9, pp 979-987, issn 0097-9058Article

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