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Magnetic and superconducting properties of Tm1-xGdxNi2B2CMORI, K; SAKAI, S; CAO, S. X et al.Advances in cryogenic engineering. 2002, Vol 48, pp 1074-1081, issn 0065-2482, 8 p., bConference Paper

Effect of glass-transition temperature of polyethylene glycol-plasticized polyvinyl alcohol on granule compactionNIES, C. W; MESSING, G. L.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1984, Vol 67, Num 4, pp 301-304, issn 0002-7820Article

Laser cooling of fermions to the superfluid transition temperatureDZIARMAGA, J; LEWENSTEIN, M.Physical review letters. 2005, Vol 94, Num 9, pp 090403.1-090403.4, issn 0031-9007Article


Cluster Monte Carlo algorithms for diluted spin glassesJÖRG, Thomas.Progress of theoretical physics. Supplement. 2005, Num 157, pp 349-352, issn 0375-9687, 4 p.Conference Paper

Investigation of ordering and disordering in B-doped Ni76Al24 by residual resistometryKOZUBSKI, R; PFEILER, W.Journal of alloys and compounds. 1995, Vol 220, pp 237-240, issn 0925-8388Conference Paper

X-ray study on structural phase transitions of 4,4-difluoro-p-terphenyl and 4,4-difluoro-p-quaterphenylSAITOH, H; SAITO, K; YAMAMURA, Y et al.Solid state communications. 1994, Vol 91, Num 2, pp 89-92, issn 0038-1098Article

The improved bounce solution of SU(2)-Higgs modelKOBAYASHI, Y.Progress of theoretical physics. 1993, Vol 90, Num 4, pp 885-893, issn 0033-068XArticle

Superconducting materials: What the record tells usFISK, Z; OTT, H.-R; THOMPSON, J. D et al.Philosophical magazine (2003. Print). 2009, Vol 89, Num 22-24, pp 2111-2115, issn 1478-6435, 5 p.Conference Paper

Quantum critical behaviour in a high-Tc superconductorVAN DER MAREL, D; MELEGRAAF, H. J. A; ZAANEN, J et al.Nature (London). 2003, Vol 425, Num 6955, pp 271-274, issn 0028-0836, 4 p.Article

Simple technique for measuring the superconducting critical temperature of small (≥10 μg) samplesPEREIRA, R. F. R; MEYER, E; DA SILVEIRA, M. F et al.Review of scientific instruments. 1983, Vol 54, Num 7, pp 899-900, issn 0034-6748Article

Finite-time thermodynamics approach to the superconducting transitionANGULO-BROWN, F; YEPEZ, E; ZAMORANO-ULLOA, R et al.Physics letters. A. 1993, Vol 183, Num 5-6, pp 431-436, issn 0375-9601Article

Current effects on Si(111) surfaces at the phase transition between the 7×7 and the 1×1 structures. IIYAMAGUCHI, H; YAGI, K.Surface science. 1993, Vol 298, Num 2-3, pp 408-414, issn 0039-6028Conference Paper

Etude en champ magnétique intense des oxydes supraconducteurs (TR)Ba2Cu3O7-x (TR=Gd, Dy, Y): Influence de la terre rare et de la teneur en oxygène sur la température de transition et le champ magnétique critique = High magnetic field study of the superconducting oxides (RE)Ba2Cu3O7-x (RE=Gd, Dy, Y): Influence of the rare earth and of the amount of oxygen on the superconducting transition temperature and on the upper critical fieldCheggour, Najib; Ulmet, Jean-Pierre.1989, 190 p.Thesis

Ferroelectric liquid crystals. IX: Laterally substituted phenyl benzoates incorporating a trans-1,4-disubstituted cyclohexane ringKELLY, S. M.Helvetica chimica acta. 1989, Vol 72, Num 3, pp 594-607, issn 0018-019X, 14 p.Article

Méthode de détermination de la température thermodynamique de vitrification des verres minérauxLISTOSHIN, B. V.Fizika i himiâ stekla. 1984, Vol 10, Num 6, pp 661-666, issn 0132-6651Article

Application of an extended Tool-narayanaswamy-Moynihan model. Part 2. Frequency and cooling rate dependence of glass transition from temperature modulated DSCWEYER, Stefan; HUTH, Heiko; SCHICK, Christoph et al.Polymer (Guildford). 2005, Vol 46, Num 26, pp 12240-12246, issn 0032-3861, 7 p.Article

Effect of cooling rate and frequency on the calorimetric measurement of the glass transitionMONTSERRAT, S; CALVENTUS, Y; HUTCHINSON, J. M et al.Polymer (Guildford). 2005, Vol 46, Num 26, pp 12181-12189, issn 0032-3861, 9 p.Article

Thermal non-Gaussianity in holographic cosmologyYI LING; WU, Jian-Pin.Physics letters. Section B. 2009, Vol 675, Num 2, pp 151-154, issn 0370-2693, 4 p.Article

Weak anisotropic impurity scattering in unconventional superconductorsHARAN, G; NAGI, A. D. S.Solid state communications. 1997, Vol 101, Num 1, pp 71-75, issn 0038-1098Article

Glass transition temperature of copolymers used as printer tonerMAKABE, A; ARAKI, S; KIMURA, M et al.Japanese journal of applied physics. 1994, Vol 33, Num 1B, pp L122-L124, issn 0021-4922, 2Article

Glass transition of polymers and its rheological behaviorTANG, Z. L; HUANG, N. X.International journal of polymeric materials (Print). 1993, Vol 21, Num 1-2, pp 85-92, issn 0091-4037Conference Paper

An analytic approach to Ising model with spin 1/2 and spin 1SAMAJ, L.Physica. A. 1988, Vol 150, Num 2, pp 324-338, issn 0378-4371Article

Effects of test frequency and cure on glass transition temperature predictions on some epoxy polymersLEE, G. F; HARTMANN, B.Journal of applied polymer science. 1984, Vol 29, Num 4, pp 1471-1474, issn 0021-8995Article

On the relationship between Tg and T∞DALAL, E. N.Journal of polymer science. Polymer letters edition. 1984, Vol 22, Num 10, pp 547-548, issn 0360-6384Article

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