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Enjeksiyon calismalarindan jeolojik özelliklere göre teknik parametrelerin seçimi = Selection of technical parameters according to geological features at injection projectsKARAGUZEL, R.Türkiye jeoloji kurultayi bildiri özleri. 1992, Num 45, issn 1019-0821, p.39Conference Paper

Grouting of rock and soilKUTZNER, Christian.1996, XVI, 271 p, isbn 90-5410-634-4Book

Karst site remediation groutingFISCHER, J.A; FISCHER, J.J.Multidisciplinary conference on sinkholes and the engineering and environmental impacts of karst. 5. 1995, pp 325-330Conference Paper

Applications of jet grouting in civil engineeringESSLER, R.D.Engineering geology special publication. 1995, Num 10, pp 85-93, issn 0267-9914Conference Paper

Jet grouting in constructionMOREY, J; HARRIS, R.R.W.Engineering geology special publication. 1995, Num 10, pp 105-114, issn 0267-9914Conference Paper

Invited lecture : Shotcrete for underground support - A state of the art report with focus on steel fibre reinforcementFRANZEN, T.International symposium on rock support. 1992, pp 91-104Conference Paper

On a quantitative management of dam grouting by real time analysisTASHIRO, T; HAYASHI, K; MIHASHI, K et al.International Workshop on rock foundation. 1995, pp 375-380, isbn 90-5410-562-3Conference Paper

Curtain grouting of the hydroelectric Project Piges AoosKARAPANTEDAKIS, K.Congress of the geological society of Greece. 1989, Vol 23, Num 3, pp 111-126, issn 0438-9557Conference Paper

Utilité du pressiomètre pour le calcul d'un mur en jet-grouting = Use of a pressuremeter for the design of a jet-grouting wallMASSONNET, R.The pressuremeter and its new avenues. International symposium. 1995, pp 449-456Conference Paper

Flow-injection techniques for trace analysisWORSFOLD, P. J.Philosophical transactions of the royal society of London, series A : mathematical and physical sciences. 1990, Vol 333, Num 1628, issn 0080-4614, p. 162Conference Paper

New criteria for rock grouting in dam engineeringKUTZNER, C.International congress on large dams. 17. 1991, pp 307-317, 11 p.Conference Paper

Les domaines d'application du Jet grouting = Jet grouting in constructionMOREY, J.Revue française de géotechnique. 1992, Num 61, pp 17-30, issn 0181-0529Article

A new tunnel roof support system with specific reference to the Brovello tunnelKETTLE, C.T; GANDAIS, M.Engineering geology special publication. 1995, Num 10, pp 279-288, issn 0267-9914Conference Paper

Regroutable ground anchorsSHERWOOD, D.E; HARRIS, R.R.Conference retaining structures. 1993, pp 448-456Conference Paper

Numerical modelling of shotcrete in tunnellingSWOBODA, G; MOUSSA, A.International symposium on numerical models in geomechanics. 1992, pp 717-727Conference Paper

Compensation groutingBOLTON, M.D; CHIN, C.Y; LU, Y.C et al.International conference centrifuge 94. 1994, pp 719-724Conference Paper

Cementitious seal design in welded tuffHALUK AKGUNGLU; DAEMEN, J.J.K.International symposium on assessment and prevention of failure phenomena in rock engineering. 1993, pp 363-368Conference Paper

Shaft excavation in soft clay by Caisson constructionPORTER, T.G; LIEN, B.H; ABEDI, H et al.Conference retaining structures. 1993, pp 816-825Conference Paper

Determining the border of the field applying composite lining of shafts from shotcrete in combination with anchorsFOTIEVA, N.N; SAMMAL, A.S.International symposium on rock support. 1992, pp 157-164Conference Paper

Dynamic and sonic pile integrity testing - A contractor's experienceTCHEPAK, S.International conference on the application of stress-wave theory to piles. 1992, pp 339-344Conference Paper

Specification and application of fibre reinforced shotcreteWOOD, D.F.International symposium on rock support. 1992, pp 149-156Conference Paper

Engineering solutions to groundwater problems in urban areasGREENWOOD, D.A.Groundwater problems in urban areas. 1994, pp 369-387Conference Paper

New additives for microfine grouts with low water : cement ratiosKUHLING, G; TAX, M; SCHULZE, B et al.International conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering. 1994, pp 1171-1177Conference Paper

Innovation in subsurface subsidence monitoring techniquesLAKELAND, J.J.Australian conference on geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring in open pit and underground mining. 1993, pp 299-302Conference Paper

Numerical modelling for the representation of shotcrete hardening and face advance of tunnels excavated by bench excavation methodSEZAKI, M; KAWATA, T; SWOBODA, G et al.International symposium on numerical models in geomechanics. 1992, pp 707-716Conference Paper

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