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Dermatophytoses in Crete, Greece, between 1992 and 1996MARAKI, S; TSELENTIS, Y.Mycoses. 1998, Vol 41, Num 3-4, pp 175-178, issn 0933-7407Article

Water wells as a habitat of sand fly (Diptera: Psychodidae) vectors of visceral Leishmaniasis in GreeceCHANIOTIS, B; TSELENTIS, Y.Journal of medical entomology. 1996, Vol 33, Num 2, pp 269-270, issn 0022-2585Article

Studies on Echinococcus granulosus using the scanning electron microscope. I: Preparations of the parasite for infection of the final hostANTONIOU, M; TSELENTIS, Y.Parasitology research (1987). 1993, Vol 79, Num 7, pp 537-542, issn 0932-0113Article

Sandflies on the island of Corfu, GreecePAPADOPOULOS, B; TSELENTIS, Y.Parasite (Paris). 1998, Vol 5, Num 4, pp 387-391, issn 1252-607XArticle

Studies on Echinococcus granulosus using the scanning electron microscope. II: The hooksANTONIOU, M; TSELENTIS, Y.Parasitology research (1987). 1993, Vol 79, Num 7, pp 543-546, issn 0932-0113Article

Sandflies in the Greater Athens region, GreecePAPADOPOULOS, B; TSELENTIS, Y.Parasite (Paris). 1994, Vol 1, Num 2, pp 131-140, issn 1252-607XArticle

Survey on the epidemiology of Microsporum canis infections in Crete, greece over a 5-year periodMARAKI, S; TSELENTIS, Y.International journal of dermatology. 2000, Vol 39, Num 1, pp 21-24, issn 0011-9059Article

Molecular characterization of the OXA-7 β-lactamase geneSCOULICA, E; ARANSAY, A; TSELENTIS, Y et al.Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 1995, Vol 39, Num 6, pp 1379-1382, issn 0066-4804Article

A 5-year study of the bacterial pathogens associated with acute diarrhoea on the island of Crete, Greece, and their resistance to antibioticsMARAKI, S; GEORGILADAKIS, A; TSELENTIS, Y et al.European journal of epidemiology. 2003, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 85-90, issn 0393-2990, 6 p.Article

A focus of Fasciola hepatica in Crete without human casesANTONIOU, M; LIONIS, C; TSELENTIS, Y et al.European journal of epidemiology. 1997, Vol 13, Num 1, pp 99-101, issn 0393-2990Article

Surgical wound infection caused by Rahnella aquatilisMARAKI, S; SAMONIS, G; MARNELAKIS, E et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 1994, Vol 32, Num 11, pp 2706-2708, issn 0095-1137Article


Detection and identification of Leishmania DNA within naturally infected sand flies by seminested PCR on minicircle kinetoplastic DNAARANSAY, A. M; SCOULICA, E; TSELENTIS, Y et al.Applied and environmental microbiology (Print). 2000, Vol 66, Num 5, pp 1933-1938, issn 0099-2240Article

Leishmaniasis in Greater Athens, Greece. Entomological studiesCHANIOTIS, B; GOZALO GARCIA, G; TSELENTIS, Y et al.Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology. 1994, Vol 88, Num 6, pp 659-663, issn 0003-4983Article

Detection and identification of the aetiological agent of Mediterranean spotted fever (MSF) in two genera of ticks in CyprusPSAROULAKI, A; LOUKAIDIS, F; HADJICHRISTODOULOU, C et al.Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 1999, Vol 93, Num 6, pp 597-598, issn 0035-9203Article

Q fever in the greek island of crete : Detection, isolation, and molecular identification of eight strains of Coxiella bumetii from clinical samplesSPYRIDAKI, I; GIKAS, A; KOFTERIDIS, D et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 1998, Vol 36, Num 7, pp 2063-2067, issn 0095-1137Article

Genotypic identification of murine typhus rickettsia in rats and their fleas in an endemic area of Greece by the polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphismTSELENTIS, Y; PSAROULAKI, A; MANIATIS, J et al.The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene. 1996, Vol 54, Num 4, pp 413-417, issn 0002-9637Article

In vitro susceptibility of Coxiella burnetti to trovafloxacin in comparison with susceptibilities to pefloxacin, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, doxycyline, and clarithromycinGIKAS, A; SPYRIDAKI, I; PSAROULAKI, A et al.Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 1998, Vol 42, Num 10, pp 2747-2748, issn 0066-4804Article

An outbreak of diarrhoeal disease attributed to Shigella sonneiSAMONIS, G; ELTING, L; SKOULIKA, E et al.Epidemiology and infection. 1994, Vol 112, Num 2, pp 235-245, issn 0950-2688Article

First isolation and genotypic identification of Rickettsia conorii malish 7 from a patient in GreecePSAROULAKI, A; GERMANAKIS, A; GIKAS, A et al.European journal of clinical microbiology & infectious diseases (Print). 2005, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 297-298, issn 0934-9723, 2 p.Article

Antimicrobial susceptibilities and beta-lactamase production of Shigella isolates in Crete, Greece, during the period 1991-1995MARAKI, S; GEORGILADAKIS, A; CHRISTIDOU, A et al.APMIS. Acta pathologica, microbiologica et immunologica Scandinavica. 1998, Vol 106, Num 9, pp 879-883, issn 0903-4641Article

The dynamic relationship between antibiotic use and the incidence of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus : time-series modelling of 7-year surveillance data in a tertiary-care hospitalKRITSOTAKIS, E. I; CHRISTIDOU, A; ROUMBELAKI, M et al.Clinical microbiology and infection. 2008, Vol 14, Num 8, pp 747-754, issn 1198-743X, 8 p.Article

Murine typhus in Cyprus : 21 paediatric casesKOLIOU, M; PSAROULAKI, A; GEORGIOU, C et al.European journal of clinical microbiology & infectious diseases (Print). 2007, Vol 26, Num 7, pp 491-493, issn 0934-9723, 3 p.Article

Effects of doxycycline, metronidazole and their combination on Candida species colonization of the human oropharynx, intestinal lumen and vaginaMARAKI, S; MARGIORIS, A. N; ORFANOUDAKI, E et al.Journal of chemotherapy. 2003, Vol 15, Num 3, pp 369-373, issn 1120-009X, 5 p.Article

Repeated multi-centre prevalence surveys of hospital-acquired infection in Greek hospitalsGIKAS, A; PEDIADITIS, I; ROUMBELAKI, M et al.The Journal of hospital infection. 1999, Vol 41, Num 1, pp 11-18, issn 0195-6701Article

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