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On the generic existence of special ultrafiltersCANJAR, R. M.Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 1990, Vol 110, Num 1, pp 233-241, issn 0002-9939, 9 p.Article

L'ensemble de tous les ensembles = The ensemble of all ensemblesDELAHAYE, Jean-Paul.Pour la science (Imprimé). 2010, Num 397, pp 146-151, issn 0153-4092, 6 p.Article

Non absoluité de l'injection élémentaire associée à un ultrafiltre completWehrung, Friedrich; Dehornoy, Patrick.1987, 73 p.Thesis

Une théorie générale des infinitésimaux = A general theory of infinitesimalsPERAIRE, Y.Publications du Département de mathématiques (Lyon). 1986, Num 5, issn 0076-1656, 60 p., ASerial Issue

Multiset processing (mathematical, computer science, and molecular computing points of view)Calude, Christian S; Gheorghe, Păun; Rozenberg et al.Lecture notes in computer science. 2001, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-43063-6, VIII, 359 p, isbn 3-540-43063-6Book

About Prikry generic extensionsSURESON, C.Annals of pure and applied logic. 1991, Vol 51, Num 3, pp 247-278, issn 0168-0072, 32 p.Article

Two classical surprises concerning the axiom of choice and the continuum hypothesisGILLMAN, Leonard.The American mathematical monthly. 2002, Vol 109, Num 6, pp 544-553, issn 0002-9890Article

Genuine setsDEMIRCI, M.Fuzzy sets and systems. 1999, Vol 105, Num 3, pp 377-384, issn 0165-0114Article

Some notes on iterated forcing with 2ℵ0>ℵ2SAHARON SHELAH.Notre Dame journal of formal logic. 1988, Vol 29, Num 1, pp 1-17, issn 0029-4527Article

On the rowbottom M-ultrafiltersQI FENG.The Journal of symbolic logic. 1987, Vol 52, Num 4, pp 990-993, issn 0022-4812Article

The inclusion-exclusion principle for finitely many isolated setsDEKKER, J. C. E.The Journal of symbolic logic. 1986, Vol 51, Num 2, pp 435-447, issn 0022-4812Article

Finite set theory in ACL2MOORE, J. Strother.Lecture notes in computer science. 2001, pp 313-328, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-42525-XConference Paper

L'ultramétrique inférieure maximum d'une dissimilarité A valeurs dans un inf-demi-treillis = The subdominant ultrametric of a dissimilarity taking its values in a meet semilatticeBENKARAACHE, T.Mathématiques, informatique et sciences humaines. 1998, Num 143, pp 27-40, issn 0995-2314Article

Fibrations and classifying spaces : An axiomatic approach IBOOTH, P. I.Cahiers de topologie et géométrie différentielle. 1998, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 83-116, issn 0008-0004Article

Fuzzy extension of rough sets theoryCATTANEO, G.Lecture notes in computer science. 1998, pp 275-282, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-64655-8Conference Paper

Interaction between the fuzzy subsets and the automorphisms of a groupSURYANSU RAY.Information sciences. 1993, Vol 75, Num 1-2, pp 35-45, issn 0020-0255Article

On additive systemsYI LIN.Kybernetes. 1991, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 49-55, issn 0368-492X, 7 p.Article

Epistemic set theoryREINHARDT, W. N.Notre Dame journal of formal logic. 1988, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 216-228, issn 0029-4527Article

Partition relations for successor cardinalsKANAMORI, A.Advances in mathematics (New York, NY. 1965). 1986, Vol 59, Num 2, pp 152-169, issn 0001-8708Article

THÉORIE DE RAMSEY ET IDÉAUX SUR Pκ(Λ) = RAMSEY THEORY AND IDEALS ON Pκ(Λ)Péan, Cedric; Matet, Pierre.1998, 133 p.Thesis

Une approche de la théorie de l'intégration avec les outils de la théorie relative des ensembles = An approach of the theory of integration with relative set theoryBorde, Pascal; Peraire, Y.1996, 115 p.Thesis

A set-theoretical definition of the physical memories of stimuliHAMMOND, G.Medical hypotheses. 1993, Vol 41, Num 1, pp 59-60, issn 0306-9877Article

On a quasi-set theoryKRAUSE, D.Notre Dame journal of formal logic. 1992, Vol 33, Num 3, pp 402-411, issn 0029-4527Article

Disconnected general systemsYI LIN.International journal of systems science. 1991, Vol 22, Num 11, pp 2239-2248, issn 0020-7721Article

Admissibility spectra and minimalityLUBARSKY, R. S.Annals of pure and applied logic. 1988, Vol 40, Num 3, pp 257-276, issn 0168-0072Article

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