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The energy expenditure of postmenopausal women classified as restrained or unrestrained eatersBATHALON, G. P; HAYS, N. P; MCCRORY, M. A et al.European journal of clinical nutrition. 2001, Vol 55, Num 12, pp 1059-1067, issn 0954-3007Article

Prevalence and correlates of depressive symptoms among Hispanic elders in MassachusettsFALCON, L. M; TUCKER, K. L.The Journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences. 2000, Vol 55, Num 2, pp S108-S116, issn 1079-5014Article

Carotenoid intakes, assessed by dietary questionnaire, are associated with plasma carotenoid concentrations in an elderly populationTUCKER, K. L; HONGLEI CHEN; VOGEL, S et al.The Journal of nutrition. 1999, Vol 129, Num 2, pp 438-445, issn 0022-3166Article

Why ruminators are poor problem solvers : Clues from the phenomenology of dysphoric ruminationLYUBOMIRSKY, S; TUCKER, K. L; CALDWELL, N. D et al.Journal of personality and social psychology. 1999, Vol 77, Num 5, pp 1041-1060, issn 0022-3514Article

Dietary intake pattern relates to plasma folate and homocysteine concentrations in the Framingham Heart StudyTUCKER, K. L; SELHUB, J; WILSON, P. W. F et al.The Journal of nutrition. 1996, Vol 126, Num 12, pp 3025-3031, issn 0022-3166Article

Benefits of fatty fish on dementia risk are stronger for those without APOE ε4HUANG, T. L; ZANDI, P. P; TUCKER, K. L et al.Neurology. 2005, Vol 65, Num 9, pp 1409-1414, issn 0028-3878, 6 p.Article

Evaluation of dietary quality in relationship to nutritional and lifestyle factors in elderly people of the US Framingham Heart Study and the European SENECA studyHAVEMAN-NIES, A; TUCKER, K. L; DE GROOT, Lcpgm et al.European journal of clinical nutrition. 2001, Vol 55, Num 10, pp 870-880, issn 0954-3007Article

Psychological measures of eating behavior and the accuracy of 3 common dietary assessment methods in healthy postmenopausal womenBATHALON, G. P; TUCKER, K. L; HAYS, N. P et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2000, Vol 71, Num 3, pp 739-745, issn 0002-9165Article

Plasma retinol and plasma and lipoprotein tocopherol and carotenoid concentrations in healthy elderly participants of the Framingham Heart StudyVOGEL, S; CONTOIS, J. H; TUCKER, K. L et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 1997, Vol 66, Num 4, pp 950-958, issn 0002-9165Article

Relationships between dietary intakes and fasting plasma concentrations of fat-soluble vitamins in humansBOOTH, S. L; TUCKER, K. L; MCKEOWN, N. M et al.The Journal of nutrition. 1997, Vol 127, Num 4, pp 587-592, issn 0022-3166Article

Folic acid fortification of the food supply : Potential benefits and risks for the elderly populationTUCKER, K. L; MAHNKEN, B; WILSON, P. W. F et al.JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association. 1996, Vol 276, Num 23, pp 1879-1885, issn 0098-7484Article

Rural-urban variation in limed maize use and Tortilla consumption by women in GuatemalaKRAUSE, V. M; TUCKER, K. L; KUHNLEIN, H. V et al.Ecology of food and nutrition. 1992, Vol 28, Num 4, pp 279-288, issn 0367-0244Article

Protective effect of total and supplemental vitamin C intake on the risk of hip fracture—a 17-year follow-up from the Framingham Osteoporosis StudySAHNI, S; HANNAN, M. T; GAGNON, D et al.Osteoporosis international. 2009, Vol 20, Num 11, pp 1853-1861, issn 0937-941X, 9 p.Article

Type 2 diabetes is prevalent and poorly controlled among Hispanic elders of caribbean originTUCKER, K. L; BERMUDEZ, O. I; CASTANEDA, C et al.American journal of public health (1971). 2000, Vol 90, Num 8, pp 1288-1293, issn 0090-0036Article

Equations for predicting the energy requirements of healthy adults aged 18-81 y1-3VINKEN, A. G; BATHALON, G. P; SAWAYA, A. L et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 1999, Vol 69, Num 5, pp 920-926, issn 0002-9165Conference Paper

Adaptation of a food frequency questionnaire to assess diets of Puerto Rican and non-hispanic adultsTUCKER, K. L; BIANCHI, L. A; MARAS, J et al.American journal of epidemiology. 1998, Vol 148, Num 5, pp 507-518, issn 0002-9262Article

Frequency of ApoB and ApoE gene mutations as causes of hypobetalipoproteinemia in the framingham offspring populationWELTY, F. K; LAHOZ, C; TUCKER, K. L et al.Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. 1998, Vol 18, Num 11, pp 1745-1751, issn 1079-5642Article

Epigenetic repeat-induced gene silencing (RIGS) in ArabidopsisASSAAD, F. F; TUCKER, K. L; SIGNER, E. R et al.Plant molecular biology. 1993, Vol 22, Num 6, pp 1067-1085, issn 0167-4412Article

Rural-urban variation in the calcium, iron, zinc and copper content of Tortillas and intake of these minerals from Tortillas by women in GuatelamaKRAUSE, V. M; SOLOMONS, N. W; TUCKER, K. L et al.Ecology of food and nutrition. 1992, Vol 28, Num 4, pp 289-297, issn 0367-0244Article

Intestinal microbiota development in the premature neonate : establishment of a lasting commensal relationship?MSHVILDADZE, Maka; NEU, Josef; GROBBEE, D. E et al.Nutrition reviews. 2008, Vol 66, Num 11, pp 658-666, issn 0029-6643, 9 p.Article

Association of dietary and biochemical measures of vitamin k with quantitative ultrasound of the heel in men and womenMCLEAN, R. R; BOOTH, S. L; KIEL, D. P et al.Osteoporosis international. 2006, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 600-607, issn 0937-941X, 8 p.Article

Protein nutritional status and function are associated with type 2 diabetes in Hispanic eldersCASTANEDA, C; BERMUDEZ, O. I; TUCKER, K. L et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2000, Vol 72, Num 1, pp 89-95, issn 0002-9165Article

Regulation of energy intake may be impaired in nutritionally stunted children from the shantytowns of Sao Paulo, BrazilHOFFMAN, D. J; ROBERTS, S. B; VERRESCHI, L et al.The Journal of nutrition. 2000, Vol 130, Num 9, pp 2265-2270, issn 0022-3166Article

Potassium, magnesium, and fruit and vegetable intakes are associated with greater bone mineral density in elderly men and womenTUCKER, K. L; HANNAN, M. T; HONGLEI CHEN et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 1999, Vol 69, Num 4, pp 727-736, issn 0002-9165Article

Dietary determinants of iron stores in a free-living elderly population : The Framingham Heart StudyFLEMING, D. J; JACQUES, P. F; DALLAL, G. E et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 1998, Vol 67, Num 4, pp 722-733, issn 0002-9165Article

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